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Photo 19, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Explanation from a reader:

“It’s about a year old and was done at Jinx by Cory Rogers. It’s the CA flag (where I’m from) with the DC flag in the center (obviously). The rocks in the green are supposed to be brown, but I altered them to yellow (NJ’s flag, where I was born) and blue (NY’s flag where my family is from).”

Sweet representation!

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  • Uh, you will probably regret this when you have to move again…

  • Very cool. Thinking of getting the DC flag from Jinx.

  • most of the comments about the tattoos are negative, way to be people.

  • Bubba Jones: Why are you such a jackass?

    “look around, we’re all people.” – Dead Kennedys

    PS – “who needs countries, anyway?”

  • “Sagging tattoo when you get old” comment in 5…4…3…2…

    Not something i’d get, but it means something to the owner and wasn’t just some flash someone picked off the wall after a few too many drinks in G’town. looks like pretty decent inkwork. FWIW, let me put in a plug for British Ink in the Atlas District if anyone is thinking about getting work done…super-skilled artists and very professional shop.

  • nice arm. is the face just as hot? yummy. 🙂

  • don’t get a DC flag tat unless you are born and raised, plain and simple.

  • Arm? I thought that was a leg. So the appendage on the left is not a grotesquely long scrotum?

  • guys, I think that’s his side.

  • Yeah that’d be the ribcage. But the scrotum comment just made me pee a little in my pants.

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