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bright National Mall
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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: I had some fat woman get shirty with me at Giant. She was standing at the sweetcorn, shucking her corn, blocking access to the bin. I just wanted to grab a couple ears and move on. Who decided it was a good idea to let people shuck their corn right there in the produce aisle, anyway?? Outta my way, you!

  • Rant: back at the office
    rave: spent the 4th eating drinking golfing country clubbing in NY. fat and happy, and two bday parties.

  • Rave: Got to see the fireworks on the Mall this weekend while listening to the Symphony.
    Rant: Someone was walking in the bike lane on the way back, went over my handlebars stopping trying not to hit them.
    Rave2: no fractured arm, just bruises
    Rant: Back to the daily grind.

  • Rant: I realized how incredibly peaceful, nice and culturally diverse Fairfax county is compared to virtually monocultural DC. That was a wake up call.

  • Rave: My cardiac stress test this morning revealed no issues.

    Rant: Due to the blood pressure drugs I’m on, the Drs couldn’t get my heart rate up high enough to have an optimal test.

    Rant #2: people who shuck corn in the store are idiots and know nothing about corn.

  • Rant: Was driving home from the aforementioned Fairfax County back to DC at 3am on Sunday morning and counted 5 different occasions on 395 where drivers had been stopped by the Police. How dense do you have to be to drive drunk on July 4th weekend?

  • rant: left my phone in a cab
    rave: got it back! thanks cabby.

    and anon: monocultural DC? really? not in my experience. not at all….

  • Rant 1: I’m with you on the corn shucking in the store. Makes no sense.

    Rant 2: If you’re going to shoot off fireworks all over the place, please clean up after yourself. Anyone else walked by Clark Elementary since the festivities? Its awful.

    Rave: Got away from DC for the weekend to small town PA. Loved it. And a 6 bedroom home on main street (built in 1800s) is only 309,000. Nice.

  • You don’t find DC monocultural? Not literally, certainly, but in spirit I find that there are only four personality types among my neighbors:
    1. African-American families
    2. White yuppies
    3. Older Hippies, mostly white
    4. Latins

    In Fairfax, the block party was majority Asian- Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Chinese. There were several Latin, Black, Jewish, WASP families and a few Europeans and a Japanese woman. I’d be interested to find any neighborhoods in DC that are majority Asian.

  • Rave 1: saw the fireworks on the weekend.

    Rave 2: the weather is fantastic

    Rant 1: I can enjoy the weather since I am in the office

    Rant 2: Who had the idea to allow all those kids to shoot off fireworks (especially at 3 in the morning).

  • Rave – Assateague camp-out beach party was perfect! Perfect weather, perfect water temp, perfect waves, lots of bruises but no breaks, no bugs, and a shady cool morning yesterday for the massive breakdown. The confluence of all forms of perfection is rare indeed!

    Rant – the dolphins came along just after I gave my friend a turn in the kayak – (but rave that he got to play with them!)

  • Rant: Some schmuck hit my car and didn’t leave a note. I wish I knew where J Walter Weatherman was so he could teach that schmuck a lesson!

  • Rave: The DC youth militia and their love of explosives and colorful projectiles. Not sure who won, probably the Sherman Circle Expeditionary Forces with their grand finale (better than most small towns), but the loud booms (what on earth were they exploding) at Clark Elementary Proving Grounds were a close second. Grant Circle’s 7th and Taylor Division, not bad, but no where near as close as the big display at Sherman.

    Rant: Listening to the Foo Fighters jamming at the White House, BUT from behind the fence.

  • “only four personality types among my neighbors:
    1. African-American families
    2. White yuppies
    3. Older Hippies, mostly white
    4. Latins”

    Not to argue over semantics but I wouldn’t necessarily refer to African-American and Latin as personality types. I’m an African-American who has been described as both a hippie and yuppie, neither of which represent the first thing that comes to mind when you speak of AAs. As someone who grew up in Fairfax County and now lives in the district, I tend to believe FFC is more monocultural.

  • “Latins” in DC are one cultural group but Asians in Fairfax are either Indian or Chinese or Pakistani? That is not monoculture, but bias on the part of the poster.

  • Rant: federal speeding ticket on the BW parkway right as you get on 50W – totally didn’t know they camped out there!

    Rave: the cops that stopped me were really nice and it definitely is going to deter my speeding in the future – I was terrified to drive above the speed limit at all today! Good god I’m going to become like a VA driver.

    Rave: beautiful weekend, great fireworks in Philly

    Rant: sad that I missed the DC festivities this year

  • Rave: Seeing Adam Dunn hitting his 300th career homer and the Nats coming from behind and beating the Braves.

    Rave: Rest of the weekend was frickin’ awesome, too.

    Rant: except for the sunburn and puking, 😉

  • RANT: Michael Jackson. I don’t a flying rats @ss about his kids, his estate, his drug issues, his failed comback tour. NOTHING. I’m so EFFIN sick of it. I want to hear about the major Marine offense in Afghanistan, I want to hear about pulling out of Iraq, I want to hear about OCTOMOM more then I want to dissect MJ any further.

  • Rave: The weeds are cleared and it looks like work is underway (for now) on that empty lot behind dcusa

    Rave: I saw what appeared to be an architect reviewing some documents outside Tynan this morning.

  • Rave: Loved everything about this weekend: Saw the Capitol 4th rehearsal concert, Got to swing dance in the DC parade (if you saw a bunch of people in poodle skirts, 1 of them was me) which led to taking a ton of pictures with random tourists all over DC, and the DC fireworks were fabulous!

    Rant: How can I even complain about anything!

  • Rant: Someone stole my stargazer lilies out of my yard. They climbed up into my garden and literally cut the flowers off of my beautiful blooming plant. Sad face. Then, to add salt to the wound, i found the orange stamens on a fence post down the street as i was walking to work today. I just hope that whoever did it gave them to someone who could appreciate them as much as i did…

  • Dude somebody cut my roses too!

  • Rave: Neighborhood fireworks were awesome!!
    Rant: Had such a good time on the 4th didn’t realize cell phone drowned for several hours in wine. It dried out but appears dead 🙁
    Rave: Thinking about getting new fancy cell phone!
    Rant: Can not believe how much I work I put in today, all last minute requests from COO. I thought more people would have taken today off.

  • Rave: I went to 21st and Constitution Avenue at the last minute and they practically launched the fireworks in front of me. My insides shook from the explosions.

    Rave2: Metro actually worked. Only 3 trains passed me before I could get on and they were running about 4 to 5 minutes apart. I was home from the Mall in one hour.

    Rave3: I didn’t go to work today and the weather was superb.

  • @Naomi: Try immersing the cell phone in a bowl of rice for day. The rice sucks out the moisture. I’ve heard that trick has saved many a cell phone that has drowned in water. Don’t know if it works with wine, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • rave the corn shucking debates

  • Rant: Giant corn shuckers
    Rave: Grilling corn with the husk on

  • Rant: The rats that ate my tomatoes in my garden…and the little b*satards eat only the ripe ones (trust me, it’s rats and not bugs).

    Rant/Rave: The folks who scored all the poppies in the garden…I find it fascinating that any drug dealer/cook/user in the city would know to do that (no matter how little they get) and then of course it freaks me out a bit…but I lean more toward fascinated.

  • @ anon (in response):
    nope, I still disagree. A) as someone else noted – “Latins” are no more one culture than the “Asians” you seem happy to divide up in to country of origin.
    B) race does not = personality type
    and C) anyway, I guess my block and friend base is more diverse than yours.

    But that’s just our personal feelings. Let’s take it to wikipedia:
    By 2005 Fairfax City had a population that was 65.3% non-Hispanic whites. African-Americans were 6.5% of the total population. Native Americans were 0.4%. 14.3% of the population was Asian. 13.1% of the population were Latino.

    In 2007, the population distribution was 55.6% black, 36.3% white, 8.3% Hispanic (of any race), 5% other (including Native Americans, Alaskans, Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders), 3.1% Asian, and 1.6% mixed (two or more races).[68] There were also an estimated 74,000 foreign immigrants living in Washington, D.C. in 2007.[68] Major sources of immigration include El Salvador, Vietnam, and Ethiopia, with some concentration of Salvadorans in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.[69]

    So yes, there are more Asian people in Fairfax. I don’t think that necessarily makes it more diverse. And really, I think we can fairly say that neither of these places are monocultural. In fact, they’re not even close.

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