Coming Very Soon – Peruvian Chicken & Steak


The Peruvian Chicken & Steak spot located on Park Road just west of 14th Street, NW looks very close to opening. I peeked in the window last weekend and it looks like it could be ready to roll any day now:


I’m eager to check out the Peruvian steak, I’ve had Peruvian chicken before which I think is delicious so I’m super intrigued by the idea of Peruvian steak. Has anyone had Peruvian style steak before? What exactly makes it Peruvian, the seasoning?

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  • Is it Guinea Pig?

  • Good to see they had the money to build it out – hope the permitting works well too – I guess it might be a bit easier in a brand new building, no?

    Anyway, at least some peruvian steak is marinated in a spicy marinade and grilled on skewers. Not sure if this is what these restaurants have. I would imagine the sides are also typical rice, beans etc.

  • Will they have beer??? Also I would totally eat guinue pig. Also did Pho 14 get their liqour license yet? As you can tell im an alcoholic and I like a variety of food. thanks

  • Might “Peruvian steak” = anticuchos? Skewered beef heart (anticuchos) are all over peru, esp. in the mountains, and are freakin delicious. Droooooolll….

  • There’s definitely some good steak in lomo saltado, one of my favoritos peruanos.

  • Wasn’t there talk awhile back about an IHOP going in this same space? PoP, is that still happening and if so, am I confused on the location?

  • Bill, I believe the prospective IHOP location was on the other side of DCUSA, across from Highland Park.

    Any update from the Ellwood Thompson’s folks, speaking of DCUSA? Is it dead, alive, still in limbo? I realize the economy is tough, but man, the vacant spaces in DCUSA are getting NO movement whatsoever as of late …

  • There is a perfectly adequate peruvian chicken joint right down the street. This could have been something that the area desperately needed like.. a decent chinese place! (not a vomitose take out).

  • I’ve been to Peru, eaten guinea pig, and let me tell you, it’s awful. They’re scrawny, greasy, and the meat clings tenaciously to the skin and bones. Very hard to eat and the taste is not worth it.

    I second Andy on the deliciousness of lomo saltado – marinated beef strips with tomatoes and onions, served on rice. My favorite, and hopefully a menu item here.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @GforGood I can’t give anymore detail but the Ellwood deal is not dead. I’m sorry I can’t give details.

    @Bill I need to check on the IHOP status.

  • I’ve also been to peru and eaten guinea pig. It was horrible, not much meat and resturant we ate at stuffed it with this one herb – I don’t recall the name but it looked similar to rosemary – that over powered the gp. Just horrible.

  • Peruvian chicken is friggin amazing. Anyone know if the owners of this place have any other locations? I’d imagine someone in this location- high rent- would probably have to know what they’re doing to succeed.

  • what has been the hold up? I though they were gonna be one of DC USA’s store front pioneers. Well, in any case i guess Im excited for peruvian chicken and that crazy good white sauce they always have. Mmmm mmm bueno.

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