Coming and Going – Signs Edition


A reader writes:

“I noticed a bunch of signs for new businesses on 14th street today. Masa 14 and the new Cork market now have “coming soon’ signs.

In sadder news, Shoefly on U appears to have reduced its hours to only be open on weekdays. Hope that’s enough to keep them there.”


And I thought I’d add another from 14th St.:


And in “Going” news it looks like Score the educational center has closed in Columbia Heights (in the plaza where the new fountain is going near Julia’s Empanadas).


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  • birch and barley can’t get here fast enough

  • Is there anything limiting the number of bars in the dcusa/Columbia heights shopping centers? With it’s access to metro and dcusa/giant parking garages, I would think a couple of nice lounges and upscale bars would do well. Is the lease that expensive? Nori was a terrible set up and they didn’t do enough marketing. The Heights restaurant always seems busy though.

  • This is splendid news. I am running low on corks.

  • A good italian pasta focused place would be great in that Score space.. (Pete’s pastas are not all that… and the selection is limited plus its a bit too quickie of a place for sitting down with a nice pasta IMHO).

  • congrats on the 1st post, RD. Totally pw0ned PoP.

  • What was Score anyway?

  • In reference to Score – Who the HELL thought that placing a tutoring joint in CH would make any money? The only parents around here are poor as dirt and partake in the daily festival that is bumfest.

  • I also thought that was a pretty silly place for Score to be located at. Educational centers are great, but don’t stick them in the middle of large retail commercial areas.

  • I look at the removal of Score as a victory. Our kids have passed all exams!

  • That was a great idea, putting an educational center right in the middle of a ghetto. And yes, CH is still a ghetto.

  • I think SCORE failed because too many in the area value food and drink over education.

  • I think Score go tired of guys walking in with wads of dollar bills asking what the happy hour specials were on dances

  • Missing you just got me in trouble at work ’cause I laughed out loud at your comment.

  • any scoop on what’s going in to replace SCORE?

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