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DSCN2046, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

At first glance it looks rather normal. But on closer inspection, they’ve got grapes! Sweet. First peaches, then pumpkins and now grapes. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for olives next.


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  • Dude — there’s corn in that pic too!

    Also, my dog, Olive, who did not make it to the dog finals, is the cutest dog in Petworth. Alas, she is not edible. Sorry, but it’s true.

    Have you seen the corn in the 1400 blk of Quincy behind the derby? Sweet.

  • There’s also corn growing on Ontario street, a block or two south of Columbia. And on 12th street a block south of U there are two houses with fruit trees. One has pears, the other has apricots.

  • Uh, you do know that grapes, pumpkins, corn and peaches come from plants, right? I mean, sure you can get them at stores, but they first come from plants. Sorry POP, but I mean, well, what do you expect? There is soil here in DC (maybe it needs to be amended in some way) but well, you can grow food if you got the space and time and inclination. And really here in the fantastic Mid-Atlantic region, we have a great growing season and can grow lots of wonderful things to eat…screw California and it’s Colorado river drying, over irrigation. And remember there is a growing and maturing wine industry there in Virginia and Maryland as well. Hell, growing up, we had muscadines and scuppernongs (like a grape) that grew up right on the road side…not too far from all the blackberries bushes. You know, blackberries, those things that they charge 5.99 a half quart for at Whole Foods…you can pick ’em up for free right off the road (look out for No Trespassing signs)…and for the snakes. Grow some okra….some of the prettiest flowers you have ever seen!

  • My friend’s coworker, who became looney from sitting in a cube all day, tossed some corn seeds into the office planters and the crazy things sprouted. Everyone assumed the guy that waters the plants did it.

  • And with curbside gardening you get the added flavor from all your neighbor

  • I’m glad someone said that this is a curbside garden. Don’t get me wrong its super cool but ohhh who knows what type of fertalizers it is getting.

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