Special Thursday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Food Vendor in DC?

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“Dear PoP,

There is a great article in the NYT about turf wars between vendors. Also, there is a new food vendor, Fojol Bros, that travels the city and serves Indian food and is all the rage. Apparently he dresses up as well.”

Wow, that sounds awesome. You can see the Fojol Bros menu here. Anyone give them a try? But for the Thursday Question of the day – what and where is your favorite food vendor in DC?

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  • Fojol is the bomb! Good food, great music, havin’ fun…plus they’re local dudes!

  • I’ll start by saying Carlos’ Barritos at 17th and K is just off the chains.

    I follow up by pointing to a story by the washington post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/30/AR2008093000491.html

    DC’s street vending scene has its high points, but for the most part is a huge drag on the town. Anthony Bordain would most certainly not approve of the way we handle street food around here.

    We deserve better. We can do better.

  • i will be tracking this post with great anticipation, as my current diet of corner chili cheese hotdogs and cheetos is having an undesired effect on my waistline, digestive system, and quite frankly, my self esteem.

    i saw an asian stand near metro center, the line was always 10 people deep @lunch, changed jobs before i could try it out, would be interested if anyone can weigh in provided my insane scant detail, i’d metro back in just for that if its good enough…

    i spent a few years in qatar, and offer this advice to any budding entrepreneurs:


    imagine a street corner pasta bar. you pick the ingredients (chicken, beef, shrimp, veggies, etc.), the type of pasta, the level of spice (hot please!), and the sauce (marinara, rose, meat, alfredo). rose was half marinara half alfredo, for the win. please tell me, anyone… do we have this type of vendor stand/fast food in dc?

  • There is a great Korean cart on L and 14th during the week. Mild and spicy beef or chicken, rice, salad in kimchi in pretty much any combination you would want. They also do bibimbap.

  • Ahoy !

    My favorite street food vendor lamentably no longer exists.

    The regular long lines at Ben’s Chili Bowl attest to the opportunity for a budding entrepreneur with a business plan to set up some identical recognizable local brand carts serving up good Half-Smokes all over town.

    Half-Smokes are Washington’s signature dish and indigenous street food.

    Ditch the watercress and pine nut salad fare; Briggs Half-Smoke carts outside RFK Stadium at Senators games were the bomb !

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • I just wish Windy City Red Hots would bring their van downtown. Their Chicago Beef is just okay, but their Chicago dogs kick ass. Kryptonite green relish, sport peppers, the works.

    Definitely need more hotdog competition downtown.

  • but monkeyerotica you live in the suburbs. How would a cart being downtown be beneficial to you?

  • Fojol is really neat, haven’t tried their food but I saw them and their truck at the Eastern Market last weekend. The food looked and smelled awesome and the costumes were great!

  • Carlos, the burrito guy at 17th and K

  • I was unaware there is more choice in dc other than hot-dogs and thicker hot dogs.
    The street food here blows.

  • http://www.dconthefly.com has the locations
    local, organic, green, quality, fresh etc
    food is sourced locally from rappahannock county

  • My favorite street food are the carts near the mall that for some reason feel they can charge $2.50 or $3.00 for a half-smoke. (instead of $175 like everywhere else).

    When one vendor told me it’s $3.00 i told her i am leaving to go buy two for that price down the block.
    As i walked away she yelled “But this one is special!”

    I laughed.

  • Gee, I dunno @Franklin. Maybe because I work downtown and drink downtown and go to clubs downtown and spend my money downtown. And because the $3 dirty water halfsmoke people need competition.

  • Count me as another fan of Carlos at 17th and K. Damn fine burritos – ask for the mango or tamarind hot sauce! Mmm, maybe I’ll get one for lunch today.

    I also really loved the gyro cart that used to be at 15th and M. But it went away at some point this past winter, and never returned. I suppose it could have set up shop somewhere else – has anyone seen a gyro cart recently?

  • The veggie burrito guy that was downtown! It was a 20 minute walk from work but oh-so-worth it…

    But didn’t he move to South Carolina?

  • there is zero actual street food around my workplace unless you like your kind of gross hot dogs wellboiled. last winter, a doner kebab cart started coming to the corner of north capitol and massachussetts. it was the best thing to happen to this neighborhood since the taqueria. then he left. i know he kept getting his car ticketed, and he never seemed to get much business when the weather was bad . . . which is usually is in january. so i am back to the mobbed taqueria. i have come to love dc, but i miss NYC street food. bad.

  • La Preferida taco truck outside the city on New Hampshire. Delicious tacos, sinful pupusas.

  • @Hiphop-anonymous: He did disappear for a bit, then somebody else took over the cart, but now he’s back:


  • Fridays at RFK, there’s a sweet ribs truck. Best Mac and Cheese, ever.

  • There are 2 korean carts, one on 14th and L, the other on 15th (more like Vermont) and K.

  • I like the falafel truck opposite the TPSS Co-op in Takoma Park. It’s not as good as Amsterdam falafel, but it’s pretty good falafel. And I loves me some falafel.

  • is this fojol thing for real? how do i find them? please come to the west end during work day fojol! ideally the corner of 24th and M – displace the disgusting hot dog boiler.

  • @Eric – You need to subscribe to Fojol’s twitter feed. They tell you where they’ll be peddling their delicious food. I see them around Black Cat, Eastern Market, and 14th and U on the weekends.

  • Back when i was in grad school at GW there was a late night street vendor named Manush, or something to that effect. Best dogs, pretzels on the PLANET! (might have something to do with the booze but I LOVED him!!) He used an open flame grill thing and it made everything taste SO much better… anyone know if he’s still around?

  • Nice to hear what the Fojols are about–AND that they are tasty and good. I’ve walked by them at home cleaning out the truck to the Beatles and wondered what their deal was. 🙂

  • Fojol brother’s are pretty awesome. The food is good, typical indian stuff and they have veg options. You can find them on twitter. They all dress up. I’ve only seen them on 14th St. by the black cat on Friday nights.

  • I say McKenna’s Wagon as they feed people who need it, who do not have a home, without prejudice!

  • The City Paper voted On The Fly “Best Street Food 2009”. They sell food off little green electric karts. The food is either made by local vendors or specially made for sale off the karts by a chef, all natural and organic when possible. http://www.ontheflydc.com.

  • Best food cart in the area: Pupatella in Ballston, hands down! I am lucky to be able to go to them for lunch during the week (Ballston otherwise blows). Gourmet pizza, great salads, I even got an organic sausage and artichoke sandwich once…http://www.pupatella.com/_.html

    Fajol is #2, but mostly for the vibe and not the food.

  • kansas and upshur hotdog stand in Petworth

    cart dude: wassup, man

    me: hey lemme get a half smoke with everything, a jack and a mountain dew

    cart dude: aight thats $4.00

  • That’s f-in beautiful, man. If more people were doing that, fewer people would be kicking eachother in the shins.

  • http://dcstreetvendor.com sometimes has local area street vendors

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