CarbonfreeDC Chooses Deanwood & Shaw for Extreme Green Neighborhood Makeover

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Ed. Note: Speaking of carbonfreedc I officially sold my car Tues. night! Also, you guys had a definite impact on the $20,000 grant – back in July I posted a Dear PoP asking you to vote for carbonfreedc and they won!

Here’s the full press release:

On July 22, CarbonfreeDC won 1 of 5 $20,000 grants from National Geographic and Sun Chips in the Green Effect competition. From over 2,500 entries, CarbonfreeDC’s Extreme Green Neighborhood Makeover proposal won over the judges, even becoming Frito-Lay VP Dave Haft’s favorite submission.

The Extreme Green Neighborhood Makeover aims to help 20 deserving families green their homes and lower their energy bills with energy-efficient upgrades, weatherization, water conserving enhancements and much more. As part of the project, CarbonfreeDC will host educational workshops in the selected neighborhoods to help others take action in their own homes.

CarbonfreeDC is excited to announce the DC neighborhoods of Deanwood and Shaw have been chosen to be a part of the Extreme Green Neighborhood Makeover. Thanks to Pastor and Mrs. Newell of the New Covenant Evangelistic Center and Commissioner Sylvia C. Brown for their compelling nominations that lead to our decision to choose these neighborhoods. Now we will go about the process of choosing 20 deserving homes from these neighborhoods to receive the green makeover treatment.

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  • This is a cool idea. While $1000 per house doesn’t sound like much, that can buy you plenty of caulk and spray insulation to make a noticeable dent in monthly energy bills.

    PoP (or anyone), has CarbonFreeDC tried to integrate their efforts with the city’s? There is a lot of stimulus money directly slated for this type of work flowing to cities and local governments. Since Green For All is involved, I assume they’ve already worked this angle pretty hard. Also, I can’t tell from the website who actually does the makeover retrofitting work. This would be an awesome opportunity to partner professionals with deserving apprentices to get them real experience in a growing field.

    Since this is somewhat related, I’d also mention that DDOE will pay for an energy audit for DC homeowners (no condos or rental units, unfortunately). I had one done a few months ago and it was like getting a second home inspection. Very thorough and helpful. Check out the DDOE website for details.

  • Btw, we had the city do (well, their contractor) a free energy efficiency assessment on our house. Luckily we came out fairly ok, but its amazing to see how e.g. electric outlets on the side walls of a row house can leak like crazy. Highly recommended (and, again, free)!

  • Thanks for your comments Truxton and GforGood, I’m the Executive Director of CarbonfreeDC and can give you some more information.

    A part of our goal with the Extreme Green Neighborhood Makeover is to prove that a modest investment in energy efficiency ($1,000 per house) can reap huge rewards for decades to come… that energy efficiency makes sense for the pocketbook as much as being good for the planet.

    CarbonfreeDC is proud to provide the first professional work experience for Green DMV Inc.

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