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  • Wonder if Shiloh has their protest to the liquor license ready to go yet?

  • Probably not–it’s not a gay bar asking for a liquor license.

  • saf

    Jim – They protested Queen of Sheba’s license too.

  • that 6th and R spot, and the murals, used to belong to an awesome bike shop called Chain Reaction. They trained local kids to work on bikes, did low cost repairs, and sold bikes they fixed up for cheap prices. They used to store their spare parts over at the Wonder bread factory on S between 6th and Wiltberger, the inside of which was feaured a little while back on PoP.

    They were awesome, and I’ve wondered what the pincipals have been up to since they closed down the shop. Anyone know? I really miss that shop.

  • I think one of the guys from Chain Reaction is now at the bike shop on 14th between N and Rhode Island.

  • tonysmallframe: yep, the 14th Street place is Omar’s shop called Rollin’ Cycles – PoP has featured it here. He and his crew are great guys and excellent mechanics.

    As far as I know Chain Reaction just rented that spot at 6th & R before they moved to North Capitol Street briefly before their parent organization [Shaw Eco Village] pulled the plug due to budget issues – at least that’s what we as volunteers were told.

  • thanks for the info. guys. I’ll def. check out Rollin cycles.

  • Rollin Cycles is the best! I need a bike pump and I’ve just been too lazy to go over there to get one, but the guy who helped me pick out my bike + accessories (I’m pretty sure it was Omar) was amazing. Didn’t try to sell me the most ridiculously priced stuff and actually knew what he was talking about.

  • LOL. That menu cracked me up! Can’t wait to try out the “Clucken Noodle Soup”!

  • I ride my bike past 6th and R every day, and my god the smell of that Chinese food place on the corner is mouthwatering when you’re hungry and riding home from work.

  • Crosb, You must of been biking upwind away from the garbage cans. UGHHH. I swear they need a HAZWOP crew to investigate those barrels of grease in the back. But, I still eat there atleast once a month on my home from work.

  • Hallyluya! A new restaurant. Shaw is moving up in the world.

  • I live a block from both those spots (smack between Q & R)… I just want a deli with *maybe* some salads on the menu. Something that doesn’t take forever (Big Bear). A place that isn’t hit or miss (Windows). I want a reuben or a club sandwich or even just turkey, walking distance from my house. Can someone open up a deli?

  • after they left that space, chain reaction moved over to north capitol, near p. but they werent there very long before it went under.

    it may have been problems with their mother organization. not sure. sad loss.

  • I live on the block between these two spots and can verify that there was a notice on the second one for a zoning hearing to allow the building to become a restaurant. I happened to see the sign blow away in a storm, so that’s why PoP didn’t see it, but here’s a photo of it: http://qstreetnews.blogspot.com/2009/07/whats-happening-at-6th-and-q.html

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