Good Deal or Not? Recently Judged Renovated Building Edition


These condos are located at 3602 Rock Creek Church Road:

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The flier says:

“FHA APPROVED. Elegant European finishes you wont find anywhere under 500K, smart spaces, 8 one bedroom units at the Colvin House, steps to METRO, and everything Columbia Heights. Hardwood floors, washer and dryer in unit, parking extra, priced to sell.”

More info found here and here. A photo tour can be found here.

We judged the building before it was completely finished back in July and folks mostly liked it. Now we can get a look inside. It seems pretty nice. Units range from $259,000 – $293,000. Sound reasonable? What do you think of the units themselves?

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  • The units are about 560 sq ft. Tiny. The main reason people choose to live up here is that they can afford more space for the money. If i was willing to be confined to such a small condo, there are a bajillion other neighborhoods i would live in first. i don’t really see the niche for these.

  • Nice looking units. I think these are great for people who want something affordable that’s not an hour outside the Beltway.

  • RD’s 1:48 comment is not really fair. It’s half a block to Petworth Metro, but a short walk to 11th and 14th Street in ColHts, where people are not all looking for extra room (“up here”). $491/SF is high. But, from looking at the photos in the developer’s gallery, it seems to me they took the european living 100% serious — good euro appliances and fixtures, very small but very efficiently laid out. For under 250K, not a bad deal. Looks very well designed.

  • Keep in mind that “European appliances” is code for “This dishwasher WILL break, and will cost you twice your mortgage payment to fix.”

  • These look nicely done but only 560 sf?! Tiny. If one should invest money in a condo, it absolutely must be at least two bedrooms! However, you will not find these prices elsewhere in NW DC.

  • Didn’t we look at condos at about the same price, just on the other side of the metro last week? Weren’t those condos 800 sq. ft, 2 bdr units?

  • I love the way these places are laid out, for 560 square feet they have utilized the space quite well.

    I just wish they had a second bedroom. That is really key to me, if I am going to spend 250k on a place I would at least like an office, even if it is in a closet-sized room.

  • The Park View condos on Irving are selling at those prices. They are small, too, but building is cuter.

  • Mike W- there is a big difference between 14th and Irving and rock creek church by the Petworth metro. ~$500/sq ft introduces you to logan/u st/dupont even.

  • I looked at a house on this street. True, it is close to the Petworth metro but if I am not mistaken, the street is not very appealing. Half of the block is the backyard’s (including rickety fences and trach cans) of the houses on NH Ave. Not great for housing value. No matter how nice the block becomes, sharing half of the block with backyards will never change. A person doesn’t always take as much care with the back of the house as the front.

  • As ‘K St.’ pointed out, those places at 7th and Randolph are much bigger, are only slightly further from the metro, have 2 bedrooms, and cost the same.

  • I visited yesterday. The finishes are really amazing and you can tell it wasn’t a quick flip sort of deal, but year the street is crappy and 75% of the windows seem to look at brick walls or are perfectly aligned with your neighbors’ windows 3-4 feets away.

  • Small. Overpriced. Boring!

  • Saw the units, super nice finishes, the Alexander building selling one road across, don’t have W/D’s, closets or even full size range and are smaller for around 250K. A bit small but well laid out. I think the values make sense they will probably sell quickly. lets see…

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