Arrived and Going


The new Cricket store at the corner of 14th and U has opened. The guy in the photo out front was awesome. As I was setting up the photo he hustled out of the store because he wanted to get in the photo. He put a huge smile on my face.

And in less pleasant news.


Back in January we looked at the promising Zizi Boutique. Folks were happy that a cool non bar option had opened on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. Sadly, it was short lived as the store is now closed.

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  • Kudos to Cricket for opening multiple stores in DC. There’s one up Georgia, near Kennedy, and then one farther up on Georgia and Piney Branch. Its nice to get new stores, I must say. However, they have no ultra geek web phones, so I can’t try them.

  • That boutique always makes me giggle- “zizi” is French for.. um.. “peeper” or “willy”, if you will 🙂
    Sorry to hear it’s closing.

  • zizi sucked.

  • @ Melissa: I was thinking exactly the same thing … the sign looks a bit more like “zi-zi mou” now. 😉

  • Oh, Mademoiselle Zizi, and just like that…Q were gone.

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