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DSCN1472, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Ok, it’s not exactly a garden but how can you not photograph a butterfly…

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  • I’ve had a butterfly (yes just one) visiting my garden for the last 2 weeks or so — and I know this is some what lame but I’m so excited about it. Plus my husband told me the ‘butterflies wouldn’t come’ and ‘there just aren’t any in the city’. But I truely believe if you grow a butterfly garden they will come – eventually and even to petworth!!

  • Your husband is very mistaken, Naomi, and you’re not being lame at all, but simply living with and inviting nature in your urban environment.

    Cultivate the right attractant nectar plants, and butterflies and even humming birds will find you even here in the city like this pictured visit of a Monarch Butterfly feeding on Pentas.

    Large yellow sun flowers well placed, whether planted or just in water, aid in the lure. They are first attracted by color before they feed. Keep trying within Petworth’s beautiful life in summer.

  • And, for a quick butterfly fix, visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for their butterfly walk-through. They have some beauties, and they’re so active! Totally worth the $6 to see them up close and personal. I’ll try to upload some photos soon (although I’m headed to Germany later today, it may have to wait!)

  • This is just such a lovely photo to see first thing on a beautiful summer day like this! Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

  • A gorgeous photo Pop! I heard that buddlias (sp?) attract butterflies and I think that is the plant you have photographed here.

  • Even better than the Smithsonian’s butterfly house is the one at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton. I was seriously impressed. It’s four times the size of the one in the Natural History museum, has more and more varied butterflies, and doesn’t have the time entries and long waits. Also $6. You just have to drive a little to get there.

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