Speaking of Chains – McDonald’s on U Street Ordered to Close Due to Health Code Violation

2009-07-31 09.25.00

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Took attached photo of sign posted on door of U St McDonalds… wonder what the threat to health was, other than the food.”

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  • Rats and mice?

  • This shouldn’t be surprising

  • hahaha! i was in this mickyD’s once and a homeless guy was passed out on the floor… the employees didnt even care! (i still bought a fish-filet… love those things)

  • Are you telling us they started to use real beef and chicken?

  • I’m lovin’ it!®

  • I’m not surprised but ignorance is bliss…

  • Don’t all McDonalds stores present an imminent health hazard to the public?

  • @TonyS – Mickey D’s fish filets rock! I think they put crack in them! I went to the U street Mickey D’s last Saturday nite rocked off my ass and ordered like 7 of them. mmmmm

  • It was the ROUS problem, wasn’t it?

  • True story. When I first moved here from AL, I stopped in that McD’s. I saw a guy in the bathroom shooting heroin. I was fresh out of AL and had never seen anything like that before. I was so shocked, I froze and watched the guy shoot up. I never went there again.

  • Haha Nate, sounds like the heroin deal I saw go down in the bathroom of the Popeye’s on 14th Street right off of McPherson Square. I hadn’t been here that long either and it scared the crap out of me, but now if I saw it I don’t even think I’d look twice.

  • Ack! Now i’m going to go a lot farther to get my jug of sweet tea. But yeah, that location is kinda gross.

  • Sadness. This was the only place in DC I frequented on a regular basis where I could walk in at 3:00am drunk as a skunk and still be the most composed and collected person there.

  • A rare foray into the real world for the DC health inspectors… Maybe grocery stores will feel some heat next (as if…).

  • I hope the Health Dept. will next target the 7-11 at R.I. Ave. & 7th that smells like something somewhere between spoiled milk and feet.

  • I went to this McDonald’s on Saturday night and it was open?? Quick fix I guess.

  • Vonstallin

    Nothing was as bad as the mcDonalds that use to be on 14th and K street back in the 80’s.

    The golden dome arcade was next door and after midnight it was filled with prostitutes and transvestites.

    i was in highschool and work down the street at the McDonalds at 13th and Ny-York ave…

    we were not lucky enuff to get the prostitutes….we just got the trannys 🙁

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