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“Dear PoP,

A woman I know, who works for a the cleaning company that cleans the building I work in, is being laid off.
I’ve pointed her to craigslist, but past that I’m stumped. She’s an immigrant with limited English and limited formal qualifications.
I thought you might know of some orgs or websites that cater to Hispanic immigrants for low skilled labor positions.
Any ideas?”

Hmm, I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Perhaps some readers can offer some suggestions?

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  • Depends on whether she a legal or illegal immigrant. If illegal, Mexico is the place she needs to look. If she is legal, I would just call around to some the major cleaning contractors in the city.

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    I don’t know the answer to this, but I would ask Hector Gomez, with the Tivloi North Business Association, where she should start. He is a great resource for small businesses.

  • Tell her to go to CASA de Maryland in the Silver Spring, Langley Park area. They can help her look for a job. Feel free to have her contact them. She can call Geraldine at 301-431-4185.

  • I would check in La clinica del Pueblo or La Casa de Maryland, I know they do not offer jobs per se but they can point her to the right direction.

  • “If illegal, Mexico is the place she needs to look.” Dc Native, how do you know she is Mexican?

  • I see Lou Dobbs is skulking around PoP under a pseudonym again.

  • I love how all us latinos are all “mexican” in the eyes of some.

  • Mexico… Portugal… you know, down south America way.

  • What might help her in the long run is to improve her English skills. Foundry UMC (16th and P NW) offers free ESL classes through their day laborer outreach program. There’s some information online here: (Day Labor Outreach link on the left side). I’d suggest contacting one of their staff members directly. The program is open to all at no cost.

  • Language ETC- offers ESL language and computer classes, along with individual job skills and resume workshops. 1 block west of Connecticut on California/ north of Dupont Circle
    CARECEN Central American Resource Center- legal guidance and direct services re: immigration and civic training
    Casa de Maryland: Job access and opportunities for Latinos
    FIDMi Mi Tierra- Financial Education for Latino Immigrants, in Adams Morgan on Columbia Rd.

    Hope this helps. These are the best resources I know of in the area for Latino adults seeking some type of job training or guidance. Suerte!

  • I agree with the first post 100%!

  • Websites below:

    Language, education and Training Center:
    FIDMi Mi Tierra:

  • 18.5% of immigrants to the DC area are from El Salvador while only 4.8% are Mexican (compared to 30% nationwide). If you are going to be racist at least have your facts straight! Instead, why not try to help out a person clearly in need without making comments on her status which you have no evidence of.

  • If this person were British – which also makes up 4.8% of the local immigrant population – would you be making the same comments?

  • Portugal is in Europe last time I checked….

  • dc mom is spot on. i know it’s a little easier to be ignorant and dismissive, but compassion isn’t THAT hard.

  • Who said I thought she was from Mexico? I said she needs to look for a job in Mexico, if she is an illegal immigrant because that’s one of the closest Spanish speaking countries to the US.

    And if the person is illegal immigrant from any country (UK, India, etc..) they need to leave the country, and work on coming here LEGALLY.

  • DC Native, are you serious? That was a pathetic justification! You should of just stuck with your original statement.

    *shakes head*

  • Yes DC Native, what a pathetic justification for your utter disdain for immigrants, who for you are just “Mexicans.”

  • Lou Dobbs doesn’t need facts.

  • Hey DC Native, I dedicate this tune for you….”Ponte serio, quitate el disfraz y REPRESENTA CON CRITERIO….”

  • Folks,
    I’m the OP that asked PoP to pass on the request.
    Some wonderful advice here which is exactly the sort of thing I expected from this community. I’ll start sorting through the leads and hopefully have positive news to post in a couple of weeks.

  • DC Native, maybe if you only knew how impossible it is to “work on coming here LEGALLY”, you might have some empathy for illegal immigrants (which you have no right of implying of being). It amazes me that some people seem to think that illegal immigrants came here like that just because – like it’s somehow preferable, or easy to do so. People risk their lives to cross a border under the harshest conditions imaginable only because they have no choice – there is no legal avenue for them. Plus, if the demand for them was not so ridiculously high, maybe the supply would not exist. Simple economics.

    This country desperately needs workers like illegal immigrants, yet refuses to allow them to come work legally, so they come illegally, work their asses off, make cities like Miami and LA run, and are accused of being lazy and using up resources (which there is NO evidence of).

    But NO! Really, they cross the desert or oceans with little food/water, many dying along the way, because it simply did not OCCUR to them to try legal avenues. Really! Also they do all of that not knowing at ALL whether their chances of working here will be better, cause it’s fun to do things like that. Really. Totally.

    Please check out:
    before saying things like “they need to leave the country, and work on coming here LEGALLY.”

    Also please think of what YOU would do if your options were: a) allow self and family to starve; or b) break a stupid and outdated immigration law and feed said family.

  • Damned immigrants taking away my right to scrub a toilet for a living…

  • Tell her to hit up some of the small 14th street agencies. They will point her to a job placement agency for legal/illegal work in exchange for X weeks of pay. That’s how stuff works in NYC and probably the same way here.

  • TonyS:

    last i looked, portugal was in EUROPE

  • Columbia Heights Dude, M.E., TonyS was being sarcastic….Reminds me of that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the groom’s parents tell the bride “So you are from Greece, great, we had a neighbor who was from, from, where was she from? Guatemala!!!!

  • Columbia Heights Dude and m.e. need to watch more Arrested Development.

  • you guys need to chill out, the poster never said she was Mexican and I’m stumped how you could interpret that from his comment that she should look for a job in Mexico. It’s a bit of a stretch.

    Frankly, I am highly supportive of immigrant entrepreneurs and have hired them to do most of the work I’ve ever done on my house. I recently compared a Central American immigrant to a West Virginia contractor and the Central American guy was a clear winner.

    But I mean, if someone can’t fit in and find a job here I am not going to attempt to extend their stay in a place they’re unhappy with.

    Chkta, I honestly cannot fathom your twisted worldview. Do you know any immigrants who came here legally? really? This isn’t 1982 where we all had very good reason to accept central American refugees from the wars. There is no war in Central America anymore. I know a guy named Kiki who we hired as an electrician and he told me he set up his father in the home building business in Chile. He went to college for electrical engineering and he was working to take classes at GMU in engineering so he could have a US degree. Those people are building this country and are coming here with skills and education our country needs. If you don’t have a college degree I do not want you immigrating to the USA. That is perfectly fair and you know it.

    The people working illegally in meatpacking plants are slowing the introduction of robotics into the meatpacking industry. Did you know that fish are mostly processed by robots? It’s true. I don’t believe humans should be doing repetitive, dangerous work. when the immigration issue subsides they will be replaced by ethical, efficient computer processes. These people are dying and being killed in dangerous situations that that the unions, since they don’t belong to them, aren’t fighting to change and foodborne illnesses and death are reaching huge numbers in the USA due to this completely unethical business practice. Fire them all and replace them with machines that will keep the feces out of our food and hire skilled mechanics to service the machines.

    People with minds and personalities should not be in slavelike positions of servitude cleaning bathrooms. That’s just too elitist and conservative for me. These people should be starting their own companies in their own countries, not taking their family’s savings and paying some coyote to take them across the border. How many functioning companies could have existed in Guatemala but the people with drive came here. It’s anti-third-world-development and politically suspect.

    This reminds me of when we had people delivering mail in the 1990s. The mailroom guys were bored stiff and often angry about their jobs. Now all our interoffice mail is sent by email. Anybody upset that there are no mailroom jobs anymore?

  • Neener:
    DC Native Says:
    August 27th, 2009 at 10:05 am
    Depends on whether she a legal or illegal immigrant. If illegal, Mexico is the place she needs to look.

    Really? And you’re stumped how we could interpret from his comment that she should look for a job in Mexico. It

  • I NEVER SAID CHILE WAS IN CENTRAL AMERICA! grrr. I just haven’t talked to a legal Central American immigrant about his homelife so the Chilean guy who spoke great English was my best example.

    You are jumping to conclusions based on what you read and it can be annoying. I now call you on that twice in one thread.

  • Neener,

    Do you honestly think if it was that easy to set up your own business in Guatemala (or whatever country they are emigrating from), that people would risk their lives and family’s savings to come to the US?
    Seriously. Think about it.

  • You could help her file for unemployment benefits, since the insurance has been withheld from her wages. Most downtown office building have professional cleaning companies, and employees are paid on the books.

    DOES is supposed to provide services through a number of contract agencies.

    In this neighborhood, Latino Economic Development Corporation in Adams Morgan and Development Corp of Columbia Heights have some employment resources. Carlos Rosario Center has training and language courses.

  • Yes, TonyS! If it makes you feel any better, I got the AD reference right away and chuckled. To the geography-marms: it’s called Netflix. Look into it.

    Oh, and DC Native is an asswipe.

  • There are forums on the DC Urban Moms and Dads website ( for searching for a housekeeper and for housekeepers seeking jobs. She can respond to posts, or post her own message if she would like to seek a job as a housekeeper.

  • ” I just haven

  • YES thanks Banksy, actually, it does make me feel better 🙂

    while I tend to fall on the side of stricter immigration laws, the biggest problem that people like dcNative and many congressional republicans, have is that their solutions are simply ridiculous! Go back to Mexico and apply for citizenship? Go to Guatemala and start your small business? Please.

  • No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other.
    – Jascha Heifetz –

    thats kind of how i feel with dcNative and sort of Neener. Sorry Neener.

  • A family that lives down the street from me are illegals, they are from Canada. They always say ICE a, ICE okkkkkkk, metroa, busa, national health insurance a.

  • We have hordes of welfare moms living in wards 7 & 8 who would love the chance to clean houses. These are native-born, welfare moms who are being deprived of the chance to break out of the shakles of welfare and serve as role models for their communies.

    Let’s give our welfare moms a chance! Don’t hire illegals.

  • personally i think neener has a pretty interesting perspective. while i may not agree with all of it, i think it’s a good counter to some of ckta’s agression. ckta – chill out.

  • I’ve heard that Carlos Rosario Public Charter School occasionally has (in addition to awesome adult ed classes) potential job connections for recent immigrants. Their website is here:

    Best of luck to your friend!

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