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IMG_1375, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Here’s the garden on 15th Street near Allison that a reader mentioned in another GoTD post. I featured this garden last year. The banana trees are insanely huge. They also have them in the curb strip as well.


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  • Very cool shot. We need more of this each summer, would cool the pavement down a bit……

  • What is going on with the median on NH north of Petworth metro? Can’t we get something in there, like the area down south of U St — Vermont St, some butterfly bushes, and decorative grasses, until they dig out the pits large enough for elms?

  • the median on Vermont Avenue is maintained by the residents in the area! oh yeah! lots of work and effort have gone into this segment of Vermont and everyyear they have 1 or 2 days when they come out to weed the median and install compost. Citizens at work!

  • I love the banana trees. Anyone here know if they survive the winter in Washington DC? I would love to plant some in my yard.

  • Not you, the Banana’s 🙂

  • there are significant numbers of these plants in our hood. So I think they survive. And they would also make good median planting plants for New Hampshire Ave.

  • Frost kills these plants, so you either have to take them inside for the winter or replant them each year. They grow amazingly fast in one growing season, so replanting every year isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

  • then scratch that whole banana median planting idea.

    next idea: palm trees for new hampshire medians.

  • Reading about banana trees today: some can grow 2-feet in 1 week. And some types can survive cold winters. Shop wisely.

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