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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: Tooth Ache, Poor, Broken Bike, Hate this Job

    Revel: Had a great weekend and am looking forward to a relaxing week.

  • Rant…the ignorant schmucks on my block who both throw trash everywhere and cuss their kids out so the whole block can hear them. I really don’t know how you need a license to fish, but you can have kids no matter what.

  • Rant: The diminshment of our nation’s capacity to plan and execute projects as ambitious and visionary as landing on the moon. Now even bringing health care under control seems impossible.

  • Rant: I was attacked at Brookland Metro Friday evening. A group of bad girls punched me and attempted to steal my phone (because I tried to use it to get a video of them during their acting up). I now have a face covered in bruises, scratches and lumps. All this because they were screaming, cursing and acting like heathens and I told them to “Shut up!” The world’s changed. In the old day, you could tell a kid who was misbehaving to quit it and they did. Not anymore, not anymore.

  • Revel: My windshield wipers work properly after having their motor replaced.

    Rant: The mechanics who replaced the motor cracked my windshield and wouldn’t admit fault.

  • @Normally Not Anon: That sounds terrible! I hope you filed a police report!

    Rave: Artscape in Baltimore rocked–seeing Cake for free was sweet.

    Rant: I remembered how irritating people at free festivals are, and probably won’t go back for a few years.

    Rant: Incoming rain! blick.

  • Rant: Messed up, got caught, girlfriend broke up with me.
    Rave: Single Life is as good as I remember.

  • Rave: had one of those weekends that remind me of why I like living in DC so much. Thanks to the out of town friends that helped me get off my butt and appreciate all the things I take for granted every day.

    Rave: among many other cool things, I finally made it to a Nats game this season.

    Inevitable Rant after a Nats game: the Nationals are horrible and the stadium was filled with Cubs fans. Cubs fans. I expect that for Boston games, but the Cubs? Both teams are the baseball equivalent of varying forms of E.D. – the Nats cant get it up and the Cubs cant climax -yet they have a national following. Ugh.

  • @Anonymous: Sounds like a person who’s only been single for a weekend.

  • Oh really, it sounds like a person who’s been signle for a while and his girlfriend is now single.

  • Normally Not Anonymous, please do not equate us heathens with the simple animals who attacked you.

  • Rave: Go cubs!

    Rave 2: Great weather!

    Rant: no job.

  • After constantly hearing the outrage about the terrible crime around these parts, and the complaining about city/police inaction, it’s great to see a piece that quiets the hysteria, even just a little: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/19/AR2009071902154.html

    Maybe the beautiful life isn’t so bad after all…

  • Rave: Fantastic weather, relaxing weekend, the spray park has been fixed!
    Rant: Fixer upper all fixer and no upper.

  • Rave: Agree with Oldmanclem — it was very nice to read the crime trend article in the WaPo this morning. PoP, hopefully you can do a post about this. I’d like to hear folks’ thoughts about why the numbers are down. It’d be a nice change of pace to debate that rather than debate how f’d up everything is.

    Rant: One ripe pepper and a nice pot filled with basil walked off my front stoop last week. I understand everything is at risk in my front yard, and I’ve come to terms with that reality. But how can it be that someone with an appreciation for a home-grown pepper, fresh basil, and a nice pot also be the same person who’s willing to enter my gated front yard and steal all those things from me? It doesn’t add up. I really really want to meet this person — I don’t want to punch them in the face (OK, maybe I do a little), I just want to figure out what makes that person tick. Steal my patio furniture — OK. Steal my efforts to cultivate the soil — baffled.

  • @ Jimmy D- Thank you! Best laugh I have had all day!

  • Nick- I feel your pain. Last summer I had a whole herb garden of pots taken from my front yard over the course of a couple weeks. Really frustrating. And, if it helps to understand, I found one of the pots (one of my favorites that I’d had since college) smashed against a brick wall a few blocks away.

    Kills me to have to buy herbs during the summer.

  • RANT: Is Piney Branch the junkyard of the Rock Creek Park? I take the biking/running path that runs alongside Piney Branch Parkway as my route to Beach Drive, and it depresses me every single day to look down at the babbling brook and see FunYuns wrappers, old blankets, and other detritus of the city.

    Seriously — has anyone bothered to clean this thing up, ever?

  • Rant: Nick, just this afternoon I was walking along W, almost to the intersection at 15th. (NW) My friend and I watched 2 dudes reaching through (straining, really) a gate to pick somebody else’s ripe peppers and tomatoes off the vine. We yelled at them, they made a face and walked away. Come on.

    Rave: Amsterdam Falafel for lunch, simply divine.

  • Rave: Had a great time at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Lotus Water Lily Festival. Gorgeous day with beautiful scenery in full bloom, as well as nice family friendly festivities free from any corporate sponsorship

  • Rant: The incompetents who hacked off /”pruned” the crape myrtle trees on the Metro property at the corner of New Hampshire and Randolph and then rather than cleaning up their mess left the dead, drying branches on the ground. The litter has been there for almost 2 weeks now.

    Rave: Great wk/end with the kids in the backyard and at the Kenilworth Water Lily Festival.

  • Kalorini, yes a police report was filed. The officer told me if I ever saw the group of girls again to contact him and he gave me his card. I ended up in the ER for a few hours today because of my injuries. An ambulance did come Friday, but I declined it thinking it was something ice and Motrin could heal.

    These girls have taken my freedom and ruined my life. I can no longer feel safe.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @normally not anonymous I’m really sorry to hear this. If you’d like I can walk you home from the metro a few times until you start to feel more comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to email me at princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com

  • OldManClem: Read the article a little closer. Murder rates are down but the much more common crime of assault with a weapon are up close to 15% in DC. Don’t start celebrating. Gun crime is getting worse, not better, in DC.

  • Odentex: I didn’t feel like re-reading the article, but I did search the article for “assault”, “weapon” and “15” and didn’t find anything. Where does it say that in the article?

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