Good Deal or Not? Mini Row House on Mini Street Edition


This home is located at 429 Warner Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This is 2 bedroom townhouse totally renovated. PLEASE NOTE: 2nd bedroom is small. Separate dining room & living room on 1st level. Deep rear Back yard with newly installed wood deck with beautiful yard for gardening. Hardwood flooring in main level & carpet, Central AC, Jacuzzi Tub, Conveniently located 3 blocks Shaw METRO on quiet 1 block Warner Street. Home Warranty & Job protection plan Conveys”

More info and photos found here.

Wow, I’ve never seen a listing say the “2nd bedroom is small” before. I wonder if that will make the home hard to sell considering it is only a 2 bedroom. The block itself is very nice. What do you think of the house itself? $429,000 sound reasonable?

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  • does the guy next door convey?

  • I love Warner St. It’s beautiful

  • Anne i was thinking the same thing. To heck w/ the small 2nd bedroom PoP…find out if the dude next door lives there or is just visiting. 😉

  • The kitchen is tiny too. I think there are better deals around — this one would be ok at $375k.

  • Are those chicken feathers flying around in the backyard photo?

  • Howdy, neighbor!

  • Where’s the parking? The listing says “other” parking is included in the price.

  • I give them points for honesty regarding the second bedroom.

  • I live two blocks away in a small rowhome like this. I would define these rowhomes as one bedroom with an option to have your den/study upstairs. My rowhome is 650-700 s.f. They must be including the yard to get 1182 s.f. I wouldn’t go higher than $350,000.

  • They’ve lowered the asking price twice already, it seems, and I’m guessing for a house that small-looking they’re gonna have to lower it again. Seems like a nice cozy place, and I dig the outdoor space in the back, but they’re dreaming if they think they’re gonna get above $400K.

  • Even Zillow, which isn’t totally reliable but is often too high, has it listed as $389K being the estimated value. It is nice for what it is.

    As for the guy, he’s okay for a white boy.

  • Why do all realtors think hanging a flag out front adds to curb appeal? I don’t have anything against the American flag, it just seems like a ubiquitous flourish in listings.

  • Well, girls and guys that like guys, you know what they say about men who live in tiny houses…

  • If that house were $350K I’d write an offer on it right now. $430K is too high.

  • Jepz, my thinking exactly… that freaking flag is bigger than the 2nd bedroom!

  • I looked at this place at it’s open house – the realtor said it’s technically a second bedroom because it has a closet, but you’d have difficulty squeezing a twin size bed in there.

  • Did you take this photo, PoP, or did the realtor take it? Really. There is no better photo than a photobomb with some shirtless hairy dude. Come on, I just ate lunch.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I took the photo but didn’t realize that guy was in it until I uploaded it last night. I naively thought it would go unnoticed…

  • I think the house is awesome.

    According to public record, the owner bought it for $407,500 in Oct 2005…probably in the height of the boom.

  • Those pictures are really horrible.

  • They sure are. I have such a pet peeve about misspellings and crummy photos in these real estate listings. It’s probably not fair to think this way, but it makes me wonder how good a real estate agent can be if they can’t figure out what’s going on with that effed-up staircase photo, for example.

  • This house was for sale when i bought my house in 2005. I liked it a lot, but there were a few things that bothered me – the bathroom is large and centered on the whirlpool tub, but it was all very 1980s and I really hate those tubs. I wonder if you can ever really get them clean? Also the 2nd BR was small enough that there wouldn’t really be the option of renting it out (getting a housemate to share the cost). I also question the square footage – I thought it would be less than 1,000 square ft.

    I ended up buying an 1800 sq ft 4BR 2BA house in Petworth for the same price. I think that Shaw and Petworth close to the metro are about equal in terms of amenities, but your money goes further in Petworth. I could see people picking Shaw over Petworth if proximity to Dupont, Chinatown, etc are important to you. I was more interested in being near Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant and being closer to family in MD.

  • “I think that Shaw and Petworth close to the metro are about equal in terms of amenities”

    PetworthRes, I actually think that while that might have been true in 2005, I’d say that today Petworth is better in terms of restaurants and bars. Although, Shaw does have the Sexy Safeway, which I think is better than Stinky Safeway + Yes Organic.

    I guess Shaw still ends up being more expensive (on a psf basis) than Petworth because of its proximity to downtown and Logan Circle, but I think Petworth is the better value.

  • Christina, I agree with you completely.

    Thanks to digital technology, it is not that hard to produce a collection of decent shots. While sexy photos will not necessarily sell a place, crappy photos may certainly deter potential visitors – especially in this market. If I were the owner I would certainly demand replacements, even if I had to take them myself.

  • $407 at height of the boom means this sale price is just trying to cover mortgage cost + 6% for the brokers. interesting.

  • I live on 5th Street, right around the corner. All of those homes are small, especially the 2nd bedroom of which my deck is located. I bought mine back in 1997, done some minor work, but the general feeling around there is most of the houses will sell for $350K and up. Some folk believe that a couple of condos built recently will keep the price up. I agree with one of the commenters, the neighborhood is close to downtown, that is a good anemity to have. I don’t think I will sell my place while I’m alive, I’ve instructed my relatives to hold on to it and rent it above all else.

  • I don’t know about this place…. I would say a small rowhouse like this that had THREE rooms would be lucky to get $400k. If this one not even a healthy 2 bedroom (maybe a 1 bedroom) then they should be looking at $300k in this kind of market.

    For those thinking I’m being too conservative, in this market with foreclosers forecast to increase, as a buyer I would be looking for something comfortable. Nobody should have to compromise (1 bedroom house?!?) with so much competitive stuff out there right now!

  • I live on Warner St. (actually at the corner of Warner and NJ) and the street is awesome. The back yard has TONS of potential at this place if you can deal with having only 1 true bedroom and the small 2nd “bed”room.

  • @L “Petworth is better in terms of restaurants and bars. Although, Shaw does have the Sexy Safeway, which I think is better than Stinky Safeway + Yes Organic.”

    The other thing I think Petworth has going for it is a more development-friendly ANC and no Shiloh Baptist Church. Overall both neighborhoods will develop a lot, but projects move faster and get more neighborhood support in Petworth. Having Donatelli heavily invested in the neighborhood is also a very good for Petworth, too…they aren’t so much investing in Shaw unless I”m missing something?!?

  • Has anyone built additions into the back yards?

  • This is just out of curiosity but what does “close to the metro” mean to the posters on pop? I consider a 10-12 minute walk still close (albeit not right on top) but then again I walk most places.

  • @JW – I think a 12-15 minute walk is close, which is how long it takes me to get to the Petworth Metro.

  • I looked at a house on Warner St that was bigger and the asking price was less, IIRC (and the owner got something like $380K). That one had two full bedrooms, two full baths, a huge living room and dining room. The drawback that made us decide against it was it was a “condo” with someone else owning most of the upstairs.

    The house we decided to buy on Capitol Hill was about the same size as the one described above. Only we have parking and a nice backyard, as well as a deck, and a front porch and a half-bath downstairs. Our second bedroom is long but skinny — 15 feet by 7 1/2. A double bed couldn’t fit. And it was cheaper than this one — at the height of the real estate boom.

  • I live across the street! I love this street so much. And it is like a 6-8 minute walk to the Shaw/Howard Metro. Very convenient.

  • 10-15 minute walk is close by my standards. 12 minutes is my walk to my nearest station, though late at night i wish i was closer.

  • I was wondering whether there are any single female residents who live on this street–do you feel safe living alone? Many thanks in advance for your impression!

  • The pictures are WAY more flattering of the property than you guys give the photographer for.

    In reality, the house is small, dark, and in bad shape at least cosmetically. The carpet is torn, the walls are full of holes, the bathroom has an old, used jacuzzi. That has to be renovated–or it’s like wearing someone’s old sneakers! There’s a strange wall that cuts off the space in the living room to create a claustrophobic dining room, and that wall would also need to be knocked down.

    The so-called second “bedroom” is a walk in closet.

    I would have to undertake some significant renovation to this place to make it livable to NW District standard ($100,000). The current market offers many foreclosures. The Shaw area is still in transition. Rentability is also an issue–it’s really a one bedroom only large enough for a single person or a couple. Who’s going want to pay all that rent?

    Given all of these considerations, I don’t love this house more than $285,000. Really.

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