Garden of the Day

DSCN1899, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Holy peach tree. This had dozens of peaches. The owners are so lucky.


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  • Nice peaches, scary neighbors.

  • Peaches are great, but if they don’t keep them picked up, they’re going to have many dozens more wasps flying around there.

  • There is another amazing peach tree on 10th NW just south of U st (the Dukem corner).

  • Peach trees are a mixed blessing. We have one in our front yeard here in CH. Every year we get anywhere from 6-10 bushells!!! The problem is the constant nagging from everyone to have “one”. from mid-July to mid-august the doorbell rang at all hours (or people just jumped the fence, stepped on the flowers and helped themselves. This year was a bit quietier, but it can be a hassell!

  • Jay’O – why not just pick some and put them outside the fence in a basket for people to take?

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