Uptowner Cafe Opens in the Tivoli Complex on 14th Street


Back in March I reported that a deli was going to open up in the old Carvel space on 14th Street just north of Park Road, NW. They officially opened their door on Friday. I took a peek inside and it looks really nice.


You can see their Web site here. This is their third location with two others at 2023 G Street, NW and 2400 M Street, NW. In addition to sandwiches there is also a separate section for coffee:


And what I saw as a great sign – they carry Dr. Brown’s soda:


Anyone check them out this weekend?

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  • I didn’t check this location out, but I’m pretty certain they have a location in Foggy Bottom which I’ve been to before. If this is the same deli business I’m thinking of, then they have good sandwiches.

  • They have a location near the GWU law school in the Lisner building. The sandwiches were decent but way overpriced and too oily. Good place to find packaged Asian snacks.

  • I used to eat at their west end location when I had meetings next door. Good sandwhiches with great fresh sliced roast beef. A bit overpriced but a good lunch

  • Should’ve been an Arby’s, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood, nonetheless.

  • Arby’s? Really? Nasty. I can abide by a lot of fast food but Arby’s has always given me the heebie jeebies. Personally, I’m good with our Wendy’s.

  • Too many frou- frou places trying to open up over there;–guess it goes with the new crowd; TGIFridays is good–even tho Ruby’s is nice too — A Seafood Place–that would have really been great! The only ‘seafood’ spot is down 14th about 2 blocks…;and that’s mostly cash and carryout. Some of us across 16th Street would LOVE a seafood place that we can walk to. Just a thought.

  • i got it…how about a place that sells seafood, subs, and chinese food with bars on the windows? oh wait, there are places like that everywhere.

    TGI fridays? really?

    u consider the uptowner frou-frou? it’s just a simple sandwich shop that has fresh carved meat and daily baked goods. If by frou-frou, you mean not cheap, crap, than I can’t imagine why you dont want that.

    as for the Arby’s guy, that joke is getting old.

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