Thaitanic II Looks Close to Opening


Thaitanic II located on 14th Street just south of Meridian (in the Allegro building) looks very close to opening. The inside looks quite nice (though my photos came out too dark to post, will return for more soon!).

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  • …be still, my gentrifyin’ heart.
    I tremble at the thought of a decent panang tofu within easy walkies.
    I have rainbows shootin’ outta my hungry guts now.
    This is fantastic news.
    End transmission.

  • I love Thai Tanic I (it is a mere block from my house). Everyone in the neighborhood should be looking forward to it!

  • I live in Allegro and ThaiTanic catered a resident open house a few weeks ago. It was delicious and the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, that meal has been the only good part about moving to Allegro.

  • I just moved to Allegro myself but have had a mostly positive experience. Aqui, i’m curious what problems you’ve encountered?

  • Yes! Just in time for my move-in on Meridian Place.

  • Yup, it seems to be coming along really fast, unlike 99% of restaurants it seems. Hope it does not get bogged down in the permits process at the end.

    Mmm.. pad thai.. mmm… [ya ya, I will try other things too]

    ps. I was just walking by Ruby Tuesday the other day, and it struck me that they would have ample space for some outdoor seating on the UPS store side – wonder why they haven’t applied for a permit for that. [ya ya, I know, Ruby Tuesday is to be hated.]

  • In Thaitanic I, the ship sank, so I can’t quite figure out what to expect with the sequal.

  • will they deliver to me in parkview, pls? Sala Thai delivery is yucky, if I can even get them to deliver.

  • Great steaming christ, I didn’t even think about the possibility of delivery.
    If they do, and if they’re willing to go half a block beyond Georgia Ave., I may just splode mit der joy.

  • Two words: Bangkok Sunset. It’ll change your life!

  • Yum! Very exciting!

  • We’re gonna make it after all.

  • anybody have an idea of how leased Allegro is? i walked in their the other day. that courtyard looks amaizing.

  • Bravo Titanic II, half a block away from me. Allegro, on the other hand, pissed us off. Well, not me. In fact I am in the promo video from the opening night so I am still good, but because of the opening experiences I had, I was happy to take potential tenant, but they messed up big time and pissed the guy off so much.
    Last weekend we went to the building in hope of seeing the penthouse unit. We were told to wait. We did, for like 20 min. Finally they walked us to the office and the sales person start asking questions, and finally asked for our photo ID, we didn’t have it with us (just got back from WSC) so we were like can we see it without it? Can we show our credit card, etc, but they refused. My friend was so pissed we said thanks and left. Moments later we got our IDs and came back and asked to see the place, they told us to wait another 20 min or so even though the lady was available. She said the people who walked in front of us (literally) will be first…. really? Sorry but they lost a potential penthouse renter and many more recommendations from this guy and for that matter from me because of this reckless decision. I called and left a message to the manager with my complaints and asked for a phone call, nobody bothered to call so far.

  • I live in the Allegro and though I am happy so far and love my apartment, I can empathize with Anon above. They are VERY interested in rules and procedures. To answer the other Anon, last I heard it was 20% occupied, 40% leased. There are people moving in left and right, so the leasing office is insanely busy.

  • I’m also in the Allegro and happy for what it is. The only thing I don’t like are some design features. And they do like their rules. When moving in I asked if I could pick up the key the night before so that I would be ready for the movers in the morning. Nope. If I wanted to do this I needed to pay rent for the extra day and sign a new lease.

  • The original Thaitanic has a horrible roach problem, every time I”ve been there they have been crawling up the walls by our table (this happened three to four times, I’ve since stopped going there). Hopefully the new place will be kept clean and roach free.

  • I don’t think it has a roach problem any more. I never knew it ever had one. I just ate there last week and it was clean; the food was great too.

  • I can’t wait for II to open up. Thai Tanic I is some of the best Thai I know of in the city.

    I just wish that Social would move as quickly.

  • Saw a gaggle of early 20s girls come spilling out of the allegro on Saturday night and it really hit me how dramatic the changes around here really are.

  • I now want to open a restaurant called Thairannosaurus Rex….

  • There’s Thaiphoon, Thai Me Up…lots of good names out there

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