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This spot at 14th and Church opened relatively recently back in March ’08. There is big sign saying they are moving and offering lots of sales:


The original store is located up the block at 1801 14th Street (at the corner of T St.). That spot will reopen in September. The location at 14th and Church is pretty prime, it’ll be interesting to see what goes in there.

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  • Unsurprising. Their prices were insane. And not in a good way.

  • The small print on those signs says they’re moving to a new location at 1740 14th St. I checked it out and there’s a vacant car dealership there now.

  • the original store (1801 14th) is the corner of S… not T.

  • Okay, the posting is a bit unclear. If you go to the Garden District Web site, they are merging the two locations into one:

    * * * GARDEN DISTRICT IS MOVING! In October both our Inside and Outside shops will come together at 1740 14th Street, NW – on the opposite corner of our current Outside shop. We will be open at our current locations until that time…


  • the prices were vry high and the attitude seemed not the warmest. considering the cost

  • Support local businesses! I bet they’re going to be more financially secure at the new location. The south (inside) store was in a recently redeveloped building in a phenomenal location, but was probably insanely expensive. Maybe after the move, we’ll see prices moderate somewhat.

  • I went to this store for some gardening supplies and at first was really excited by the selection. But then I was trying to buy some of their cool recycled pots, and couldn’t find a pair of pots with matching saucers in the same size…out of hundreds of pots, there were piles of saucers in different colors from any pot they had in stock. I also tried to buy a pair of hanging baskets but they didn’t have any in the size I needed, and they didn’t have any hooks. It was useless…a large store all dedicated to houseplants and I couldn’t get anything I needed. I’ve never been back.

    Re: their garden store, despite the tiny size they always have something interesting and a little unusual, and I’ve gotten some of my favorite garden plants there. Go figure!

  • Being a basement dweller, I’m not much of an indoor gardener.

    Still, I’ve stopped by their outdoor plant store a few blocks north on 14th numerous times, thinking I just kept hitting them during a transition in inventory. Each time was a disappointment – lack of variety, sick looking plants, unhelpful staff, and ridiculous prices. If you have a car, there are great garden places in Virginia. Anyone know of a good place within the district for outdoor gardening supplies and plants?

  • Mike W – I prefer to support local business who show a minimum of financial sense. I will never understand the reasoning behind opening a second location right down the street from the first…

  • I like Ginkgo Gardens, down in the Barracks Row area


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ll update with a new post when the new place opens.

  • Christina, Gingko Gardens is a fantastic store 🙂 I used to live down the hall from their manager and back in the day used to work there on weekends. I spent all my earnings at the store…they have great stuff!

  • anonymous 8:57p — have you gone to Johnson’s on Upton just west of Wisconsin Ave? I love it. (that is, I think it’s Upton. It’s one block south of Van Ness.)

  • I think Gingko Gardens on Capitol Hill is the best plant nursery in D.C. for at least ten years that I know of.

  • Kevin
    They opened the indoor store because there was no room at the outdoor store for that much indoor stuff. You are correct it does make more sense if they are together, and that is what they are doing now.

  • Re: Johnsons

    Google maps may show it on Upton, but it’s really on Van Ness, at the back of the 4200 Wisc. Ave Building. If you zoom in enough, you can see plants in the parking lot next to the greenhouse.

  • Never shopped the “indoor” store, but have frequently shopped the outdoor store. For some items, they prices seemed high, but I actually bought two creeping phlox for less than $6 each two years ago, and those two plants have taken over a 5 x 2 foot section of my yard at the retaining wall. I’ve also bought some peppers and perennials there over the past two years. I’ve always found the sales staff super-nice, if sometimes a little overwhelmed.

  • Gingko Gardens is for sure the best nursery in DC – huge selection, wonderful folks who work there, and the prices can’t be beat. I’ve never been disapointed there.

  • Not to inspire the wrath of the shop local crowd but the Meadow Farms out near 7 Corners is pretty good. There’s also a good one in Warrenton, Va., which would make a great stop on your trip back from hiking Old Rag or White Oak Canyon.

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