Ellwood Thompson’s Update Plus New Bar on H Street, NE


“Dear PoP,

My husband noticed that there was a crew doing work inside the Ellwood Thompsons space at DCUSA this morning. Do you have any inside info? Is the project back on for them?”

I’ve been getting lots of emails about this. Consider the following strictly scuttlebutt. So, the official line is that nothing has changed. The unofficial line is that there is definitely progress. I’m sorry I can’t give details and this certainly isn’t a done deal but know that negotiations are definitely moving forward. I’ll be sure to update with an official word as soon as that becomes possible.


And how the heck did I not hear about this new bar on H Street, NE until now!?!? 1104 H Street, NE is home to H Street’s newest bar. There is no sign out front but you can’t miss it. It is very close to Taylor’s Deli. I’m told it has a sweet patio and is owned by the same folks behind the nearby Jimmy Valentine’s. It is called Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar. Anyone check it out yet?

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  • I’d love to get some of that H Street action over in CH, but I’m guessing the rental costs here are prohibitive for that type of enterprise.

    Thanks for the glimmer of hope on Ellwood’s — I just hope it is not, ultimately, yet another tease … but thanks for keeping on top of it!

  • That’s like the opposite of an Ellwood Thompson update.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @anon Hahaha. fair enough. I just wanted it to be known that the arrival is definitely not dead.

  • Let’s hope ET is back on! IF they are, then even that sign might still turn out to be true – hey they may come (as in start thinking about maybe starting to plan for construction or something), it doesn’t say it would open in the fall of 09 too! 🙂

  • this may be wishful thinking, but i think the “proof is in the pudding”. They have clearly built two elevator shafts in the space which obviously would be part of the deal for Ellwood’s customers to go to and from the garage.

    let’s hope my powers of deduction are accurate.

  • Re: Ellwood update – That’s so not nice…

  • I was at miss whiskey’s this weekend. It’s got some crazy stuff inside that I like and wasn’t too crowded. the patio would be nice but they enforce it as a quiet area. they literally have an employee out there to shush you and make you whisper! the upstairs there is some sort of weird dance party where no one really dances.

  • Owner of Russia House is openning a german beer garden with huge patio on H street as well – is currently under construction.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Me can you email me more details? princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!

  • The Russia House/Beer Garden rumor which comes from here: http://frozentropics.blogspot.com/2009/08/work-begins-on-german-beer-haus.html
    needs to be fleshed out a little. They say it’s opening at 1335 H Street NE, which is the H Street Country Club, so some further digging is needed.

    Also, I live around the corner, and haven’t seen a ABC license app for that sort of bar on that block. Plenty of others though…

    Perhaps it’s an address typo.

  • Miss Whiskey’s so damn cool, they don’t NEED a stinkin’ sign. 😉 Hip, cool, fun. A def spot to hit when on H.

  • via dcist:
    Of the recent visible work inside the space, Ellwood Thompson spokesperson Cyndi Watkins had this to say: “As of right now I have not heard anything new about us moving to D.C. Any construction being done must be work the landlord is doing.”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @springroad the info from dcist is the on the record stuff. I received the same info. However, I’m saying I spoke with players involved off the record. I can’t get into detail. But I can say some negotiations are ongoing. I know it’s not a lot of info. But like I said, it’s better than hearing there have been no developments at all.

  • I love Miss Whiskey’s. It’s become one of my favorite hangouts as of late. I love the sign they had out on the sidewalk last week that read “No Sleeve Tattoos Allowed”! Definitely a chill neighborhood place, free of dumb hipsters.

  • @PoP Ah, ok. Thought I was adding new info to the pot. Good to know, thanks!

  • Miss Whiskey

  • @Mischa, I wouldn’t hold your breath for any kind of promotion. It’s pretty much the MO of the Jimmy Valentine’s crew to not advertise or promote. (hence the lack of signage etc.) The folks who run the dance thing upstairs have a MySpace page though. (I don’t know what it is, off the top of my head, since the downstairs is way more my speed)

  • Inked @Frozen Tropics has scooped you twice. She had the opening night of Little Miss Whiskey’s even before they had their liquor license. (Around 4th of July weekend b/c they had to wait till Monday because the place to get the liquor permit was closed for 7/3’s observed holiday.) She also had something about the German place on H St recently.

    The interior of Little Miss Whiskey’s is really great inside. Very dark but good artwork and posters. The Jimmy Valentine’s owner(s?) hang stuff from their private collection. It’s worth it to duck your head inside to see the decor. Love the motif upstairs that reminds me of Lowenbrau. heh.

    Likely they have to enforce the quiet area out back not to piss off the neighbors. For a while there was a neighbor who complained of noise at Jimmy Valentine’s, but they owners did a lot to address noise abatement with speaker placement, etc.

    Walk in and chat up the bartenders. It’s easy to get on their mailing list once you express some interest.

  • Please let the Gods be working on a Trader Joe’s buyout of the lease from Ellwood Thompsons!

  • @Thought Good…um…thought. Trader Joes would be awsome at DCUSA.

  • @Phil, @PoP, @Me

    Comment later in the same blog about the German beer garden clarifies the address typo. It is supposed to be 1355, right next door to R&R Hotel.

  • Thought, Jrkinsella, AFAIK, Trader Joe’s has the same (in the case o the DC USA location which has a HUGE carage) idiotic policy Whole Foods which requires dedicated parking just for them. So no hope of either one of those two ever coming.

  • I remember going to a TJ’s in downtown Boston near some convention center and I don’t think it had parking just for it (admittedly, I was walking.)

    There’s also one in Manhattan, I have a friend who has complained about how crazy it is. Could it have on-site parking too? I have no idea, but I wouldn’t imagine most of that store’s customers are going by car.

  • yeah no the Boylston Street TJ’s in Boston definitely does not have a parking lot. but that one doesn’t sell beer or wine either….

  • GForGood regardless of TJ’s policy it is city policy to require parking, so don’t blame them. Frankly they’d be crazy not to have parking here anyway, our public transportation network and density is nothing like NYC or Boston. A grocery store in DC without a parking lot is a pretty laughable idea.

  • Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about promotion. Those guys are independently wealthy and certainly aren’t in it for the money.

  • much thanks for the many kind words regarding little miss whiskey’s golden dollar.
    we start off quietly to try to give ourselves time to grow into our business. there’s no way to know who will find us, how fast word will spread, and especially how people will respond to our service while we take on one surprise problem after another. it’s like plugging in frankenstein- you don’t know exactly how he’s gonna function and all the attempts to give him any kind of style are meaningless if he doesn’t.

    we have residents directly adjacent to our back patio- any noise complaints and the patio closes. more importantly, our neighbors were here first and they have been extremely kind to us. the last thing we want to do is interrupt their lives.

    as for promotion, the best is always word of mouth (much like this blogspot). if you wanna keep up with which DJ’s are spinning what styles, you can hook up w/ the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/people/Golden-Dollar/1800316619
    same with Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club http://www.facebook.com/JVLHC?ref=ts

    as for independent wealth, where’d you get your info Mick? my money is earned or borrowed and i’m so deep in debt it’ll be years before i scratch back to even. introduce yourself some time before you run your mouth all wrong about me in public.

    mark thorp
    [email protected]

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