An Interesting Observation From a Reader – Petworth Getting Props

“Dear PoP,

This craigslist listing made me chuckle — an ad for the Highland Park apartment building right above the Columbia Heights metro that advertises its proximity to Petworth! Usually it’s the other way around!”

$2950 / 2br – Photo Gallery & Virtual Tour | Highland Park (Columbia Heights near Petworth)

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  • I know it’s cliche to say, but things I would not pay $2,950/month for…

  • LOL, and it’s not even close to Petworth. It is right on top of the CH metro! If it was CH, but the closest metro stop was Petworth, i could buy that it was just being informative, but this is definitely props.

  • Petworth has arrived!

  • New nickname: Networth!!

  • Of course, the building probably mentioned Petworth to imply “you can afford this”–despite the price tag, etc., etc. Searching Craigslist is a lot like google, its all about search terms, so I’ve noticed lots of people cramming in areas that they really shouldn’t. Same thing on the real estate side with agents describing places as “near dupont” when they most certainly are not. Funny how with rental listings you describe the next cheapest place, but with sale listings you describe the next more expensive place. Makes sense I guess.

  • That is a lot of money! Who pays this much and how do they pay it? What does someone have to do to pay that kind of cash for an apt? Anyone living there willing to divulge?

  • All someone has to do to pay that kind of cash for an apartment, is sign on the dotted line at the Highland Park…

  • It’s definitely a lot of money considering that particular apartment is 900 sq ft. Definitely not a good deal considering the much lower prices for apartments just a few blocks away, so I’m not sure anyone actually is paying that. Just like in for-sale listings, you shouldn’t confuse asking price with the price eventually paid.

  • I pay a little more than half that for a 1BR apartment that is almost that large in Woodley, about a quarter mile from the Metro. Paying almost $3k for that place is insane.

  • That’s insane for a 2br 900 sq ft apt.

  • Haha, it’s been awhile since I felt *good* about the crazy monthly mortgage payment on my 2bd/1.5bath house w/yard and driveway located 3.5 blocks from Highland. That did it, thanks!

  • Man, I’m not charging enough rent to the roommate. 😉

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