Dear PoP: Why are Fountains Drained at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park? Also Another Possible Crime in the Park Sat. Night


“Dear PoP,

Have you heard anything about why the fountains are drained at the bottom of meridian hill park?”

This is very odd. I thought they didn’t drain the fountains until October or November. But I saw some piping so maybe they’re just fixing it.


And sadly it seems there is more bad news to report. I received three emails saying that there was police tape around the park Sunday morning. Of course there was just a stabbing at the park July 25th. DCist received a tip that blood was seen. The emails I received only said that there was police tape seen. So I’ve sent out queries to try and find out what happened. I’ll update as soon as I get the word.

UPDATE No crime according to MPD. Please see update here.

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  • staby stab central? thank you dcist. please keep us updated?

  • there was blood on 15th that was marked, a bunch of police out in the park and along 15th, some police dressed in suits taking pictures. the police closed off the sidewalk on 15th for part of the morning and park of the park

  • Look on the brightside – if this was Baltimore, that copper pipe would have already been in a shopping cart and melted down at the scrapyard.

  • DCist is terrible. The dumb girl who does the weekend posts and tries to sound clever with stuff like “stabby central” is so corny and awful it’s embarrassing. I guess it’s not easy to find someone intelligent who does nothing but sit in front of their computer all weekend.

  • Regarding the draining of the fountains, I was told by a Park Service employee that the fountains would be drained in order to replace a pump, and that the water will be restored and the fountains running again once the work is completed. Ever since the Park Service has been working to restore the fountains they have run into pump problems. I hope they get it fixed once and for all this time.

  • thanks for that update Mike and thank you, Prince, for bringing this up.

  • I know there’s usually a lot of “laying pipe” going on up in the restrooms there, but it usually isn’t copper pipe, if you catch my drift.

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