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  • Red Derby has t-shirts with red derbies replacing the stars

  • High-quality local band Exit Clov has a modified flag for their logo. Personally, I’m a big fan of this–it’s a cool local thing that’s not duplicated elsewhere. Nowhere else I’ve lived is as attached to their flag.


  • I have a red t-shirt that I got at Meeps on 18th Street a while back that the stars are replaced with hearts….

    And I have to concur with Dan Miller…I love that people use the flag in all sorts of ways…

  • A ton of old dc punk/straight edge show fliers and album covers used to have the stars replaced with ‘X’s.

    Also there is a knitting store on the Hill called Stitch DC that had the bars replaced with knitting needles, but I forgot what they had in place of the stars.

    Some local bike group replaced the stars with cogs for their logo.

  • I have a Q and Not U shirt where the DC flag is upside down.

  • The arms of hipsters desperately seeking cred

  • While I’m happily ink-free, I truly wish folks had to show a DC birth certificate to get the DC flag tattoo. Maybe some of the transplants that would be willing to forcibly help annex Arlington could get an exemption, but that’s about it IMO.

  • That’s my brass quintet! (dc chamber brass). Contact us to add some live music to your wedding or other various festive occasions.

    Just a (mutant) logo, no one has it tattooed anywhere. I think.

  • The folks with D.C. birth certificates should have that D.C. flag tattoo placed right on their foreheads, so the self-righteousness can end right there.

  • ontarioroader,
    it should only be a birthright? and only peoples whose grandfather voted should be allowed to vote, right?
    the more dc love the better. the fewer opinions like yours, the better.

  • I like when they use the DC flag in the logo..

  • http://dead-city.org/ – another iteration of the logo with skulls instead of stars. bunch of the dc punx have this as a tattoo

  • Folks from Chicago are just as committed to their somewhat similar flag:

  • It wasn’t (intentionally) mutant, but when my then middle-school age daughter’s DC softball team was tearing up the Arlington league they played in, the girls would often paint DC flags on their arms, legs and even foreheads. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if some of those now college age women get it permanently tattooed somewhere (hopefully not on a forehead though!).

  • Nothing wrong with having some civic pride, especially in a transient city like DC.

  • is dc really all that transient? from my perspective it is not very transient at all.
    interns come and go. most political appointees dont live in the city anyway. students are a facet of any city.

    but most people stay. they may move hood to hood. maybe. a lot of marylanders move to the city and vice versa. at the end of the day, transiency of dc is a myth.

  • One of my friends and I have a silly game of “spotting” DC tattoos and texting the other person to “claim it” for a point. I’ve lived in a few cities over the years and have spent plenty of time in/around etc tattoos shops and I’ve never seen so many tattoos representing one city/state/area as I have the DC flag. Kind of cool, kind of odd.

  • Red Derby sells a t-shirt with little red derbies in the place of the stars on the DC flag 🙂

  • On a related tangent: While at the shore, we kept catching this commercial, for law services I think, set in a classroom. As the shot scroll and the ‘teacher’/actor speaks, it pans past a DC Flag. It jumped out at us because it’s uncommon to see on TV and this was not local ad or for local services. It was national and had nothing to so with DC. We were trying to imagine the set designer with mad DC pride sneaking in the flag whereever s/he could.

  • lordscarlet

    I agree that I love the pride DC residents take in the flag.

  • Too bad they don’t seem capable of taking pride in the things that matter, like quality of life, education, etc.

  • lordscarlet

    @Jimmy right, because the people that have tattoos of the flag or make logos based on the flag are destroying the city and uneducated.

  • First, Jimmy, stop being a hater. There are people trying to make a difference and are still proud of their city at the same time. Think on that.

    Also, ontarioroader, I was not born in DC, but I have finally found a place that I feel incredibly connected to and am not planning on moving for a long time, if ever. DC love yo!

    That said, I am wanting to get a mutant-type DC flag tattoo and wanted to get opinions from fellow Washingtonians. It would just be blue instead of red (the original design of the DC flag was partially blue too) Is this ok to do without being offensive to the actual flag? I know I’m being cautious, but it is kinda permanent.

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