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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Vonstallin

    I’ve increased my training all year for my annual 6 hour motorcycle endurance race (placed 4th in 2007 and podium with 3rd in 2008).

    Sadly because of work and money issues I tossed out the idea of racing it this year.

    While still training i did my normal 29 miles bicycle training on saturday, then decided to hop on my motorbike and and meet up in with a female friend to explore some back roads in MD.

    We covered 175 miles of gorgious, horse and cattle filled back roads. Running across old towns from the 1700’s and literaly having a ball.

    With that…..

    The Big Rave:
    I decided to say fuggit and charge my race fee’s and do my annual race this weekend at summit point racway.

    I feeel so good, cardio is up, stamina is up and I told my friend she don’t know how much i needed that ride.

    I need a sponsor, because i’m going to be broke as a joke after this weekend

    anyone want to sponsor a motorcycle racer for 2010?

  • Rant: My relaxing weekend at home was hijacked by a hit and run that left my lady friend in the ER for 12 hours.

    Rave: All is well that ends well… sleep lost & miles traveled can’t hold a candle to a clean bill of health, a mind at ease, and points of the brownie variety with her folks. I’m staging drink-ins in protest of all things ‘suck’ at duffy’s this week in response, come join me.

  • Rave: 9 days left at my job. My buddy from Walter Reed is doing well enough that he can go home for a month on con leave! I’m wearing a pretty dress today. Did I mention only 9 days left on the job?

    Rant: My mom was just diagnosed with cancer (prognosis is probably good but we don’t know yet).
    related Rave: I didn’t really want to move home, but its good that I did so that I can be home with my mom while she goes through surgery etc.

  • Rant: If the rest of the week is anything like the first half of Monday, I am going to have a pretty crappy week.

    R-eh: Where is the coolest pet in PoPville posting for today? And how frequent will they be? I love seeing the entries (and hope my Allie cat is a finalist!)

    Rave: My dad is visiting DC this weekend. We’re doing Spy at Night, and my nerd senses are psyched!

  • Rave: Awesome weather this weekend for sitting on a boat down at the waterfront drinking margaritas.

    Rave: Kiddy pools and kid sisters giggling with glee.

    Rant: The weekend is ovvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrr, noooooooooo…….

  • Rave: Saw a giant turtle trying to cross the road near the Beach Drive exit leading to Military Road this morning. I pulled over and picked him up and carried him across. It was then that I noticed another turtle waiting for him, probably female. I just smiled and watched them slowly head down to the creek.

  • Revel: case I long fretted over turned out to be no big deal this morning. So much for that three hours of restless sleep last night.

    Revel: WYNC’s Radio Lab podcasts. All of them. Subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes if you consider yourself even a mildly curious person. Kick back with a bottle of wine and prepare to be impressed.

  • Rant: After climbing through a window and up a rickety ladder to get to a roof at a party in Columbia Heights Friday night, I managed to stub my toe REALLY hard on this pipe thing in the middle of the roof.

    Rave: I did this in a mega hot dress at a really fun party, and while I did have to spend time telling a good friend that pouring beer on my toe would not help, it was still a really fun time.

  • @ clearbluewater33:

    Right after college I moved in to help take care of my grandmother and have never once regretted it. It was one of the most influential times in my life. Granted it sounds like your mom’s situation is hopefully better. I also spent some time taking care of my mother when she dealt with breast cancer and it was a great bonding experience.

    Then again, my mom did love sitting on the back porch, with just a cap on, sipping on gin and tonics and talking about how she freaked out some lame attorney she was investigating by taking off her wig during a meeting. hehe.

  • Rave: had an awesome picnic in Meridian Park on Sat with some friends. Thanks PoP for posting about how awesome the park is, you were totally right, it was!

    Rave2: we left the park about an hour before the stabbing.

  • that pic is awesome!!!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Kalorini – coolest pet in PoPville contest posts everyday at 3pm.

  • Thanks PoP! This contest, along with The Daily Puppy (www.dailypuppy.com), just makes my day 🙂

  • RAVE: Lumpy and all the cool Pets in Popville!

  • Rave: Gay AA meetings.

    Rant: Gay AA meetings.

  • Rave: Met PoP and bought an official t-shirt this weekend.

    Rant: Have no fabulous trip planned where I can take a pic wearing aforementioned shirt.

  • rave: great weekend that included a long walk, getting coffee, lazy afternoon picnic, pool time, sunshine, and 5 guys

    rant: race relations; i dont think anyone will ever get where the other person is coming from :/

  • Rave: As the ABP check out girl struggled with my partially damaged credit card, a total stranger approached me and offered money because she though my card was maxed out and I didn’t have enough to buy lunch. Although I refused, I was enriched to learn that there are good people in this city.

    When you read the crime posts on this blog, it is easy to lose faith in this city and its people. Experiences like mine serve to restore the belief that people are genuinely good.

  • ReneeB, that is so heartwarming to hear. I often lose faith in people in this city, with the crime and general rudeness that goes on. I’d love to hear more often about people’s pleasant encounters with strangers in this city!

  • do people like Mendelson or Catania more? I know both are going up for reelection next year, and wonder if they will both definitely win again. What do people not like about Mendo? Catania? …thoughts?

  • Rave: While I was on the final stretch of my run up 5th between Buchanan and Decatur, a woman ran down her steps to give me high-five! The good feeling got me through the last bit of the uphill stretch!

  • I fund out my neighbors work on their house cost them $175,000. $175k! That’s too much money.

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