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  • It covers the turn knob. so no one can reach between the bars and turn the lock

  • A better question is does anyone know how I could affix such a device to an existing door? Currently my door has a two sided deadbolt but I would like a similar setup as I think having to use a key to get out of your house is a bit of a fire hazard.

  • simple and ingenious, really.

  • You need to hire a welder. It will probably cost you $100 or so, but then I think it would be worth at least that much.

  • DC, in its infinite wisdom, updated the building code so that all doors must have a “single-cylinder lock” for egrese in case of fire or emergency. Of course, anyone who is interested in illegally accessing the property can easily reach in and turn the lock. The collar prevents that (to some degree).

    It works when both doors are shut so there is no space to reach in. Looks a lot better than the other option of mesh wiring over the exterior door. A good locksmith can give a reference for an iron work company, if you don’t know one already.

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