Good Deal or Not? “10 Burner Stove” Edition


This home is located at 2812 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Row House with large 3bedroom 2 bath 3 floor owners unit with industrial 10 burner stove and 2 decks. Plus a large first floor rental unit that was recently updated. Large unfinished basement with lots of storage runs length of the house. Each unit is separately metered with separate laundry for each. New development and metro around the corner on 14th GREAT LOCATION”

More info and photos found here.

This is one of those houses that I often walk by and admire. I think the home itself is pretty killer. My only hesitation is that it sits right next to some sort of community center. Not that I have anything against community centers, actually I’d have the same hesitation if sat next to a school as well. Not that I have anything against schools… But seriously, the home is pretty sweet – do you think $789,000 is realistic?

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  • It also sits v. close to 13th & Columbia. That’s a lot of money to be hearing drive-bys a few times a week…

  • I wish you wouldn’t post the ones with little to no photo’s. What does the average family need 10 burners for? I could see 6 but 10? Its is a pretty sweet old school stove none the less. Isn’t this also a block away from where much of the violence we hear about in CHs? If this was two or three blocks in away I would say good deal even without seeing photo’s. With were it is now I am really on the fence but would say it is over priced.

  • It looks like the whole thing is rented out as well – rental income listed as $49,800 annually. Might be a double edged sword because renters are sure to tell you what’s wrong with the place. Violence in the area is block by block, with this one being not that bad, but 13th is not lit all that well. I agrtee that you can’t tell if it’s a good deal without seeing more pictures.

  • At only $78,900 per burner, it sounds like a steal to me.

  • It may seem like a picky thing, but pendant fixtures like the one over the shower are not approved for wet locations. That makes me wonder what other DIY renovations lurk.

    I think the seller is going to have to try harder if they want to get the price they are asking for. Merely the fact that 24hrs notice is required is a hassle for a buyer; give them some photos to look at so they know if they are wasting their time or not! Because from the limited informaton available, it seems to occupy an odd niche and will require a peculiar buyer.

    It could be a gorgeous single family home with an english basement income unit, but the basement level isn’t fit for occupancy, only for storage–storage that is separated from the owners by a level. The first level has been separated and obviously would require work to rejoin. The upper levels, given the industrial-sized stove and the photographer’s lights seems to have been used in an odd way, perhaps as a home business or community center?

  • It’s a little strange: there is a rental unit on the first floor, rather than the basement, so while it looks like you’d be living in a huge house, the owner only gets the top floors. The basement is unfinished. Also, the first-floor bump-out goes so far back that you don’t have any backyard space,

    At the same time, what the heck do you want for less than $800k when it comes to a house like that? I say it’s a good deal. When you have $800k to spend on a house, you can always make more money to rectify those minor shortcomings. And I love the old-school stove.

  • Nice House, not a location to be desired at all. Ive seen lots of drug dealing going on in the middle of the day on Girard and Harvard between 14th and 13th. Such a shame, as All Souls is such a beautiful church to anchor that block…

  • it’s really quite amazing that the MRIS photo tour gallery continues to operate using 1995 technology. How do you upload your photos – gopher? I mean, seriously, if there was ever an example of how an industry is failing to stay current with a threat to its existence, it’s that halfassed photo tour from the MRIS. sheesh.

  • For 800K at that location it should be a nice renovation or restoration. It looks crappy. The stove is cool, but other than that, it looks very bad. Here are the obvious things:

    1) Few photos – meaning the stuff we can’t see is probably worse. Like the bathrooms.

    2) The kitchen, except for the stove, is crap. Is that a Pergo floor? Really? And a laminate countertop with “Home Depot Special” oak-face cabinets? Oh no.

    3) The bathroom (what we can see of it): Where have I seen that sink before? Oh yes, it is the one that was glued to the wall with Liquid Nails in my house. Before I ripped that piece of crap out and put in a decent sink. Another Home Depot special. The built-in soffet thing is ugly. From the edge that I can see, the shower enclosure appears to be a plastic all-in-one with the cheapest of doors.

    4) Track lighting. And what are those weird photo light things?

    5) Someone please explain that weird wall that sticks out into the ugly carpeted part of the main room with the staircase.

    Cheap. And weird renovations. And as the other poster noted, probably a lot of DIY which can go either way. This one is going to require a LOT of re-doing.

  • 789,000 on that block AND it needs work!? No way.

  • sketchy

  • 10 Burner stove? Sounds like they are aiming this place to the buyers who like status symbol kitchens yet never cook. Problem is despite the fact these people are rather vain, they are usuall intellegent and will see thought the cheap ass mill work.

  • I’ve been through it (24 hours notice and all). The first floor reno is fine for a separate rental unit, but the rest of the house needs a total rehab – more than just cosmetic stuff, really. It’s got a real “rented out to students and recent graduates for a decade or so” vibe. Also, while it appears completely stable, the building settled a bit, so the stairs have a bit of a slanty shanty feel.

    The stove is indeed big, but it needs a *serious* cleaning.

    It really needs an architect and $200K in work…at which point, you’d have a hell of a house, but for $789K plus $200K in that location, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

  • @Steve it’s not a status symbol kitchen or stove…the stove is an actual old restaurant stove that the owner apparently salvaged. It’s not as nice as a status symbol stove.

  • Considering the condition that its in its worth about $535,000. Then throw in $250,000 in reno costs.

  • I lived in the upstairs “owner’s unit” 15 years ago and it was a piece of [email protected], and I know for a fact it hasn’t been renovated since. I checked it out two years ago during an open house. When I lived there in ’95 he was trying to oversell it at $278,000 and has been trying ever since.

    The hvac sucks and doesn’t evenly heat or cool. Floors are crooked and All work is shoddy at best. Everything is masked over and you’d be a fool to buy this house. the worst craftsmanship and materials were used for the “renovation”.

    The only good thing is the Vulcan oven but who needs it when you can’t entertain outside since the deck is only big enough for a table and it’s over the “second genisis” folk playing basketball and doing kalistenics.

  • Actually, POP, it doesn’t sit next to a community center, it sits next to a child care center – Easter Seals Child Development Center which you featured on your website on Dec 30th 2008.

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