Great Photo Title and Red Line Status Question

I don't wanna know...

The title on this photo from cacophony76 made me laugh, it says simply, “I don’t wanna know…”. Perfect.

And I’ve been meaning to ask those that ride the red line – how are you surviving? I’m still hearing that there are 30 minute delays. For those that ride the red line regularly: Have some of you switched from the subway metro to metro bus or other ways? Are the waits really an extra half hour everyday? How are you not going crazy?

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  • I still have complaints, but it’s not terrible. I would say that my usual ride from Farragut North to Ft Totten is 5 minutes longer than usual, and the crazy crowding has improved a lot. I never go past Ft. Totten, though, so maybe I’m spared the worst of it?

    I was actually more annoyed at the Green Line last night… 9 minutes between Green line trains at rush hour! Of course, there were plentiful Yellow line trains. What’s that all about?

  • Its almost back to regular, at least where i ride from (judiciary to ny ave). Maybe a few minutes slower then usual.

  • I havent had any delays in a while.

    Granted, I only go from Woodley to Bethesda.

  • Yeah, I think they keep saying 30 min delays just to cover their asses, but really it’s mostly back to normal. Whatever that means.

  • I live in Petworth and use the Red Line from Ft. Totten to Silver Spring. I think that is the most “delayed” section of the red line.

    I have switched to taking the 79 bus because it was taking me 10-15 mins plus to get to work.

    I ask myself the same question every day…What can you expect on the red line?

    Also, what are the 2 people sitting at each end of the platform doing at Takoma? What are they writing down? Anyone knows?

  • I now walk to and from work – Petworth to K and 16th every day. Good exercise and no hassles!

  • In the mornings it isn’t bad from Ft. Totten to downtown, but I usually just take the Green line now – just in case. I think the Red line probably gets backed up going home in the evening. The best was one morning last week when they ran a six car train, with one of the cars out of service and several minutes between trains. There were many angry sardines that day!

  • Also… echoing WDC, what is up with the Green line running so few trains? I am fairly new to the whole Green line experience, but the disparity between the frequency of yellow and green is absolutely ridiculous.

  • How I survived: I moved from a red line neighborhood to Petworth. I was on the red line from Tenleytown to Metro Center up until mid-July and it was packed.

    I understand that they are now making efforts to make it safer, and that’s great, but what got me is the little things that people can do to make it all go easier – but they don’t. AVOID taking your human-sized suitcase to work when it is so crowded. Move to the center of the car to let people get in. And Metro paying some staff overtime to stand on the platform and manage the crowds a month ago would have been more helpful than getting them to hand out vague fliers now.

    Yeah, I was moving anyway, but it’s really an added bonus to be away from the red line.

  • I’ve ridden my bike almost every day, from Petworth to Union Station, since the accident. Usually I bail on exercising, but the incentive of avoiding red line delays has kept me going so far. On the plus side, since I’m getting in better shape my uphill bike ride home now takes me 25-30 min instead of the 45 min when I first started 😮

  • My Aunt Williams has a colorful way of putting things. The the Red line experience…this r-e-a-l-l-y sucks!

  • I honestly haven’t had many complaints about the red line. Rush hours are always fine.

    Plus for an added bonus, I normally get off at White Flint, which is one stop north of the Grovesnor stop where half the trains turn around. Since the crash these trains have been going all the way to Shady Grove. It’s cut off about 5-10 min of my trip!

  • I haven’t had any problems with the red line recently.

    Why do they only run Yellow line trains to MV Square during rush hour? That is so dumb.

  • I do a reverse commute from U Street to White Flint. If anything, I find the Green line more wonky and unreliable than the Red Line. I have been getting psyched out by shorter 6 car trains pulling all the way into the station though…the sprints to catch up with the last car are good energy though 🙂

  • I feel exactly the opposite of EB. I get on at Bethesda (don’t be hatin’, I used to live in CH), so trains coming from Grovesnor were the best because they weren’t as crowded. Now that most of the trains are coming from Shady Grove, it can make for an uber-packed train by the time it hits me.

    But overall it is better.

    On a side note: It really irks me when someone just *has* to squeeze on the train even though there is absolutely NO MORE room. Why are you so important that you have to make everyone else even more miserable? Wait for the next train!

  • The delays are definitely the worst up near Silver Spring and Takoma. Often it takes me twenty minutes to get from Silver Spring to Fort Totten (for comparison’s sake, I go from SS to Dupont Circle, and my entire metro time used to be 30 minutes).

    I don’t take the bus much, though. I’ve tried it a few times and watched too many full buses pass by without stopping. Plus, traffic is every bit as erratic as the metro can be.

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