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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • RAVE: Saw a beautiful tree on my way to work. I stopped and took some crummy phone pics of it. I hope to get some better pics this weekend.

  • Rant: Newish phone already seems broken 🙁

    Rave: Having a fun Friday at home with my girls 🙂

  • rant: i’m not a fan of selfish people. espeically selfish boys!

  • Rant: There’s a picture in the Post of some dude at R*****n’s Park with a “DC wants Vick” sign. That was perhaps the most horrifying sight as a Washington football fan and an animal lover. And the guy, though a good athlete, is a terrible team player. I fear Snyder (a**hole) would try to sign him, even though he says he won’t. Keep this criminal far away from DC. That guy’s sign makes me embarrassed to be a fan.

  • Great pic!!!

  • Rant:

    The popularity and expansion of American fast food eateries. They serve processed, unhealthy “food” that damages those who eat it, those who work to produce it, and the environment we all live in.

    Problems include: spreading food-borne disease, causing diabetes and obesity and slowly killing people who eat the “food”, the taking over of family farming by factory farming, inhumane treatment of farm animals, contributing to global warming, exploiting factory farming workers in dangerous working conditions, genetically engineering/cloning “food” at the expense of natural species, killing people and harming people with pesticides, contributing to the global food crisis food riots etc.

    Fast food may feel good going down, may be comfort food, but it’s really really bad on so many levels for everyone.

    I took a lot of this basic info from the Food, Inc. website, http://www.foodincmovie.com/about-the-issues.php

    If you haven’t seen the film yet, you should check it out, very well done, and not nearly as preachy as I am.


  • rant: bad weather in boston means my honeys flight is delayed for hours!!

    rave: at some point tonight i will be picking up said honey and spending an awesome weekend with him!!

  • Rant: (though not mine) FYI for those of you in Petworth and LeDroit Park, your post offices may soon be gone: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/federal-eye/2009/07/hundreds_of_post_offices_could.html?hpid=moreheadlines

  • Rant: All the people railing against Mike Vick. Let’s think about this: didn’t Vick pay his debt by serving his sentence and paying for his crimes etc. @brookiedc – do you think that no criminal deserves a second chance? I am no fan of Vick, never have been, but that is not really the issue. The issue is if you are found guilty of a crime, you serve your sentence then why shouldn’t you be allowed to resume your life, even if that life is in the NFL. If someone you know were in his shoes wouldn’t you want that person to be accepted back into his or her job, society and all that. It’s just silly that everyone is getting so bent out of shape over Mike Vick. Really, who cares? What he did was awful, no doubt, but there are plenty of criminals out there who get second chances.

  • Rave: Went to Blues Alley for the first time last night and (to borrow from another musical genre) it ROCKED!

    Rave: Got my renewed passport back and am ready for some travel!

    Rave: Gonna be a beautiful Saturday (we shall ignore the rain on Sunday)

    Rave: McDonalds, veal, Arby’s, Coca-Cola, Five Guys, french fries, etc… :-p

  • Like Martha Stewart?

  • side note — fantastic picture!

  • My house has 3 toilets. Yay!

    Lately, only 2 of them work properly. Boo!

  • @ voiceofreason: The book Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen (I think he was a contributor to Food, Inc.) is life changing. It has made me rethink everything I eat and drink. And I don’t want to become a vegan or vegetarian, I just want to be a responsible and informed consumer. If more people had the awareness that books like this gave our fast food establishments would change the way they practice to be more responsible – never perfect, but at least improved.

    Rave: Farmers markets!

  • Not quite a rant since it’s rather silly and gigglegirl’s comment reminded me of it… My toilet likes to stop refilling the tank as of late, so I have to take the top off and jiggle the pump to get it running… So this morning I did that, and I had recently put a candle on the back of my toilet & neglected to take it off….. SPLASH! Into the toilet it went. Luckily I was just trying to flush a bug down the toilet, not something else!

    Rave: the boyfriend is FINALLY coming to DC after months of me driving to Philly every weekend (we had a lot of parties/weddings/etc. planned up there), so that means I don’t have to sit in the DC exodus traffic!

    Rave: The fast food / chain thread this morning! So what if we like to reflect – it’s not like I rely on these places for every meal. That’s what lean cuisines are for 🙂

  • Rave: Tuesday at my division meeting my company honored me for my 20 years of service.

    Rant: I boycotted the meeting because they refused to order any food I could eat. It’s hard out here for a vegan.

  • Lean cuisines are almost just as bad. Unfortunately. Fresh, locally grown, organic, fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains and meats are pretty much the only goodness available. Like anon at 1:04 pm said, good farmer’s markets, or trips to the Shenandoah Valley farms.

  • Rave: My blog was featured in the Express this morning… I always find it a little strange when that happens. But satisfying.

    Rant: Totally lacking motivation today.

  • Also, Anonymous 1:04. I’ve been meaning to read Omnivore’s Dilemma, it’s sitting on my bookcase, but I’m afraid to open it right now, because I’m unemployed and can’t afford to eat organic!

  • I like the Michael Pollen rule: “Never eat anything you’ve seen advertised.”

  • Rant: On my way home from work last night, was walking behind these two guys who were figuring out the minimal amount of time you’d have to work in a year to receive unemployment. I want to tap them on the shoulder and say “you’re welcome” because those are my tax dollars they’re eating up. Then again, I prefer not to blame them but blame the system that allows them to flourish in their ignorant state with no reason to improve themselves.

    Rave: Going to my favorite Chinese greasespot tonight after work!

  • @voiceofreason – I don’t eat lean cuisines because they’re good for you or because they’re nice to animals or because they’re from local farmers markets… I eat them for convenience. I hate to cook and I don’t have time to run to the farmer’s market / grocery store twice a week. I’m not looking for moral food. I’m looking for convenient food.

  • saf

    ScottahB – Have you tried local and sustainable rather than going for totally organic? Much cheaper.

  • Good riddance to the Petworth post office. I can’t believe it’s still in business.

  • Vick’s crimes are so heinous that he should not be rewarded with another fat NFL contract. If he wants to play that bad, let him do it for $100K a year and live like a normal person.

    One of my “friends” posted a Facebook update saying how excited he was that Vick was coming back. On behalf of my pets, I unfriended him.

    On a happy note…looking forward to a great haul at the Farmer’s Market this weekend! Corn, peaches, tomatoes – mmm – I love summer!

  • ch resident, why wouldnt you blame them? its not always the system that fails, the recipients of those systems handouts can actually make decisions and goals for themselves. no one ever sat me down and taught me that being a contributing member of society is a worthwhile endeavour with benefits beyond just what you see…that was a conclusion i reached by myself. pos’s like the ones you were following know damn good and well what the benefits of having a good job and fending for yourself are, but the only benefit they were focusing on was the tax coming out of those good jobs that went towards paying their way. rawr!

  • Rave: The ever-annoying co-worker who never stops talking will no longer work here as of next week!

    Rant: The ever-annoying housemate who never stops talking is unfortunately here to stay.

    Rave: Had a great date night with the boy last night…at long last. Hurray for Restaurant Week in Bethesda!

    Rant: My friend’s dad passed away last night. I really want to go to the funeral and be there for support, but as I live here and they are in Iowa, I’m out of luck. No money for an expensive last-minute plane ticket.

  • Rave – The idea of sleeping late tomorrow! Oh, sweet Saturday mornings.

    Rant – Feeling guilty now for not buying everything local and organic!

  • Well, at least you’re honest about it Mal. But the convenience you get comes at a very high price for many, many people. The ultimate price for some.

  • mmhmm voiceofreason. People are murdered because of my choices. Got it.

  • Rant: football fans who don’t realize that their “sport” is just the human equivalent of dogfighting.

    Rave: When the NFL re-hires Michael Vick and attempts to re-manufacture him as a pop-culture “hero”, they will only erode their brand and hasten their well-deserved demise.

    Rant: football, as an entertainment empire, will probably be replaced by something even more thuggish and violent.

  • Rave: 31 days without a drink.

    Rant: All I got was a freakin’ 30 day chip at my AA meeting. I really deserve an Oscar or something.

  • 1969 just called…it wants its hippies back

  • Good on ya, Prince of Kolmac!

    Rave: I’m told that the piledriving activity at the construction site next to Wendy’s will be wrapping up soon…it’ll be nice not to wake up to that sound.

    Rant: Why the heck are storage facilities so expensive? Yeah, I know you’re paying for salaries of the workers, security, air conditioning and la-dee-dah…but at the end of the day, all you’re getting is a big closet.

  • Rant: All the people hating on Vick. This country has gone to the dogs, literally. A dogs life is not as important as Human no matter how you look at. Now you can take dogs into stores and restaurants, and if you complain your an animal hater. And for the people who think that Vick is bad person, you must not eat meat, because the way they treat farm animals is just as bad. Is what he did wrong? Yes Should he have gone to jail? No.

    @Buck Turgidson, if you think football is going away you must be living on a mountain with no access to the real world lol.

    Rave: Football season is only a month away!

  • “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” changed my life too. And I thought I was informed about healthy food. I recommend it to anyone who cares about what they eat.

    ScottahB, “organic” is just a marketing hype, in some cases food can be grown with synthetic fertilizers and still be labeled “organic”. A lot of farmers wouldn’t even call their food organic because it won’t say anything about the quality of their products.
    The best way to go is to find a local farmer and by your food from him.

    Mal, I’m not trying to convert you or anything, just remember that today’s convenience will cost you your health down the road.

  • some people just don’t care about the environmental or moral implications of what they do, who choose to live with blinders on, impose irreparable damage and feign ignorance. i’m far from perfect but at least i choose to be informed about my decisions and the impact they have.

  • @ saf – I always enjoy the farmers markets. I should get better at planning my meals so I know what I want when I go. It will keep me from getting overwhelmed.

    I was really into local food back when I read Animal Vegetable Miracle… at the time, though, my then-girlfriend was also working on a sustainable farm, so it was a lot easier. I guess I need to just get my ass out of bed on Saturdays and Sundays =)

  • @Thor – I appreciate you not trying to convert me… On the other hand, I’ve honestly tried to shop twice a week and get all that healthy stuff… But it ends up with me just throwing all the stuff away cuz it goes bad. I *wish* I could make up awesome dishes and throw together a whole bunch of stuff! Sadly, when I try to do that it just tastes miserable. I’m only 24, so maybe when I snag myself a husband I can convince him to do the cooking and I’ll clean 🙂 The current bf is quite a good cook 😀 My mom told me I need a wife.

  • it doesn’t take a lot of prep work or cooking skills to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and it takes only a little more time to throw meat in the oven rather than throw packaged food in the microwave. really it’s just a question of routines and habits, changing them is always hard, but once you do, the new routine becomes as easy as the old one. convenience really is not a good enough excuse for the damage it causes.

  • Teacher, are you just now learning that Fenty is an a-hole?

  • Rant: Cavity, root canal possible. I hate teeth, I want baleen.

    Rave: Recieved an offer for a NEW JOB, Hurray!

  • For all of you fast food haters out there – you really should read Fast Food Nation.

  • The two holes in my celing are fixed and my rent has been prorated.

    Oh yeah!

  • @Jim: ROFL!

    Please, all holier-than-thou types, organic food is no better for you than the “factory-farmed” stuff that us proles eat. Article currently on homepage of The Times (of London): http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article6732520.ece

    You’ve all had the wool pulled over your eyes! (and your pocket picked, by the organic food industry).

  • Looks like Fenty isn’t the one who said the “turmoil” thing, but Harry Jaffe.


    I had always heard pretty positive stuff about West ES. Why is it supposedly in turmoil?

  • Okay voiceofreason. We’re going to just disagree on this one. I’m not about to waste my time cooking terribly for one person when a lean cuisine takes 3-5 minutes and I’m out the door. Go spout your soapbox views somewhere else. I’ve calculated my daily intake of all nutritional facts with these lean cuisines once a day and I’m well within reason on ALL COUNTS. They all have no preservatives, a lower sodium value than I would have if I attempted to cook my food, and taste much much better than my prepared food.

    I’m pretty sure my eating lean cuisines aren’t leading to the high murder rate and terrible quality of life that most people around here complain about.

    Sorry PoP to fill the rant/rave board with this nonsense, it just makes me so angry. I’m done.

  • I’m angry too, I’m angry that many Americans, not just you Mal, think it’s okay to make the choices you do about eating. Your 3-5 minute time savings has a cost. Your choice is not nonsense, it has implications, it has an impact, an effect. Take some time to think about it, visit the Food, Inc. website. Inform yourself, at least be fully informed about the choices you make. I’m sorry you’re angry. As for my soapbox, I’ll put that out anywhere I can, everywhere I can. Here, there, everywhere.

  • @Jim – too right! Second best laugh I had today.

  • @voiceofreason – I generally agree with your arguments and think that it is wonderful that you have such a passion for organic/local foods. But please for the love of god shut it!!!! Its Friday! Go out an enjoy an organic class of wine/beer tonight and start again on Monay.

  • If there are really people dying because some other people are buying Lean Cuisines, I’m just going to chalk that one up to natural selection.

  • What does the day of the week have to do with anything?

  • rant: People who consider themselves enlightened always seem to be the ones who want everyone else to think like them. Which, isnt very enlightened. The harmless ones attach their identities to fads and trends, or hand out pamphlets. The not-so-harmless ones group together and start problems.

    rave: big classic motorcycle auction in western NY this weekend -gonna try and get a Norton to rebuild. and being comfortable as an un-evolved troglodyte.

  • anon at 4:22 pm, there is nothing natural about it. it is a selection though. a choice.

  • Anonymous Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 3:35 pm ,

    the study just compared the nutrients of org. and conventional foods. It didn’t study the impact of all those antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, fertilizers…. that goes into the conventionally produced food.

    And again, as i said earlier, in some cases “organic” is just a marketing gimmick. If you want to get really clean and healthy food local farmer’s food is the way to go.

  • Rave: The cool breezes that happen after heavy rain!

  • That’s a good point about the day of the week not mattering, VOR. I think I would find this kind of proselytizing/evangelism tiresome on any day of the week.

    I think it’s fine to talk about the choices that people make, obviously you have strong feelings. But if you’re actually trying to convince people to move closer to your point of view and not just come across like you’re superior to the rest of the rabble, you have to take a different tack. Like, start at a place other than calling people unthinking, unfeeling contributors to the destruction of the planet (even if you think that to be true.) And know when to back off.

    Otherwise, the points you make that are reasonable and valid will just be tuned out.

  • Do you really not a need a name to make a comment on this site?

  • rant: VOR

  • Thor, where is your evidence? You’re telling me to buy more expensive food, you better have some really solid evidence backing your claims up. The burden of proof is on you. Where are the empirical studies showing that a local farmer’s food leads to a longer, healthier life?

    And citing studies showing that processed sugar and fat is bad for you is not in any way a fair test. You have to compare the health benefits of eating the vegetables at of-the-shelf at Safeway that were industro-farmed with the health benefits of eating EXACTLY THE SAME vegetables from a local farm.

    Until this study is done, you’re just talking out your ass.

  • How do you convince people of wrongdoing without letting ’em know they are wrong? I’m all ears Christina, in all seriousness. Clearly my style gets people mad at me personally instead of listening to the message.

  • But anon at 4:40 pm, personal health is not the only reason to make the switch. you’ve got environmental, labor, food genetics, etc. to consider too.

  • Well, voiceofreason, when you start seeing that one of the reasons given for going organic is complete BS, you start to question the other reasons also.

  • I have no idea what Jaffe was referring to on the Examiner post about West being in turmoil. It isn’t. There was a change in the PTA leadership last year, but that’s hardly turmoil. Yeah, it did get a little ugly with some moms on one faction and others in another, but as for the kids, there’s no turmoil. And we have a new early childhood class, plus a new pre-K and first grade teacher.

  • Well, not like I’m some expert because I often get people mad at me (see any post earlier this week.)

    But, here’s a for instance — and forgive me, Mal, for dragging you back into this:

    Mal says that she doesn’t like/know how to cook, and that’s one of the reasons she eats a lot of Lean Cuisine. Instead of saying “hey, you’re destroying the planet that way, you know,” you *could* say “Hey guess what? They have a lot of cooking demos at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market. I picked up this great for zucchini casserole last Sunday! I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make.” Maybe you provide the recipe.

    And then you *let it go.* Either she’ll pick it up, or she won’t, but she won’t be angry at you, and who knows where it could lead. There’s the potential, at least, that maybe she’ll try a fresh zucchini using that method. I would say that there’s less than zero chance of her doing that now.

    People have to move at their own pace with these things. A sledgehammer to the dome is generally not useful.

  • Well, your “style” starts from the assumption that things you disagree with are “wrong.” You’ve yet to prove that assumption, and so in your protestations you have made an ass of yourself. So the purchase of a lean cuisine is support for factory farms. And factory farms under pay their labor and harm the environment. And overseas factory farms pay their employees even less and cut down the rainforest. And that produce has to be shipped across the seas which is wasteful and pollutes the sea with fuel oil and the air with CO2. And when ships are decommissioned they are sent to Bangladesh to ship breaking yards. And third world ship breaking yards employ child labor and are incredibly dangerous. And today a 13 year old Bangladeshi boy died at a ship breaking yard. Therefore, by purchasing a lean cuisine, you, American consumer, killed a 13 year-old boy before breakfast.
    Or, perhaps proposing that chain of causality, even so far as to blame the purchaser of the lean cuisine for the substandard wages on American factory farms, is ridiculous, given the vast and complex international social and economic interconnections that make paying that wage possible. Your basic premise essentially blames Americans for being western capitalists, something pretty much no one here is even about to apologize for, and which soaks your hands in the same blood. Also: Blow me.

  • “As a species we long ago passed the natural ability of the planet to support us with food. Even using the best organic farming practices available, even cutting back our diets to minimal, vegetarian levels, only about four billion of us could live on what the earth and traditional farming supply. Yet we now number more than six billion and growing. . .”

    The Alchemy of Air by Thomas Hager

    So voiceofreason – two out of every six of your friends & family must die to sustain your world – want to start choosing?

    It is possible to cook, grow, shop conceintiously (oh god, sorry, I can’t even spell well enough to look that up in the dictionary! I tried!) eat small and still have the occaisonal Lean Cusine or Big Mac.

    And Mal – I have a friend thinking about doing in-home one-night simple healthy cooking classes for people like you. Having maybe 8-10 friends in someone’s home for a lesson in one evening to learn what is what and how to make it good. Would you be interested in something like that and what do you think people would be willing to pay?

  • anon at 5:14 pm, that “vast and complex international social and economic interconnection” exists solely to feed western capitalist demand. that’s pretty much it’s sole reason for existing.

    i don’t care if people apologize for it or not, they need to simply stop demanding it. i could care less why people stop, or whether or not they feel bad about it or not, it just needs to stop because it is the origin and source of the problem.

    it’s not ridiculous, it’s fact. and hiding behind every step of the process as an excuse doesn’t change the fact.

    I never once said my hands aren’t bloody as well. They are. I’m working on cleaning them.

    Christina, well said and duly noted.

  • victoria, the current system is already impoverishing and killing billions of people. the current system is not feeding the world, in fact, it’s causing food riots and shortages in much of the world to feed our appetites here. so, yeah, i’m choosing, but I need millions more to choose with me. quickly.

  • Anonymous Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 4:40 pm,

    Let’s talk about the price first. What we pay for conventional food is not the true cost of it. The livestock feed is almost exclusively corn which is subsidized by the taxpayer.
    The corn-fed cows produce more methane gas than grass fed ones and the produce is usually shipped half way around the world. So there is a high environmental cost that we’re either paying now or will pay in the future. And conventional food is grown using synthetic fertilizers that needs oil to produce. What is the geopolitical and economical cost of fighting wars for oil?

    As for the health benefits I don’t have a specific study to show you but isn’t it a common sense that food grown without chemicals, growth hormones… is healthier?

  • @Christina 5:07 – you are correct – I would appreciate the advice, take it into consideration, instead of getting all worked up over some preacher on teh internetz.

    @victoriam – I’m not sure I’d be interested because I don’t have 8-10 friends in the DC area and my kitchen is ridic small. Butttt if I did have friends (haha yes I’m a loser, I know) and had a nicer kitchen… For 8-10 people to learn how to prepare something? Hmm. $250? I’m not sure really. My boyfriend always tells me my problem with cooking is that I have to measure everything out. I’m an engineer, what can I say.

    @voiceofreason – you’re as bad as those streetpreachers and protesters. You have no idea how to get your point across. I don’t care if you are against abortion, are religious, like to shoot a lot of guns, like to hunt… Just don’t push your views on me. I never said to you “YOU MUST EAT LEAN CUISINES EVERY DAY SO YOU CAN BE LIKE ME AND EVERYONE IS THE SAME”. No. Take your preaching and talk to people who will listen. If you want to come cook every meal for me, go for it. Hire me a cook. I don’t care. I’m not going to cook if I don’t like to. It’s boring. Get a life.

  • Point taken, Christopher.

    I could care less if people want to eat a Lean Cuisine.

    The international capitalist market is also the best thing ever to happen to human society. Then again, this is coming from someone who is working to completely cover his wall with the pelts of endangered species.

  • “As for the health benefits I don’t have a specific study to show you but isn’t it a common sense that food grown without chemicals, growth hormones… is healthier?”

    No, this is stupid. But it does expose your faith in organic food as just that — faith (belief in something in the absence of evidence).

  • Christina, to me that type of condescending lecturing (Mal just doesn’t get it and is so slow that she can only be expected to take baby steps?) merits a huge middle finger. Did you ever consider the possibility that YOU might be the person who is wrong?

  • VOR – please read the posts before you respond, and try to understand them. I’m not suggesting you “choose” your diet, but that you choose which 2 out of 6 of your loved ones must die in order to sustain the world as you would like to see it.

    The argument can certainly be made that the “green revolution”- manufactured fertilizers – caused human popluation to expand beyond the “natural” maximum food production capacity of the planet. But we’re still now faced with the question, moral and practical, of what to do with those 2 billion “extra” people.

  • Soylent Green

  • would you all shut it and just bite it, soy dog or mchappy meal your choice. rave: CHOICE rant 9:22 mt pl. thought i heard a gun shot i hope it’s fireworks.

  • “Christina, to me that type of condescending lecturing (Mal just doesn’t get it and is so slow that she can only be expected to take baby steps?) merits a huge middle finger. Did you ever consider the possibility that YOU might be the person who is wrong?”

    Anonymous, I don’t even know who you are. But since the person I was actually addressing, VOR, asked me a question and seemed fine with my response, and since Mal was okay with what I said and didn’t accuse me of condescending to her, you can bite me.

  • I did read your post Victoria, I meant that the current food system that we’ve collectively chosen is already killing off more than the 2 out of 6 you speak of. Perhaps you should re-read what I wrote.

  • I can’t believe PoP censored my telling Christina to bite me in response to her “bite me”. Lame.

  • Flipflopirate – thank you, after reading all the other ranting in this post, I really needed that laugh.

  • I hate these helicopters over my house! There I am, enjoying some lunch on my deck after a very hard workout, and freekin buck rogers is buzzing around my head like a giant mosquito. Where’s my lazer pointer? Better yet, where’s my rocket launcher?

  • voiceofreason, watching a movie doesn’t make you an expert on anything. The “cow fart” hypothesis for global warming has zero basis in fact. The figures are from estimates since there is no measuring apparatus for livestock toots. Relying on this data is the equivalent of scientificly establishing the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin. It’s nothing but a guess. Starvation in the third world has a lot more to do with choices made locally in those countries than choices made in the USA even though it’s popular to blame the US consumer. If a country can’t feed their own citizens and risks starvation when, for example, only a small % of the US corn crop is converted over to ethanol, then I say that’s the real example of natural selection in this story. The reasons that people starve in places like sub-Saharan Africa have to do with their own choice to breed out of control, farm stupidly thus depleting the land, and the choices of their own leadership to divert taxpayer funded US aid food for profit. I’m sick of hearing how apathetic Americans are somehow responsible for people who can’t govern themselves, can’t feed themselves, and can’t manage to bring themselves out of the stone age. We are supplying food to the world, subsidized by money from our own pockets, and we’re the bad guys? Go sell that BS somewhere else. As far as McDonald’s food making you fat and sick, that’s a shocker? We would have never known that eating a consistent diet of hamburgers and fries makes you tubby if it wasn’t for a hard hitting documentary movie and your important proselytizing.

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