Dear PoP – Mayor Corps Alert Please Post

“Dear PoP,

Please post that at 1:30PM today 8/4 at the Adams Mill playground, some students from the Mayor’s Youth Corps were taking “up skirt” pictures of a 3 YEAR GIRL. She was just changed and was running from her mom up some playground equipment. She didn’t have any diaper on yet and these pedophiles lean over from otherwise doing nothing and take phone camera pics. My wife notified the lady, who owns a local business and demanded the creeps empty the phone. We should have called the cops. What do we do with these Neanderthals? I’ve notified Green Corps and our ANC folks. They’ll be off the street in no time…”

This is obviously extremely disturbing.  The writer of this “Dear PoP” is the young girl’s father and is understandably extremely upset.  I can’t imagine how outraged I’d be in a similar situation.  I hope to God the offenders can be identified and punished.  I’m not sure the offenders realize just how abhorrent the act they committed was.  I most definitely think they should have the crap scared out of them.  Of course I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly what happened but I’d be cautious to label these teens something beyond idiots.  And they most certainly were idiots.   And we’ve spoken about this in the past but it is becoming ever more clear that these Summer youth programs need more supervision.  Of that I am certain.

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  • Looks like one of the gargoyles from Notre Dame

  • Oops, getting late. Above was for the post. But somehow, appropriate.

  • this has been making the rounds with slightly different information each time but when I talked to the police about it they never heard of the incident. Can we confirm that it’s legit and the police were called?

  • Posting rumors, especially of such a serious charge, should be confirmed a bit more first, no?

  • @7:58 am: There’s been a witch hunt/moral panic on re: pedophiles since the early 1990s at least. While I certainly understand the fear and loathing, it makes people irrational, paranoid, and punchy. When our own UK-style panopticon of police cameras finally infests the streets of America, it will be “to protect the children from pedophiles”, and everyone will therefore support it. Even now, your average American male in your average American city has to ignore anyone under age 14 or else draw suspicion.

    As for this story–remember Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

  • When I was in high school a guy was chased away from the local middle school grounds for watching soccer games. It was then that I learned that all childless adults that like to watch kids play sports are pedophiles.

  • IF this guy really saw this occurring, why didn’t he call the cops? Not much can be done after the fact…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The Mayor’s Corps emailed me this morning and is in contact with the reader who sent in the note.

  • First, I have no questions as to the accuracy of this report. There’s just a little bit that I don’t understand — who is “the lady?” (“My wife notified ‘the lady’ who owns a local business and demanded the creeps empty the phone….”)

    I would be extremely disturbed if this were my child. I’m glad that the Mayor’s Corps is getting in touch with the reader, and definitely more supervision seems to be in order.

  • ‘the lady’ was the 2 year old girls mom. my wife the 3 year old boy’s mom. when asked to delete the camera, the guy she should bring more clothes next time. my wife didn’t call the cops because she was scared and confused. sorry that bothers you. the Corps is on the case and they will be fired. they’re at the Adams Mill playground now if your interested.

  • Ballslightning — I totally get it; my mistake. I was confused about how many women were involved in this situation.


    Thank you both [ballslightning and his wife] very much for agreeing to speak with me earlier–it was a great help in figuring out the situation and our next steps. As I
    explained, the youth immediately confessed to laughing and making
    inappropriate comments. Once again, I’d like to apologize for that on
    behalf of the program–we fully expect our teams to be respectful of the
    communities that they are working in. As to the issue of the photos,
    after speaking with you both and with the youth, there remains no hard
    evidence that photos were actually taken–while we certainly take the
    possibility very seriously, we also cannot terminate people on the basis
    on inconclusive facts. However, we agree that there need to be
    consequences for the incident in general. Therefore, the youth will not
    be returning to the park for the rest of the week under a no-pay
    suspension. When they do return next week, the staff has been
    instructed that they must be with staff at all times, even during the
    lunch period (which is when this occurred initially).

    Sharon D’Emidio and I will be conducting more frequent site visits as
    well to Walter Pierce to ensure that no further interactions are
    occurring and that the team supervision is more than adequate. Please
    feel free to contact me with any further concerns and I would be happy
    to introduce myself in person when I am at the park next week. Thank
    you again for bringing this matter to our attention.


    Jill Wohrle
    Executive Assistant
    Government of the District of Columbia
    District Department of the Environment

  • I see the Mayor’s Corps kids walking around my neighborhood all the time doing absolutely nothing. They were walking down the street with garbage bags the other day, clearly on an assignment to clean up the street.

    All the bags were empty, and all the trash remained on the street. What a waste of city resources.

  • I’d rather have a local teenager carry empty trash bags down the street than out shooting another local teenager.

  • if this had happened in fairfax county or anywhere with the rule of law, the phones would have been searched by a forensics team for evidence and one or more of those kids would very likely be in jail on very serious charges.

  • The playground area in Walter Pierce park is completely separate and fenced and usually swarming with toddlers & nannies or moms – why would any teenagers even be in there? It is generally very well kept by the users, so there is no trash to pick up.

    And sadly, I have to agree with Annoymous, I’ve watched the summer “jobs” kids every day in CH and Meridian Hill park wandering around or sitting around doing nothing. I’d rather we pay them to read books or visit a museum every day.

  • Judas Priest- THIS IS QUITE OBVIOUSLY A POLICE MATTER for Christ’s sakes. I don’t give two craps how scared your wife was– call the police! Take the f-ers phone, take your daughter, and GO TO THE LOCAL POLICE STATION. Eric in ledroit is 100% on the money.

    It never ceases to amaze me how little BALLS people have sometimes, honestly. GOOD LORD. I’m very angry about this post, PoP, gotta tell ya. Like shaking angry.

  • The community gets an online apology from a city official via PoP when this could have actually been a youth worthy of facing criminal charges and/or a private matter between a kid and some parents at the park? No police investigation for purported voyeurism of a toddler? Wow, the kids in this city really do get away with more than stealing cars, using illegal handguns, and occaisional homicides. Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok sounds like it was just a little misunderstanding between teenagers working for the city and a couple of sensitive moms in the park. Chill out, right? But, even if it is just laughing at indescent exposure to a 3-yr old’s bottom, suspension for the rest of the week? Man, that kid should get some hard time diaper duty, with poopy too!

    If the city is going to chime in on this incident, rather than give us the details of a somewhat private matter, it’d be interesting to know the extent to which the kids hired by the city this summer have sealed criminal records, and for how many crimes, what types of crimes, and how many serious crimes. Someone in the city surely knows that answer, no? Hopefully the program has alternatives for such criminal elements so they are not standing around tot lots faking cell phone photos of half-neked 3 yr olds. Wouldn’t that be embarrasing for the city leaders if they actually assigned such kids (with sealed criminal records) to such locations (tot lots) and something went wrong? Please no!

    BTW — bully for the officer who writes tickets near tot lots for drivers rolling through stop signs. The guy sure has found a good way to write a ton o’ tickets!

  • where are which kids: i also applaud the officer for ticketing drivers rolling through stop signs by the tot lots. it could a huge bonanza for the city if they could find cops brave enough to ticket doggone near everyone in this town who drives. rolling through stop signs is practically the numero uno offense. where i used to live, the drivers paid no more attention to the stop signs than they did to the mailbox on the corner. and that includes the freakin bike riders, too, who were totally lawless!! on the other hand, heaven help the driver who PARKED for an extra 3 minutes on the tiny street behind the houses!!! i can understand the cops’ preference, though. parked cars do not talk back!!

  • Um – reality check — this would be enough to land someone on the registered sex offenders list. When Fenty sobers up from his taxpayer funded frat party blow out he should think about actually running the city for once.

  • I too have I have watched the summer “jobs” kids wandering around PW, sitting in the parks and doing nothing. I think victoriam has a good idea about paying them to read books or visit a museum every day, then quiz them on it to make sure it happens.

  • Clearly the mom over reacted and so did the city so what a couple of kids laughed at a naked 3yr old runnin around the playground how bout we question the mom about why she parades around her daughter in a public playground with no clothes on does ahe take her everywhere with no diaper or just places where everyone can see her including the pedophiles who hang around playgrounds to watch little children. Maybe the dad who wasn’t there needs to ask his wife why his daugher is posing for playboy toddler edition. And a suspension for some kids laughing seems a little out of order as well, there is clearly no proof as to whether any pictures were taken and probaly no truth to the story as well so what are the kids being suspended for? Laughter? Now that’s a joke!

    Sidebar: for those who don’t kno there are two programs run by the city there are kids who wear blue shirts who many of you have seen doing absolutley nothing and there are kids who wear green shirts and I have witnessed them doing an excellent job cleaning and landscaping Pierce park in Adams Morgan on Adams mill rd where this incident took place. So before the parents start making outlandish accusations and the rest of you pass judgement we should all get the facts straightened out. And I agree that the mom needs to get some balls and call the police if she really thought there was a crime being committed against her 3yr old!

  • My wife was scared and her friend is petrified of some sort of retribution. What’s posted above from the city official is a copy and paste job from my email. I agree its not enough. The whole story has been forwarded to the police.

    Continuing baby-ing these kids is not going to get them to straighten up and walk right. At 17, there grown people. Better for the government to start a manufacturing plant and hire them their. 8 out of 10 will be doing the same thing in prison on and off at a much cheaper rate. That’s not racist or insensitive, that’s just the facts these kids and their ilk have provide us to ponder.

  • there’s no proof because there was no investigation!!! if this was bethesda those cell phones would be in a forensics lab right now.

  • Agreed with eric in ledroit – if this was Bethesda those kids would be in jail, cell phones searched and there would be some kind of candlelight vigil.

    I’m surprised the city isn’t more concerned (from a purely monetary POV) – if those teenagers are EVER arrested for a sex crime, then the victim could conceivably sue the city for failing to do a proper investigation, etc, and getting the kid off the street. City’s on notice.

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