Time for the Annual Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest

Celia Raincoat 005

Last year Celia (photographed above) was crowned champion with a narrow victory over Izzy (below). This year is going to be a little different. There will be three categories – Dog, Cat and other. We will vote on finalists in all three categories. If you entered last year you can enter again but please use a new photograph. I will accept entries until August 1st. Please email only one photograph per category to princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com. In the subject line please say “coolest pet in PoPville contest”. I will make shirts up for the winners with the pet’s picture and coolest pet in PoPville written on the front and the PoP tree on the back.

Girl 1

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  • Meester wuz robbed!

  • posh the cat is in it to win it

  • Wasn’t this the contest that brought out the worst in some PoP commentators who started spreading vicious rumors about Izzy and Celia?

    Oh wait, I was one of those commentators. I’ll try to be a better sport this year. But Possum the cat is totally going to rule this year.

  • Ike is gonna own you. My cat has thumbs. Your cat does not. SO THERE.

  • Templeton the Shepworth Alley Street Rat will give all your furry friends awkward social diseases (like the black plague) and win by default.

  • Maybe we could get an official rules? Like where you must live in order to be eligible.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    You can live anywhere in DC (close in suburbs also accepted).

  • Score! Lucky and Millie will be in the running.. once I get them to stay still.

  • Herb: Not rumor, undeniable photographic fact:


  • … and sadly, Celia has a past as well…


  • I’m with Dan.

    I was a big Miiister fan and was crushed when he lost.

  • Odentex, you slay me!

  • Kalia, It pains me to bring down local heroes – but the truth is always the best policy. For instance, I don’t want to publish the photos of Meester with Papa Doc Duvalier when he was part of the Ton Ton Macoute, but I will to protect the integrity of the contest.

  • Celia is innocent of all charges!!! That photo is fake!!!

  • can we also make a rule that the picture HAS to be current (no more than a month or so old)? kittens and puppies are always cute, so it isnt fair if your dogs puppy picture is up against my dogs grown up glamour shot!

  • christopher, I’d say your photo has to be representative. My pet hasn’t changed so much as a whisker in four years. My free time devoted to pet photography, however, has declined a great deal.

  • What was the name of that great cat who used to live on Irving Street (later memorialized)? I think this contest should be renamed in his honor … how the cat pictured above failed to win, I still have no idea …

  • Otis Gal, I know it’s difficult to believe, but we have to face facts. These critters have a past they just don’t want us to know about. For instance, here is Meester in 1967 consulting with Papa Doc Duvalier about purging Haitian communists:


  • Miiiister plans to be back in full force this year. Part of our strategy is to show off his enourmous 14-pound belly even better!

  • Wow! As one of Miiiister’s co-owners, I can say I had no idea about his relationship with Doc Duvalier, but it comes as no surprise. When we adopted him, we brought him to the vet where they looked up the number on his rabies tag, only to find out it belonged to a dog named Rambo, our first indication he was a rebel with a seriously checkered past. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s soon revealed he helped Nixon break into Watergate.

  • This would certainly explain where Celia picked up her love for cuban cigars

  • Cat people, alllll freaks… 😉

  • I will be entering Cash

  • You guys don’t even know cool otherwise my cat would have last years crown. humph.

  • You just can’t beat a chihuahua with a rat in its mouth!!!!! That’s beastly of her!

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