Work Starts at Great Old House at 4th and Florida, NW

DSCN1216, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve been getting a few emails about this great old property that we’ve looked at in the past. It seems the same person sent me a question that was also sent to DC Metrocentric. They report:

“The building itself dates back to 1898 and the work you may have noticed going on over the last few days is to bring the stone work and windows into compliance with Historic District requirements.”

The detail really is incredible:


It’ll be great to see it restored.

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  • At one point, I think this was listed for an outragious sum. (many millions) I would be surprised if anyone purchased this property. Was the owner forced into compliance?

  • What an amazing building- congrats to whomever buys and renovates it.

  • heh, did you walk through there right after i did?

  • Excellent potential.

    There are so many properties so well built for the ages in this particular neighborhood.

    This one calls out like a beacon.

  • This place and buildings like it serve as a reminder of the great architectural stock this city has been blessed with. That said, this one is so elaborate and so far gone that restoring its glory appears to be an almost insurmountable task. Best of luck to the owner, I say.

  • As someone pointed out on IMGoph’s site, the awesomeness of the house is ruined by the traffic.

  • I love this building. Kudos to whomever is undertaking this – you have your work cut out for you! Here’s hoping as much of the historical detail can be preserved as possible.

  • I’ve driven by this place a million times and always remark to my wife what an amaing place it could be if it got fixed up. I’m thinking night club, restaurant, something that gets a lot of traffic (sorry neighbors!)

  • It is an amazing building, but it is surrounded by wasteland.

    From within, one gets a perfect window view of 2 gas stations and a busy intersection full of speeders coming to/from U Street.

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