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  • They knew they could get away with the obnoxion and so they did.

  • That was a sad story. Why are stupid people so stupid?

  • This was a publicity stunt, which appears to have lured in PoP. Nothing better demonstrates the plight of hemp than it being confiscated by Capitol Police on the way to present on the plight of hemp.

    1. Take hemp to U.S. Capitol.
    2. Get hemp confiscated by Capitol Police.
    3. Write press release describing 1 & 2 (in addition to incident description, include several paragraphs of pro-hemp message).
    4. Distribute to “the blogosphere”.
    5. Profit!

  • This is very upsetting.
    I am very pro-hemp – I have hemp clothing and shampoo, and eat hemp seeds (great for vegans to get Omega 3 FAs). Hemp is 100% legal to sell in the US. It has no measurable THC. I heard someone once say that you could smoke a telephone pole sized joint of hemp, and all you’ll get is a massive headache.

    It is way more eco-friendly a crop than cotton because it grows with no pesticides required and very little attention.

    It sucks that it’s legal to sell here but not legal to grow here. We’ve got to get it from Europe, Canada, and China. We could help US farmers and seriously boost the economy by producing the raw goods and making the products here. Plus cut down on inefficient transport of the raw goods (much of the clothing is made in the US).

    Up until (if I recall correctly) the 1840s, hemp was the primary material for clothing in the US. Then cotton screwed it all up. Strong lobby, I guess.

    Thanks for your efforts, Ben. Sorry you had to experience that.

  • Where do the Capitol Police rank on the douchebaggery scale? Somewhere between MPD and the Park Police, maybe? F ’em.

  • Unfortunately the blogs are still kind of naive to this “reporting by publicity stunt.”

  • as an aside, hemp does not have all the magical properties that pot fans attribute to it.

    Certainly it has industrial uses, but so what? Hemp doesn’t require pesticides? HA! says who? how would they know? Grow anything in mass quantities and the pests will find it. Corn always had minor corn irritants but acres and acres of industrial corn means that what were minor issues are suddenly writ large. come on people, gullible gullible gullible

  • Nice. Blame the bloggers for the fascist pervert death-squads that roam American streets with badges and huge gaps in their teeth and chromosomes.

  • Neener, the angry expert. (I assume, nevermind evidence to the contrary, that Neener is a woman in her early 80’s who lived through the depression and has been bitter ever since)

  • Really Neener, really? You should probably research the growth of these plants in other countries and the use, or lack thereof, of pesticides on large scale hemp farms before posting something so obnoxious. I know you’re anti-drug, but to dismiss the merits of hemp as simply the, er, pipe dreams of pot heads, is pretty myopic.

  • C’mon, seriously?

    It’s amazing how much ignorance there is about hemp, from the Capitol to the message board.

    Sure, it can’t save the world, but who can hate on a sustainable plant? They’ve been building houses with hemp in Europe for years, and they make car parts out of this stuff right here in America. Plus, it’s really healthy to eat.

    I’d google it before making yourself sound stupid on a message board.

  • Neener! Stop being so negative! You’re totally killing my buzz!

  • I’m really glad that hemp is finally getting the publicity it deserves

  • Obvious PR stunt.

  • You all are seriously paranoid. Since when did I post something negative.

    You act as if I don’t know what I’m talking about! good grief.

    Riddle me this, why is hemp a preferable crop to Switchgrass?

    Because it doesn’t have a connection to pot so it’s not cool, man.

    Why is hemp preferable for rope construction to the much much cheaper Jute plant?

    Because it doesn’t have a connection to pot so it’s not cool, man.

    Don’t you people understand that while the capitol police look dumb for thinking industrial hemp is related to marijuana you all are equally dumb for thinking hemp is a panacea not replicated by other, cheaper, better products. but go ahead, think I’m “Angry” or whatever. sure, I’m just all upset about this discussion!

  • Google Laetrile, ok people?

    ooh, it’s natural, therefore it’s beeeeettttteeeeerrrr

  • @neener what you just posted made no sense at all.

  • As far as I know, switchgrass is not edible. Hemp seed is really tasty and nutritious. And as economical as hemp is to grow, no reason it shouldn’t be as cheap as jute. Why not grow something that’s got so many uses?
    George Washington grew hemp to make rope, you know.

  • Paranoid? Is it paranoid to presume you are linking hemp with pot? Now, I’m getting paranoid. But seriously, I really wonder what qualifies you to make the above statements, and I am acting like you don’t know what you are talking about. Hemp is preferable to switchgrass because it is a more versatile crop, less susceptible to weed penetration (no pun intended), and because switchgrass can be highly toxic when ingested by certain livestock. If I havwe to spell it out- more uses can equal less waste, and less required farm subsidies based on overproduction. Secondly, who is making the argument that hemp is preferable for rope construction over jute? Actually, the opposite could be argued since hemp rope often requires tarring to avoid water retention on the inner fibers that creates many problems in addition to weight and breakage. For non-nautical applications it may be preferable since the cultivation is cheaper based on several factors, including the fact jute requires more more water/irrigation than hemp. The price of hemp is artificially inflated due to growing restrictions. Finally, no one is saying hemp is better than all products for every application. Your hyperbole is just out of control. Isn’t there a town hall you should be at?

  • Solong, you’re weird “I am rubber you are glue” statements don’t make me wrong.

    Name one statement I made that was hyperbole. you crack me up.

    as does Binklesworth. George Washington’s slaves grew hemp. does that make it cool? eeek. Hemp is not special because it has many uses. Corn has many uses.

    If there was a Godwin’s Law on this issue it would revolve around the number of posts required to reference Washington and reference the WW2 propaganda film.

    switchgrass is both a livestock feed and has a very good ROI when producing biofuel.

    If we keep this discussion to the esoteric marine uses and rope making materials then that’s totally legit.

    I am not any more certified to discuss this than the next scientist other than I have relatives who are/were farmers of industrial produce/ livestock feed. But I don’t think either of you are if you’re being honest. The running joke in industrial farming is that people claim the government is unfair to hemp due to the marijuana connection but without the marijuana connection why would hippies on message boards even know about industrial rope production? Why would hippies swallow all the military-industrial-complex propaganda in “Hemp for Victory?” It’s that mammoth irony that I’m making fun of here.

  • can anyone score me some weed? Ben?

  • Neener, I’m not sure what your whole rubber glue thing was about. It’s difficult to refute you since your statements are pretty generic, and have some truth to them. Yes, hemp has earned some popularity due to its linkage with marijuana. However, you fail to make the connection that hemp is banned for growth due in large part, if not exclusively, to this very same linkage! Yes, it may be true that jute may produce better ropes- no one has argued against that, but pointing out substitute materials does not strengthen any argument against legalizing the widespread production of hemp.

    I find the best part of living in DC, is that you never know when you will run into a true expert on any random subject, from the jute lobby to astonomists. In this case, I am neither, but I do have a basic grasp on the economics of agriculture and the impacts of certain crops as they relate to their environment. I often find a good source of information is not wikipedia, but rather, the USDA, and according to the USDA, “Ground switchgrass was analyzed for toxins (glycosisidic steroidal alkaloids). Diosgenin was identified as the major toxin with smaller amounts of yamogenin. Animals fed switchgrass lost weight and body condition, but did not develop photosensitivity”. Now, I’m not arguing that switchgrass can not be used to feed cows or other livestock, but it is harmful to others, especially goats and horses. You asked for reasons hemp may be preferable to switchgrass, that is only one. It’s not rubberv. glue, it’s the response you specifically requested.

    Also, if we can agree that hyperbole can be defined as “extravagent exageration”, then I believe your claim that “You are all seriously paranoid”, and that pot fans attribute hemp to have “magical properties”, are examples of hyperbole.

  • Neener: Wake up and smell the sensimelia. Hemp is the oldest and most versatile fiber. I don’t know what Bible and/or anti-drug haze you’ve living in, but its uses and advantages do need to be proven at all in 2009.

  • Hemp is the oldest and most versatile fiber.

    What? What is your definition of oldest or versatile, let alone fiber?

    If you mean oldest use by man, I would think animal fur, specifically wool, long predates this.

    versatile? Now I presume you mean it’s the most versatile natural fiber, because you can’t possibly mean it’s more versatile than man-made materials.

    This conversation is going absolutely nowhere when people invent their own meanings for words.

  • I believe your claim that

  • Quoting The Pricess Bride, “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

    Also, once again Neener, you are wrong. Hemp has been used by humans for over 10,000 years in fiber form, whereas wool has only been used as a fiber since the domestication of sheep, a few thousand years ago. If you want to be picky, evidence of the use of shedded wool has been found as early as 6,000 years ago- but as a felting material, not fiber.

  • Guys,

    Can we keep the discussion about the benefits of Hemp to alt.drugs.vannabis.hempyhappy?

    The question is should the CPD have grabbed the articles in question (at least mostly no), and if they were dicks about it. (largely yes).

    If you remove the Potastic reference, what you have is a story about some cop more-or-less abusing his/her power. Kinda like a cop that a) Struck, b) Insulted, and c) Arrested some fag singing “I hate the police” on U St.

    This is a story of a Cop at best “marginally following” some law and “magically distorting it beyond all recognition”. It would be better if the copy had a name and could be sanctioned.

  • Solong, you cannot possibly be serious. Good luck! You are a sucker.

  • quite literally you all are reposting UFO reports and lobbyist PR and calling them studies and history. You are brainwashed to believe this. Think for yourself people.

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