Dear PoP – Zombies Raid the Real World DC House

photo(4), originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“There was a zombie walk in dc today, and I flowed the zombie parade to the real world house. Several members of the real world cast came out and got turned into zombies. It was really fun to watch.”

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  • Let me guess…You danced to “Thriller!”

  • I saw them too! They were on Connecticut Ave at the time and seemed to be sort of heading to the Scientology building to mill about in front of it.

    I had also seen a group of about 25-30 people walking down N. Capital Street earlier that day wearing Pro-Life shirts… I think it could have been very interesting if these two groups ran into one another!

  • Found this on google after looking for any media coverage we might have gotten, i was the zombie with the big red hair. to kalia, we did go to the scientology building but not really to protest them, we left pretty quickly. if you want more information on how it was organized and other events like it (they are strange, i will admit, but hella fun) and have a facebook you can check it out here
    or the parent group here

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