Treasury Vintage Boutique Opens Up at 1843 14th Street, NW


Thanks to all the readers who sent news about this info. When I stopped by it was pretty crowded as a result of being featured in a Daily Candy email alert. I spoke briefly with co-owner Katerina Herodotou (the other co-owner is Cathy Chung). Katerina told me that she and Cathy, long time friends, wanted to bring a modern aesthetic to vintage shopping. Finding the goods for their store was described as a treasure hunt. They go to auctions, estate sales and other places to find high quality vintage goods. At the moment this is a part time gig for both Katerina and Cathy who currently hold day jobs. As such at the moment the shop is open from Thurs.- Sun.


Beyond the grand opening celebration this past weekend, the spot will continue to feature regular events.


1843 14th Street is located above Som Records and a beauty shop on the second floor (south of T Street).


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  • Hooray for local business! I really mean that. I will definitely check it out.

    But… I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to be able to pay the rent on that space only being open three-and-a-half days each week?

  • Legendary Beast does this 3 day thing too. But I think the owner actually owns that space, which makes it easier.

  • Too bad I didn’t know about this place earlier. I’ve been selling off my vintage collection this past week. I have some left. How do I get ahold of them before I decide to take some to the thrift store?

  • maybe calling, e-mailing or visiting would work to get in touch with them? i don’t know, it’s a crazy long shot but it just could work.

    seriously though. how many comments will it take for someone to post that the girl in the first photo is cute? it seems any photo of a female under the age of 50, regardless of the angle or the girl, elicits that comment on this blog. it’s quit silly.

  • Hi quigley,

    If you have a vintage collection to sell, we’d love to talk to you. Please feel free to stop by the shop or email us if you have photos.


  • Very good to see lots of energy as soon as they open. Katerina and Cathy are the coolest! Check out their interview:

  • For anyone else that is interested in this type of there is a store on the Hill the Remix that used to be in DelRay that is good. I love (but can’t wear) some of the stuff she’s got. Seems to have a good eye. The web page has a fraction of what is available.

  • I was in there on Sunday. The store has a great vibe, and they did a fantastic job with the space. Bought myself a belt buckle and a pair of old sunglasses. Everyone should definitely check it out.

  • My coworker & I are definitely going to check it out end of the month. She saw their ad in The Express so we made our plans, we love places like that.

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