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DSCN1504, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ok, I’m in a bit of trouble this week. I lost my notepad for the photos I took last weekend so I have to go on memory here. I remember taking this photo because I thought the bike out front gave it a cool vibe. I think it was on 10th or 12th near Cardozo High School.

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  • This is on 12th Place NW.

  • Yeah, that’s that little alleyway street with small row houses on either side. It’s very victorian-artful-dodger-esque. We looked at two places there when we were in the market. Would be perfect for a single person or a couple, but too small if you plan on having a critter or two. Also, both places we looked at wanted $500K plus in a down market where you could get a comparable 2 bdrm condo for less around the corner on U Street.

  • i think i saw the inside of this maybe 3 years ago (owner was renting it out). great little place. would’ve been great for my gf and i.

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