Good Deal or Not? Circa 1900 Row House Edition


This house is located at 2127 10th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Sweet c. 1900 row house in the heart of the U Street Corridor. Metro, shopping galore, lots of dining, and nightlife are all within a few blocks! Two bedrooms, two and one half bathrooms, wood floors, gas fireplace, washer/dryer, kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counters. Whole house was renovated within the last five years (all systems replaced).”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

As with houses like this let me know what you think of the renovation itself. Does $535,000 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2.5 bath? I guess I should ask her, how much value do you add to a basement? Is that a big deciding factor on whether or not to purchase a home?

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  • that’s an amazing, and scary, price.

  • I think the 500k is the about the right price in this neiberhood. I think not having a basement will hurt in this area, because a lot of people look to rent their basements close to U st.

  • It looks like a nice renovation, but there are a few problems. The kitchen is tiny. Almost zero counter space. The weird angle of the wall in that powder room makes it look like a tall man might have a hard time urinating while standing up in there. But everything else looks nice. I say it’s a good deal if you are a terrible cook and mostly eat out all the time, and there are no men in your life.

  • @Janet – I love your interpretation of this place! That last sentence had me LOLing at my desk! Fits me pretty well since my stupid boyfriend lives in Philly and I hate cooking! 😀

  • Love the closets!!! Bathrooms are nice. I agree on the kitchen – not much for cooks and looks like cheap cabinets and flooring. What’s up with the behemoth fireplace? Looks way out of proportion with the room. Perhaps you are meant to cook in the fireplace and not the kitchen.

    That being said, I think it is a good house for the money.

  • On this block, no one has basements, so no renting them out. In fact, most of eastern U Street is not made up of the large Victorians with basements. Just sharing.

    It’s small but seems fair compared to what others have paid on that block.

  • Notice the drip running down from the window and darkened carpeting at baseboard.

  • Just based on the length of time it’s been on the market it seems unlikely they’ll get full price, but maybe 500-515k.

  • I’ve had my eye on it for a long time, but I have a car, and parking is a PAIN in that neighborhood.

  • A block away from a junior high school with before and after school groups of unruly kids Monday through Friday? No thanks.

  • A few weeks ago I went to check this place out, which is (or at least was) available as a rental property. It is so NOT worth the money.

    As mentioned above, the kitchen is tiny and has almost no counter space. The second bedroom is very small, and the master bedroom is none-too-big, either. The master also has really badly done carpeting, which seems inexcusable in a renovated house for which someone is asking over $500K.

    On top of that, there are very noisy neighbors right next door, at least they were really loud and combative (with each other, that is) when I was there.

  • @ Anon, just curious: What was the asking price for rent?

  • @Angry Parakeet:

    I don’t believe those are drips… the lines appear to be the draw cords for the window blinds.

  • I have checked out this place myself too, and I agree on the tiny kitchen. I was not satisfied with the renovation either. It is inevitable that the future owner will be required to make changes. Also, they intended to make a sort of ballroom-like ceiling, which only resulted a huge reduction in the ceiling height, and made the living room look even smaller and cramped. The location is good, on the map, but this perspective last only till you are a future buyer.

  • No more of these matchbox houses pls.

  • For those who looked at the property, is there a backyard? I always consider outdoor space when looking at a property.

  • I do think basements are important, you can rent them out or its a great space to give your husband that’s all his. I think it will sell for $450-500k. It looks like a nice renovation and location but the house seems very narrow. The Kitchen also looks incredibly tiny and there are just few and very small windows. Is there a backyard?

  • It is not narrower than any other Victorian row houses. (The picture is not take perpendicular to the facade, maybe that is why.) Yes, there is a backyard. A rather small one. (You can check it out if you click on the view larger map, under the map above, choose satellite view in google, and zoom in, that’s all.)

  • @Angry Parakeet–That is not a drip, that is the miniblind cord hanging down to the floor and the carpet is darker because the window sill casts a shadow–note that the delineation between light and dark area is a straight line, which would never happen with a water stain.

    Not everyone wants to be a landlord so I don’t see the lack of basement as problem. And compared to similar homes in the neighborhood, which also do not have basements, the listing is fair. They may negotiate for less but the listing is in the right range.

    I don’t get the matchbox comment either. It is no smaller than most houses in the city or than many GDoN postings.

  • Anon 214: That middle school is closed (or will be). So that won’t be an issue any longer. Garnet Patterson is closing and Shaw Middle is expanding.

  • As someone house hunting for a place in this price range, the place is super small. The “back yard” is teeny tiny and the upstairs felt sort of unstable/slanted. I think it will go for $499k (maybe $510k with $10k in closing costs?) I wouldn’t pay that for it, but I’m sure someone will.

  • I looked at this place too. It was hard to justify the price when for the same price you can get a much bigger place a little bit north. It’s a great location, which you are paying for. If it had a basement, it would make the overall space feel larger. There’s a place at 16th and Newton that is about the same size but has a basement and has around the same asking price (a little lower I think). It feels larger and is just as convenient to transportation.

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