Alert DC Says Shooting in Columbia Heights, 14th Street Closed

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From alert dc:

“Update on the shooting at 3300 14 ST NW is closed in both directions for police activity. The traffic is being diverted at Newton and Irving ST NW.”

DCist says:

“An adult male was shot this afternoon near the intersection of 16th and Spring Streets NW. D.C. Police say the man was shot in the back, and made his way on foot to 14th Street and Park Road NW…”

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  • passed Spring Road on 16th at approx 4pm, it was taped off, full of cops.

  • Great. Just great.

  • Any idea what happened to the shooter?

  • they caught the shooter at the scene but then the police pressured the victem not to file a report and let him go.

  • @5:19 – funniest thing I heard today

  • Just passing 14th and park. Still lots of police and police tape.

  • There was also a bug incident a couple blocks south… Must have been 4 firetrucks and a couple other emergency vehicles at one if the housing units…no smoke in sight though.

  • That’s an awfully far way to run after being shot in the back. Where could he be going?

  • CH is still the ghetto.

  • Poon is right and the property values continue to fall more than other areas because it is still ghetto.

  • A lot of these kids carry little .22 and .25 caliber pistols – combine that with lack of aiming and you get a lot of non-fatal wounds. Not saying it wouldn’t hurt, but adrenaline could certainly get you a few blocks before the pain, blood loss or shock started becoming an issue.

  • According to dcist, police are now saying he was being assisted by another man and was being driven (to the hospital?) when they flagged down a MPD officer.

  • There was a red sedan at the intersection and a pile of clothes and a pair of shoes on the ground.

    (hey, thanks for the good news Dick Cheny’s daughter is gone!!!!)

  • Scum. Scum.

    Gun control NOW.

  • hey, life’s good north of piney branch and you hipsters are still within range of red derby… i know it’s tempting….

  • Damn … I was just thinking that it had been relatively quiet for awhile after the spate of shootings near the metro, so much for that. Hopefully, with summer nearing an end, this is a last hurrah and things will soon become relatively calm …

  • andy: shhhhh.

  • Is 16 and spring rd considerd columbia heights?

  • Maybe this shooting is tangentially related to this.

    For all you talking about gun control, I bet the gun used in this shooting was obtained illegally. So you need more than gun control. You need to find the root of the problem. Why are people shooting each other? In the middle of crowded corridors no less. Once you figure out the cause of the problem (hint: it ain’t guns), you can then start on crafting a solution. More than likely, this is a policy issue. A policy change is needed.

    Last Friday, Mexico made possession amounts of drugs legal. That’s right the country that feeds most of the drugs to this country made it legal to have small quantities of crack, LSD, etc. They have long realized that drug users are not the cause of the violence in Mexico. That is the fallacy promoted the this country. More to the point, Mexico has had serious problems with corruption and mistrust of the police when officers could arrest a drug user for trivial amounts of drugs. Just as that created tension, corruption, and distrust between their citizens, the same has happened here.

  • yeah, it aint the guns. i grew up with guns and i’m not a criminal. a gun charge is really just a way of having something against someone the cops know did something. just like drugs. anything we can hold them with is good. but those things arent the real problem.

    and we need strict judges… how do we get that to happen?
    and we need the death sentence for the most violent among us.
    and we need auxiliary work training centers for youth, not just rec centers, but places to teach them to work. and not just trade jobs, but clerical, office jobs, hospitality jobs, tour guides, park and rec jobs, get the best on tracks to be teachers or entrepreneurs.
    we need to make all students do community service.
    we need a structure that makes it very easy for adults to volunteer for kids and teenagers.
    we need parental training course and we need to hold parents legally responsible for their children, as in they should be fined when their kids commit crimes. maybe serve some time.
    we need smaller class rooms, not bigger.
    we need to up the age for teenage drivers.

    we need to meet with people on our block, know our neighbors, know who the kids parents are. community is a lot of fucking work, that most of us dont have time or the real caring for. but thats what makes civilization, which we are sorely lacking in this town.

  • While we’re at it, I’d like a pony.

  • Asking for gun control is NOT asking to do nothing about the root of the problems. Guns don’t help.

  • Guns don’t help. Nor do they harm. Arm everyone with guns and the homicide rate would barely budge. I strongly believe that the people intent on killing someone do so already. The people that aren’t predisposed to kill someone likely wouldn’t even if armed to the teeth.

    People already beat people to death. Run people over in cars. A couple years ago they beat a man (Rosenbaum) with a pipe. Or slash a man’s throat in G’town. Or knock a guy out and he dies form bumping his head (Adams Morgan).

    Now why do they do this is the question? Why is there a certain set of people willing to kill someone in the middle of the day in a busy corridor? Or over a girl? Or a pair of sneakers. Or the blogger who was shot multiple times over an Iphone? Or my roommate who was taunted by chants of ‘shoot the motherfucker’ as he was getting robbed on my back porch?

    Guns blur the debate. Just like abortion and immigration blur debates about healthcare. No solution will be reached as long as we continue to get thrown off course by sideshow issues.

  • pennywise,
    you may think my thoughts are just wishful thinking but what do you got?

  • ayep, interesting that the same people that use guns here are the ones using knives there.

  • If guns aren’t part of the problem, how do you explain why the UK and other countries with sensible gun control policies have murder rates 1/3 or less of those in the US?

  • Michael,
    The UK has a different demographic for one thing. I know that is not politically correct to point out. But the same people that kill by gun here, kill by knife there.

  • Why is it that gun nuts and death penalty supporters (who strangely, are usually the same folks) continuously ignore all statistically valid studies undermining their positions and instead cite to personal anecdotes, “common sense” (which, while common, does not make sense) and unscientific newspaper articles about “trends” in support of their cockamamie arguments? Probably because that’s all they’ve got.

  • All,

    Listen to This American Life from two weeks ago. It has a tremendous piece about breaking cycles of poverty, and if you have kids, you may find yourself reading more and more books and using more and more words. There is funding in the proposed federal budget, I believe, to support such programs around the country, including DC.

    I am interested in what people think and what we can all do to support such activities in our neighborhoods.

  • Does anyone actually have the facts of this shooting? I live right near 16th and Spring and I haven’t seen an account that notes if they caught the shooter, if the shoter knew the victim, etc. I want to know if this was random or targeted.

  • ayep, was just kidding as your list was pretty all encompassing. I will say that for decades I’ve watched idealists make long wish lists like you’ve done, instead of understanding the political realities of the city we live in and addressing a few specific issues that they might make progress on. By focusing on utopia you leave this world and enter a fantasy.

    What have I got? I hope to destroy Phil Mendelsons chances for re-election next year. Limited, tangible, achievable.

  • anon 1:26, all I saw of additional info came from MPD 4D:

    “4d units are on the scene of a shooting in the 1500 block of Spring Road, NW. An adult male was struck by gunfire and has been transported to a local hospital. We only have a lookout for a black male subject last seen leaving the area. Anyone that may have information concerning this incident is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(e).
    Commander Linda Brown
    Fourth District”

    So, as usual, no info, no reports on WaPo, or MPD, or anything of the sort. Like twits say, life goes on in DC.

  • penywise,

    no i hear you. my list was just sitting here at my desk upset at violence. it totally takes the smaller doable actions. i think ( and blog comment) idealistically, but act pragmatically. i’d think we all pretty much do that. or at least, it requires both mindsets.

    good luck with phil. who’s running against him?

  • “But the same people that kill by gun here, kill by knife there.” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • they must get a lot of frequent flier mileage.

  • Clark Ray will likely run again Mendelson, see:

    it links to other stories as well. Its not definite yet, but hopefully. Also, no word on his platform, but the above article does mention he’s backed by an anti-crime guy of some sort.

  • David,
    I’m with you on that episode of This American Life. The Harlem Children’s Zone is a true success story and it would be amazing if something like that could be implemented here. But the toughest part of that solution is the recognition that the path to get children out of poverty does not necessarily include getting their parent(s) out of poverty. What the studies have shown is that most of the later intervention programs like job training don’t work because many of the folks these programs are aimed at don’t have the fundamental skills necessary to hold a job – motivation to work; ability to communicate and get along with others; sufficient math skills, patience, ability to take direction. The key is to get to them when they are kids and give them the skills they will need to pull themselves out of poverty. The program recognizes that this generation of poor urban parents may have to sacrifice their own ambitions to get their kids out of poverty. This sounds pretty obvious and it is. Many of us are children or grandchildren of people who worked long hours at crap jobs just to make a better life for their children. But it is nonetheless an idea that is, unfortunately, foreign to some parents.

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