Dear PoP – New Coffee Spot In Chinatown


“Dear PoP,

I just noticed yesterday there’s a new place, Chinatown Coffeehouse, opened up on H right, NW near the corner of 5th.”

Always happy to hear about more coffee news! I stopped by this weekend and it’s a very comfortable place with a nice vibe going on. A good study/work spot too if you are in the area.


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  • My experience there was pretty good, except they wouldn’t make my friend an iced double espresso (remember that same rule with Murky Coffee?). Here’s my photo of their cappuccino:
    And my friends blog post on our visit there:

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first place to serve Chinese coffee in all of DC.

  • I’ve been there several times in the last week. Excellent coffee and espresso drinks. morning pastry offerings have been a little on the skimpy, stale-looking side, but the coffee is worth the stop.

  • Wow, your readers are a clicky bunch, judging by the traffic. Thanks to Mr. T for spreading the love and of course to PoP for providing a platform. Did you try the coffee, PoP? I hope you could get what you ordered. It’s not always that simple, it would seem.

    Eileen (Santiago, Chile, but formerly (until 2004) of Columbia Heights, you know, pre-dance studio, pre-tivoli makeover, pre-target!

  • Just don’t make a ghetto latte here. The owner will be none too pleased.

  • Junkpunching jokes in 3…2…1…

  • Junkpunching jokes in 3…2…1…

  • Such delicious coffee. I mean, sort of unreal.

  • The coffee here is kind of ridiculously good. The baristas are consistant as hell– I’ve been here 5-6 so far and I rank it up there with Big Bear.

  • The coffee here is kind of ridiculously good. The baristas are consistant as hell– I’ve been here 5-6 so far and I rank it up there with Big Bear.

  • They should just offer a double iced espresso, call it the “Chinatown Junkpunch,” and charge $8 for it. It’s win-win(ce)!

  • i never knew people in the “ghetto” were so big on drinking lattes. no wonder the corner boys are always standing out there all hours of the night. you learn something new every day

  • Ahhh, I see the connection now. This is the place that the fat, angry Korean kid from Virginia who makes fairly good coffee but doesn’t pay his taxes has opened!

  • you mean monkeyrotica?

  • Awesome coffee. I’m so glad it opened.

  • This place is Murky coffee. It opened under a new name and owner due to tax issues (his girlfriend is listed as the owner). The comparison to Big Bear is accurate — they both use CounterCulture coffee and do the whole latte art thing (which really can’t be done well without superior equipment, beans and training). It’s really surprising more shops don’t follow in Big Bear and Murky’s footsteps.

  • monkeyrotica made me laugh, and I want to go on record saying their coffee was perfect, and perfectly delicious, though it was not, in fact, what I ordered. I ordered a dry cappucino, and was given a normal one because, as previously established, the barista knows best.

    That said, I’d give my eye teeth for a coffee half as good anywhere in Santiago. With luck we have Illy, and that’s about the best we can get. Sigh. I had some hair raiser from stumptown in Portland (Oregon), but like all good things, it came to an end.

    send coffee!

  • Since when did Big Bear become the standard for great coffee in DC ? The coffee’s good, but gimme a break. To many hipsters and hipster wannabees. And I don’t care for the “I’m too cool for you” attitude. Been to CC a few times now, and have to agree that the coffee is awesome, and the barista’s are top notch. They serve Intelligentsia coffee, which brings back good memories of Chi Town.

    I still prefer the coziness of Sova, who also serves Intelligentsia, or the awesome barista’s at Peregrine. I mean come on now, give the east side some love.

  • @ dczslimmest: chinatown coffee serves intelligentsia coffee, not counter culture. and it seems to be in agreement that chinatown’s coffee is “ridiculously” good. they have experienced baristas, good coffee and nick cho runs a great shop.

    you might not be aware of how many independent coffee houses there are in dc… big bear is not the only one that does latte art.

  • Am I the only one who had to google to find out what/who a baristas was? Its summer time and it’s been pretty hot out lately and I don’t drink coffee but have always been curious do people drink hot coffee in the summer? Or do they switch to iced coffee in the morning? Or is hot coffee okay for morning but switch to cold coffee in the afternoon? Or is it hot coffee no matter what the season and temp?

  • I mix it up, and will drink hot coffee in the morning in the summer, but not during the midday, but will often make iced coffee in the morning as well. However, it’s the dead of winter here right now, so it’s somewhat hard to fathom what it would be like to want to drink something cold. Which is why I was so looking forward to the aforementioned treat at Chinatown Coffee.

  • Gotta agree about Big Bear. Too many annoying sleeve tattoos. Excessive caffeine can’t possibly be good for keeping tattoos looking fresh.

  • Big Bear just irks me with the whole, you can have this, but you can’t have that. And the fact that some people view this as being more purist is bs. There are plenty of other shops in DC that serve great coffee these days. Who the hell cares about latte art anyway ? As long as they know what they’re doing, I couldn’t care less if I have a leaf in my cup.

    I also agree about the way they treat their “non-regular” customers. Really piss poor. Seen it way to many times when I used to go

    Just sayin’

  • Wow… wasn’t aware this was such a controversial issue. Must every topic generate a contentious response? Thankyou for the correction though. I’ve never been to Chinatown Coffee but was a regular at Murky and have been purchasing Counter Culture beans there for a very long time. I really like Black Cat coffee as well. My mistake… big friggin deal!!! Big Bear should be applauded for investing in Bloomingdale. They’ve made more contributions to this city than any of you, that’s for sure.

    Latte art usually implies a well made product, but hey, if you gotta tear something down why not let it be a foam flower. Sleep well knowing you’ve defended freedom today.

    Gotta run… my life is far too interesting to waste on silly debates about latte art, hipsters and their… get ready… tattoos!!! Stick to the de-caf.

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