Power Outage In Petworth – Anywhere Else?

The most bizarre power outage has hit my block.  About half my house is out and half works.  I’ve never experienced half a power outage before. My whole block is also facing a partial power outage.  Anyone else hit by this?

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  • I had a similar outage a few months ago. There was one of those crazy smoking manhole covers out front. Fire trucks showed up and everything, but Pepco got it resolved pretty quickly.

  • This happened on my block a couple years ago. Most houses have about 240 volts coming in from the street over three wires (two 120s and a neutral). One of the 120s may be out, which would cause the partial outage, as different circuits in the house are connected to each of the 120s. It’s a problem that Pepco has to fix. In my case they had to replace a transformer under the sidewalk.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Mt P – how long did it take to fix? Pepco still hasn’t shown up yet.

  • As I recall they came the same evening, though several hours after the outage happened.

  • Maybe you need to light a leftover firework on top of your manhole cover or something. Smoke seems to make them move a little faster.

  • Pepco’s website has outage information, for future reference.

    They are currently stating approx 30 customers experiencing an outage in the vicinity of Upshur/Georgia Ave. The outage was reported at 9:10PM and they estimate restoration around 2:00AM.

  • Yes, we had the same problem at 13th and Randolph earlier in the week. Happened several times Monday afternoon, and again early Tuesday morning. Mt. P’s explanation is exactly the explanation I got from my electrician friend. Its not you — its a Pepco issue.

  • Probably was a bad, but not completely dead, transformer on yer block. It may not have been that only half of your electric service was working, just that only some of your appliances and other electric devices could work with lower wattage.

    Best thing to do is check each individual socket with your tongue.*

    [*] This method is not approved by the American Association of Electricians, but it has been tried by yours truly.

  • Ugh, what a pain for a Friday afternoon! I hope it gets resolved soon.

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