Contact Info For the Guy Who Built my Attorney’s Bookshelf


Lots of folks inquired about the contact info for the guy who built this bookshelf. Here you go:

Contact info: [email protected]

As you can imagine he has a lot of work and prefers to take projects near Capitol Hill, where he is very busy, but it can’t hurt to inquire.

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  • He did my built in bookshelves too, which are great. Super nice guy has great suggestions (if you need help with that kind of stuff like me) and his pricing is very reasonable.

    I know some of his bigger jobs were canceled with the economy tanking and all, so it’s worth giving him a ring or email. He is very responsive, prompt and just and all around nice guy.

  • I contacted this guy on a recommendation a few weeks ago, and he said he only works on the Hill. Wasn’t interested in coming to CH. Guess he’s got plenty of work, and good for him.

  • I’m the guy that built the bookcase / cabinets. You can see other completed projects on my website at Thanks for the plug and the compliments. It is true that I’m busy and that I generally prefer to work on Capitol Hill only because it’s convenient for me as it’s where I live.

    However, for an interesting project I wouldn’t rule out working elsewhere. I spent 5 weeks working for a prior Capitol Hill client that bought a house in Woodley Park. I’ve also done projects from Capitol Heights to Mount Ranier to Alexandria. That being said, I’m currently booked into December with a few kitchen and bathroom remodels and a ton of built-ins.

    So if you have an interesting project and don’t mind waiting a few months, I’d be happy to meet with you.

    By the way for those who asked, the price for the bookcase was $1,400. (I asked the client if I could reveal the cost).

    Thanks again.

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