Congrats To Calliope Winner of “Other” Category for Coolest Pets in PoPville, Voting for Cats and Dogs Still Open


Calliope pulled out the victory over Cladius with a final tally of 39% of the vote. Calliope will face the winner of the Cat and Dog category next Monday for the overall Coolest Pet in PoPville. Cat voting is open until Wed. 11:59pm with a tight race between Oreo, Ike and Oliver though it’s always possible for an underdog to emerge. Dog voting is open until Friday 11:59pm with a super tight race between Dr. Dre and Oz. Congrats again to Calliope.

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  • Awesome! Congrats to Calliope!

  • agreed! so great to see that 200 of the bird’s closest friends turned out at 11pm Friday night to crush that stinky (albeit sweet and honest) little guinea pig. amazing!!

  • I realize that pet owners aren’t technically cheating by getting friends and acquaintances to vote for their pets, but I feel like this has turned into a “whose pet is owned by the person with the best online network of friends” contest.

  • i agree….cladius had to rely solely on his total charm–no commercial props!!

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