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DC Drum Circle
Photo by PoPville flickr user Laura Rush

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • The dude in the white shirt is freaking me out.

  • Rant: Yesterday, after taking a bus from Alexandria to the Pentagon, hopping the Yellow Line, transferring to the Green Line, was pissed when the Metrorail conductor informed riders at the U Street station that he would not be stopping at the Columbia Heights Station. After that announcement, 1/2 the passengers needed to disembark only to wait 5 more minutes for another very crowded Green Line train. My commute sucks enough without this.

    Rave: Celebratin’ the 4th anniversary w/ the gal.

    Rave II: It’s Friday!

  • Gloria Estefan was right. Eventualy, the rhythm IS going to get you…

  • Monkey: He’s casting a hoo doo spell on all people living in Northern Virginia who still post on DC blogs.

  • @dcdude – that’s a quote straight outta Friends! Hooray for Chandler. It’s sad I know that.

    rave: seeing the fam in missouri this wekeend!

    rant: I have to go to missouri.

  • Rant: The litter is back along the streets of Petworth.

    Rave: Finally saw DDOT/DPW wokers cleaning the streets and alleys of the neighborhood.

  • Rant: What has happended to the common decency of people? Yesterday on two seperate occasions, Metro riders pushed and haggled their way onto a really crowded train while completely ignoring 1) a blind woman with a companion dog and 2) ignoring a blind woman with a white cane. I mean really, was everyone so in hurry, so in thier worlds that they did’t even notice these two women? I am not perfect, but geez!

  • @Odentex – You must be right, because I just got a bad case of diarrhea.

    No wait. That was that mediocre lunch that I had which I used to call “wonderful.”

  • Monkey: TMI. But I can offer you a gen-u-ine witch doctor amulet I got last time I was in New Orleans. I can’t remember for sure, but it either cures them dolor de estomagos or makes all yer hair fall out. I was a little tipsy when I purchased it.

  • Rave: Day off.
    Rant: Friend from walter reed is having a really rough go of it and I cant fix it. I’m pretty down about the situation for him. 22 year olds should not have to decide if they have to amputate their arm.


  • Rant: people who think that only people with obvious assistive devices like canes and service dogs are disabled.

    Rant: dog days of summer are here.

    Rave: Harry Potter 6!

  • rant: 10.5 more days of studying til the bar exam.
    rave: 2 weeks from now I’ll be moving into my awesome new apartment!

  • “Rant: people who think that only people with obvious assistive devices like canes and service dogs are disabled.”


  • Rant: Bicyclists, if you are going to ride on the sidewalk forgodssakes yell out “coming up on your left or right” before you run me over because just I don’t walk in a straight line! If its a busy street with a lot of traffic I may not hear you coming and no, I don’t wear an iPod so CALL OUT already.

    Rant2: People, if you are going to spit on the sidewalk please wait until I pass so I don’t have to be subject to your total nasty behavior or better yet, carry some kleenex. Jeez.

  • Rave: Bumped into a guy on my walk to work yesterday. We had a laugh about it and then continued on our merry ways. Walking to work = very different from driving to work.

    Rave on: Important deadline of next wednesday was just pushed to the end of september. My Friday just got a lot easier.

    It’s a crazy feeling: Good friends coming into town tonight and forcing me to do all the DC things that, as a DC resident, I take for granted and then rarely do. Zoo, museums, travel outside of my neighborhood, etc.

  • Rant: Working too many hours this week, going to be way too late and having to get up for an 8 am conference calls on a Friday?!?!?!
    Rave: Working form home and going back to bed for 2 hours after said 8 am conference call.

  • Rant, because third time is a charm:


    (Rave: Seeing people who don’t look like me hanging out outside. I love this city.)

  • @not telling – what? Not sure what your point is, but the women I saw yersteday needed to shown some common courtesy. That’s all I am saying. I was not assuming anything – at least I didn’t think so.

  • + some sort of construction been going on at Sherman Circle curbs and sidewalks, looking pretty good, including new sod which they were watering today

    – they replaced the granite (?) curbs with poured concrete ones. Oh well.

  • Rant: On my walk to work, I pass the dog park at New Hampshire and S. Is all that astroturf really an improvement? Gross.

    And the park across the street is now not functional. They replaced grass (for laying on) with ornamental plants, concrete pavers, and fixed benches in a weird pattern.

  • Rant: Stuck in an office with a co-worker that is GRATING ON MY NERVES! He’s a really nice guy but NEVER SHUTS UP. There has to be a comment about EVERYTHING! I’m not the only person who feels this way, either. Now, most of the time when he talks, we ALL ignore him.

    Rave: While the bosses were out for lunch, co-worker (not annoying one) and I went down to the Sculpture Garden to dip our toes in the fountain. Very enjoyable lunch break!

    Rave2: Boyfriend FINALLY has a Saturday off!

    Rave3: TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!

  • John–there are many other ways for a park to function. if you want to lay down in the park, go to mcpherson square (or farragut or franklin) and you won’t be alone!

  • Rave – I’m going to Ireland for 10 days starting next week, yay!

    Double Rave – I’m going to a party in Annapolis tomorrow, yay again!

    Rant – I’m at work until 6. But hey, that’s the price you pay when you work a 4/10 schedule.

  • Rave: Three weeks without drinks or pills.

    Rant: Aparently you aren’t supposed to smoke weed while in rehab.

  • Rant – THe WJFK Radio format change to ‘all sports talk’. I am a sprts fan, but I anticipate not listening anymore.

  • Big lunch news:

    A new sandwich place recently opened downtown, and nobody seems to have mentioned it. The Italian Gourmet Deli (1212 New York Ave NW) What an original name! But they have huge Italian subs for $7 and they are not kidding around. But ask them to go easy on the oil!

    Also, Fojol Brothers (mentioned previously on PoP) have started doing lunch at various spots around town. Before this week, they were a weekend-only deal. Follow them on twitter!

  • Rave: Saw more than a few courteous people on bikes this week.

    Rant: Almost got hit by a truck that was running a red light.

    Rave: Did NOT get hit by truck that was running a red light.

  • Rave: the rain has started! This means cooler temps and soft ground for tomorrow’s long-overdue weeding session.

    Rant: the rain has started. This means no al fresco happy hour tonight.

  • Rant: tourists and protesters, every day. Sometimes I think i work at some hippy dbag spoiled college kid carnival down here. Take a G%%^^d**m bath, and get a job and a girlfriend you losers.

    Rave: always the girls in their summer dresses.

  • Rave: Coolest Pet in Poville!

    Rant: My Kewl Kitty is not photogenic, nor will she pose for the camera. She things she’s above all that.

  • RAVE: Just found out that the house next door is finally on the market and the price is so low. Already, we’ve seen several couples come by to look at it. I know it will sell fast.

    RANT: Guess we’ll have to stop parking our 2 cars in front of their house as well as ours when the house sells. Yes, it’s a public street, but on our street, people insist that the space in front of their house is their own private space and you beter not park there.

  • **Yes, it’s a public street, but on our street, people insist that the space in front of their house is their own private space and you beter not park there.**

    Sounds completely fair to me. I wish more people did this. Every house on the block should have equal use of the street.

  • @Petworth Diva: Really? I didn’t know there were any blocks like that in the city. What street are you on?

  • What do people do when they live in front of a bus stop or near the end of the street where there is no parking? I love parking in front of my neighbor’s house. She gets pissed which is why I love parking in front of her home. Oh, and what do all the group house people do? I mean, eight people can’t all park their car in front of their house.

  • RAnt: . In dc parking in front of your own house on a public street is the unwritten rule. We have all had to remind our ahole neighbors of this from time to time. So here is a reminder: if you do this consistenlty, you are an ass. Move your 1985 POS oldsmobile.

    Rave: HAving very cool neighbors.

  • RD: I disagree. I think the unwritten rule is that you park wherever there’s a space available. If there’s no space in front of *your* house, you park as close to your house as you can find a space. I don’t even have a car but I think if I did and one of my neighbors decided to “remind” me not to park in front of their house, I would be tempted to go out of my way to park in front of their house.

  • The parking-in-front-of-your-house thing is more common in less dense neighborhoods north of Columbia Heights, and it’s on a block-by-block basis. Some blocks it’s followed, others it’s not. Generally this ‘rule’ is established by the older and crankier “hey you kids get off my porch” kinda folks on the block. I’ve seen it go horribly wrong though – given this was back in the early ’90’s. Saw a dude some out of his house with a 12gauge once to ‘defend his parking’ – he got locked up. Also had a lady who must have been in her 80’s get locked up for tearing the antenna of my friend’s car because we parked in front of her house due to there being a house party on the block and limited parking elsewhere.

    People need to lighten up over parking – way too many fights and people shot over it here.

  • Ontario: totally agree. it is the older neighbors that get pretty bent about this, retiree’s actually. But I am betting you (or you have) never had a very very pregnant wife trying to run errands in August. big, sweaty, angry.

  • RANT: I used to park in front of some lady’s house because that was usually the spot I’d find. One day, she yelled at me in her distinctive Domincan campesino Spanish (I speak Spanish too) that I should not be parking in front of her house, that I should respetar su parqueo. I don’t know what I objected to more, the ugly sound of her Spanish, her yelling at me, her yelling me in the street or the fact that there really is no reserved parking. We had previously lived in Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant and you better believe you park wherever you find a free space.

  • Rant: If you live in a less densely occupied neighborhood then yes, there is an unwritten rule about parking in front of your own space. There is also the fact that there are blocks that are not subject to zone parking stickers because a large portion of the houses are rented, not owned. Getting the owners to agree to zone the block, if you can find them, is almost impossible. These blocks usually are sandwiched between zoned blocks so if some asshole takes your space you cannot park anywhere else without being ticketed even if its your own neighborhood! Further, I usually find that neighbors that won’t respect this simple common courtesy are usually people out of state that are dating a homeowner in DC and leave their cars there for weeks on end (I have them ticketed for out of state tags) or transplanted suburbanites who have five cars to everyone elses one and don’t understand that they aren’t the only ones entitled to live on the block. A quiet word with them usually does the trick. Those that ignore it do so at their peril since word of their uncooperative attitude gets around to the local thugs and suddenly their property is vandalized.

  • Rant: people who think renters are nothing but worthless trash who don’t care about the community they live in. And think that the Councilman and his staff demand to see a copy of a homeowner’s deed before they talk to a constituents.

  • councilman jim graham, when is he going to be big and run for mayor

  • Holy sh*t. This talk of parking in front of your house, or else, is hysterical. Geez, do y’all live in the city or not?

  • People on my less densely populated block park wherever there’s a space. We usually get as close to our house as we can. Some people have four cars, no kidding. Others one. No one fights over it, although parking is tight, we just understand that first one there gets it, and usually there are enough spaces for everyone. If I get home late, though, I’m gonna walk a few blocks. That’s just what it is. No biggie.

    Although the blocks in my neighborhood don’t follow the unwritten “park in front of your house only” rule, for those that do, how does the word about the “uncooperative attitude” of “transplanted suburbanites” get out to the “local thugs” who take their revenge? Hmmmmm?????

  • GoFish, the word gets out because although the older people in the neighborhood are quiet and keep their property nice and have lived there forever and get along with everyone, their grandchildren, who come to visit or have to live with them because their no good parents are locked up, are a different story.

  • There is absolutely NO unwritten rule about only parking in front of your own house in DC. You newcomers got conned.

    I remember when I first rented an apartment in DC a very annoying older woman told me that and I turned to her and asked her if it was true why did her husband park in front of our house when we first moved in. At some point in the next week I told her that on MY BLOCK we park where we want to and if she didn’t like it she could move.

    Of course her husband parked where he felt like.

    One of the grandmothers on the block I live on now has about 6 cars located at her house from adult children, etc. She f’s it up for the rest of us.

    We also deal with about 12-15 out of state cars on our block. how come no one checks for RPP anymore?

    So don’t let some weirdo con you with their mind games- park wherever you want to.

  • There is also the fact that there are blocks that are not subject to zone parking stickers because a large portion of the houses are rented, not owned. Getting the owners to agree to zone the block, if you can find them, is almost impossible.

    What are you talking about???

    The legal residents of any house can petition to zone a block and it has nothing at all to do with home ownership. If you have an apartment building with 12 units on the block you need 12 signatures from them, not one from the owner.

    You are not at all right about how zoning works- that’s wrong.

    I can’t find the link to the RPP petition, but here’s A link:

    I did this for my block and I can tell you that it has NOTHING to do with the owners and more often than not the issue is that renters don’t care to do anything for their block.

  • “…more often than not the issue is that renters don’t care to do anything for their block.”

    Neener, I do believe you stated the problem better than I. There are no apartments on the block just very small homes and believe me the above issue has come up and we were told not enough people would sign the petition and you’ve stated why.

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