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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • More of a sad curiosity: Just saw a dead hawk (or some kind of large bird of prey) on K Street. Right in front of the McCormick & Schmicks.

  • Rant: its not just the toursists… everyone walks to the right in this country, on the sidewalks etc. Dont believe me notice it next time you are walking to lunch downtown. But its not just the toursists that are clueless. its you too, you idiot.

    Rave: I need a gf. but i am married. DO’H! Nice day though, love the girls in their summer dresses.

  • Question: Anyone lock up their bike daily for the entire work day at the Columbia Heights Metro? Just want to know how safe it is, if anyone has had good or bad experiences.*
    I will say that once I went to lock up my bike there for an hour, and noticed a bike that was not locked up at all. It was perfectly fine when I got back.

    *Please don’t reply unless you actually do this. This is not an invitation to bitch about the crime in CH.

  • @rg – I’d say the tourists are the worst offenders of that one, though. And I agree – seriously people what is with the gatherings of HUGE groups of people just to chat. You don’t need to stand in a circle to talk to one another. Get out of my f*in way.

    Rave: it’s friday, going to see the fam in north jers and I haven’t seen my parents in 7 months (they moved to missouri, lame)

    Rave: it’s bee-aaaa-yoooo-tiful out! hung out with the neighbs last night out front of the building (NOT on the sidewalk. we know how to congregate peacefully). what a great night.

    Rant: grandfather just got admitted to the hospital 🙁 not sure what’s going on yet – some sort of problem with his blood work? idk. rawr.

  • Rant: My house is slowly going to cost me tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

  • rg,

    i feel you on the left side walkers! was i the only one who went to an elementary school that made you walk single file down the hallway, against the right wall? 85% of the population does this, so they must have learned it somewhere…what the hell is up with everyone else?

    revel – beautiful day, and im heading home early! happy hour tongiht maybe, then unsuccesfully trying to sleep through the excitement of having to pick my boyfriend up from the airport tomorrow morning!

  • rg and christopher,
    i wonder if they were to do a study on the people that do not walk on the right sides, if they would find that those are people that have never/rarely driven cars or riden bikes or use roadways. in a big city i would imagine that could make sense.

    rave: soccer playoffs tomorrow morning and I just agreed to play in a soccer tournament on sunday!

    rant: i don’t get to sleep in this weekend 🙁 ah well.

  • or maybe they are from countries were people drive on the other side of the road!

  • granted, they still totally suck!

  • Rant: The idiots at the pilates studio I go to who don’t close the door behind them when leaving the dressing room that opens up to the hallway.

    Rave: The tooth pain I’ve been having may be due to clenching my teeth (probably due to aforementioned idiots), which may not sound like much of a rave, but it definitely is considering I thought I’d need a root canal.

    Rave 2: Horseback riding tomorrow, yaaayyyy!

  • Rave! The constant vibration from the construction project next door isn’t going on today!

  • Rave: Taking small breaks during the work day to go sit outside on my front porch and just veg for a few mins.

    Rant: People requesting data/white papers/reports at the very last minute that all have super important customer meetings the next day. If its that important why can’t you get your sh*t together early enough to make requests ahead of time. TGIF!

  • Rave–my backyard garden is insanely productive this year.

    Rant: no backyard spigot, so i’m having to carry buckets and buckets of water out there since the rains stopped.

  • Rave: I’m training for a tri and have lost 20+lbs…yeah!

    Rant: I’m training for a tri, have lost 20+lbs, but have no money to buy new clothes that fit!

  • Rave: Got invited to the beach tomorrow out of the blue.

    Rant: Partying drunken immature neighbors that still think they live in suburban Virginia will take my one parking spot when I’m gone even though they live in the corner house and have plenty of room to park on both sides of the street at the end of the block and I have to step over all of their trash when I get home.

  • Rant: I have been known to walk on the left side of the sidewalk if only to pass the waddling masses hampering my progress as they plod through life each day. Why do I walk so damn fast sassy fat people of the world? Because unlike you ‘I’m goin’ places.’

    Rave: Fixed ze bike; now I can provoke the righteous anger of Kalia and her ilk.

  • Rant: Not being able to go to NYC with my friends this weekend.

    Rave: The House gave $40 million to the project I have been killing myself over for the past 7 months. It’s not enough but it is better than nothing!

  • Rant: People who ride their bikes in the city with no hands. Well, they have hands, but they choose not to use them. I was slowly driving behind this girl this morning (who was doing this) and she was all over the rode. I mean, yeah, I used to do this at my parents house in the burbs, but a congested city is dangerous.

    USE YOUR HANDS!! For the love of GOD!!

  • Rant: It is only 2:30 on Friday and I have TOTALLY CHECKED OUT! How can one possibly concentrate on a Friday afternoon?

    Rave: My house is throwing it’s annual summer party tomorrow night! It’s about damn time we do something fun.

    Rant: I really want to go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden…but can’t. My co-worker has already announced multiple times that he is going, and he irritates me so horribly that I just can’t bear to go with him. I’m not about to go on my own with the chance of running into him…so I guess means that I can’t go.

    Rave: My friend got tickets to see HARRY POTTER on Monday night at the Uptown! Huzzah!!!

  • guess nobody can answer my question above, so…

    Rave: Going to see Elton John and Billy Joel tomorrow.
    Hold me closer Tony Danza

  • Rant – I am SO on board with the tourists-on-sidewalk thing. They seem to act as if it’s OK to walk six abreast!!

    Rave – Friends are making paella for dinner for 8 tonight. Glamorous!

  • Rave: The idiots at the pilates studio I go to who don’t close the door behind them when leaving the dressing room that opens up to the hallway.

  • Rave: Perfect Pita (chicken hummus veggie; shepherd salad for later) and Dairy Godmother (Lime/Mint & Pink Grapefruit/Angostura Bitters). Sunny day, spending tonight on the patio with some wine and the dogs.

    Rant: Fresh peas were insanely expensive at Eastern Market yesterday (11.98/lb, shelled – they didn’t have any unshelled). Going back tomorrow to see if I can get them for less (way less) especially since I actually enjoy shelling them myself.

  • For whatever reason I really hate DC this week. Like not just “oh stupid metro” but I hate everything about the city, from how empty the sidewalks always seem to be to the grossly overpriced yet low quality restaurants to the uber dorky yet arrogant atitude so many people have here to the staid night culture. I am from here and have lived here my entire life, but for some reason, all I want to do is GTFO and move to NYC, Philly or Berlin or something.

    What’s going on? someone help. This isn’t like me, as I am usually a big defender of this place.

    other rant: blew a big flat on my bike this morning. Had the same tires for over a year and put almost 5,000 miles on them before the blow out. As a result, I was late to work and will be working late. lame.

  • Rave: Put in my month’s notice at the job Aug. 7th I will be happily unemployed for the duration of grad school. Shortly quitting that I go to the beach, Seattle, Yellow Springs and Fayetteville (gag on that one) before school starts at the end of the month! Bring on August!

    Rave2: The weather is AMAZING, i slept with the window open last night! In july!

    Rant: This isnt a huge deal, but I helped the parentals paint our den today and the roller they gave me hurt my hand. I am weak sauce.

  • Rave: Rehab is going well!

    Rant: There are no celebrities in my group!

  • Rave: Amma’s in Tyson’s this weekend!

    Rant: Kids on lawn, etc.

  • Rave: A weekend in July! All manner of summer fun activities planned. FUN I SAY.

  • Rant: Spending tomorrow tiling my entire kitchen.
    Rave: Will have a newly tiled kitchen tomorrow night!
    Rant 2: My dog smells like chinese food.

  • LoL LNic… I guess I’d worry more if my Chinese food smelled like dog…

  • Rant: I didn’t get a job I interviewed for last week that I really really wanted.

    Rave: Tomorrow is my second consecutive Saturday off! First time that’s happened in at least 4 months.

  • @ help,

    Your rant could just as easily be a rave. 5,000 miles on your tires before they went out? My roommate busted two flats in two days on the notoriously glass-filled CH streets.

  • Rave: Got DC United vs Colorado ticket for next Saturday’s game.

    Rant: Bumped into an ex on the red line who was with new george costanza looking boyfriend.

  • Rant: I was having a nice time with my son and two friends, Ben and Bob when two black kids came up to us and started taunting them about their names and the similarity between the cartoons Ben 10 and Spongebob. And I mean they followed us out of the park laughing and making fun of the name Ben! There is a special place in hell for those kids. The next time someone makes fun of the names Diamonte or Jaquan, let them.

  • Rant: I hate craven racists like the Anonymous poster who posted above me.

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