Car Crash and Chase in Columbia Heights Saturday Night


I’m hearing that a car crashed at the corner of 13th and Euclid Streets, NW Saturday night around 8-10pm. Apparently the guy who crashed the car fled the scene and a helicopter was deployed in the search. The damage seems to be limited to a broken fence/wall and a light post that was knocked over. It must have been quite the scene though because when I was walking up 13th Street Sunday afternoon I heard two separate groups of people talking about it. So if you heard a lot sirens and saw the helicopter spotlight this was likely the cause. If anyone got a picture of the crash please send my way and I’ll update this post.



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    It’s just another day in paradise.
    Well, there’s no place that
    I’d rather be
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    It is paradise

  • We saw all the cop cars whizzing by my house on Euclid and figured something was up. I asked a cop walking by what was happening and he said “oh, just a wreck.” Always more than meets the eye! Too bad about the wall.

  • We live on 13th about half a block away from the accident. It was around 9:30pm and I heard it over the shower — thought it was in my backyard. The vehicle was an Infiniti SUV and had managed to knock over the (since replaced) traffic signal before wedging itself between the brick wall and a tree. The front and left sides were completely mangled with all curtain airbags deployed. I saw the owner of that brown Toyota truck changing his tire on Sunday, amazed there wasn’t more damage to other vehicles on the corner there.

  • I don’t understand why so many car’s crash into stuff on 13th St. There was the one at 13th and Irving about 18 months ago and the one at 13th and Harvard about 2 years ago. I walk along 13th to the metro and it always seems some ahole is crashing into people’s fence/brick wall/whatever. It sucks because I’m sure it’s not easy for the home owner to get an insurance claim filled or the city to fix it. Does the city fix it if it’s a police chase?

  • lol, redonculous…

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