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  • Picture #1 – thank you mtv… maybe you should at least run commercials that promote the concepts of investing and compounding interest so people start to realize that pimpin’ their rides is a terrible idea i.e. putting money into something that doesn’t prolong its useful life. That of course would be counter-intuitive because people would also realize that they can invest in themselves by reading or working instead of wasting their time watching your channel.

    Mysteriously… MTV tends to be liberal thus promoting concepts that lack self worth. I know, I need a hug.

  • Alright! That is the Hulkamania car I mentioned yesterday. Awesome.

    If I only spent money on things that prolonged a useful life, I’d stop buying beer. That thought makes me very sad.

  • So, “tough” means… black?

  • Am I the only person that thinks the ladies in this ‘Tough’ Series look toughest?

  • I like the “tough and beautiful” concept, but I don’t think Winogrand would ever have shot such self-consciously composed portraits.

  • I saw this guy snapping the picture of the girl with the big earrings on 7th Street right near the Shaw metro last week. Neat-o.

  • that first one is going to have a hard time finding a job with his pants around his A$$ and all those tattoos. Hell, he probably isn’t looking for a job anyway. I’m just saying.

  • That little dude [last photo] is a complete d1ck when he’s high. I’ve seen him a handful of times around Logan and Shaw all cracked out. Last time he was taking swings at random pedestrians on the sidewalk in front of the 7-11 at 14th & Rhode Island. Definitely not cool.

  • not cool – but sounds “tough”


  • Nate, what makes you think this guy is unemployed? But for the sake of argument, let’s say he is. It does pay to make a good first impression if you are seeking employment, but this guy was relaxing in the DC summer sun when this picture was taken, he wasn’t stopped on his way to an interview. I doubt you would wear the same casual clothes you cool off in the backyard in on a 95 degree, 98 percent humidity day to a job interview–and neither would this guy.

    And unless you are applying for a job as a stripper, it’s not like you can’t wear regular clothes to cover the ink on your arms. I have as many tatts as that kid, and I was hired and have spent the past 10 years earning a six figure income in a law office. If you know what you are doing and do it well, no one really cares whether you’re are all inked up.

  • Well just going by the stats, roughly 30% of black men in DC are unemployed. Throw in the white t, boxers hanging out, the funny colored car (dope boy car), hanging in that area in the middle of the day, and the tattoos, that is a recipe for unemployment for any race. Throw in the fact he is a young black male and I would say it is safe to say he is unemployed.

  • He can afford to own a car though, and trick it out with a fancy paint job. Next you are going to say “He must be a drug dealer”. Right?

  • Nikki, He might be a petty drug dealer. Or a robber. More likely he just bought a raggedy car and had it painted. People that get up and work usually don’t spend that kind of money on a car. Unless….

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