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Room 11 comments word cloud, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

Not sure if you’re familiar with word clouds. Basically, it’s a visual representation of the frequency of words. The bigger the word in the word cloud, the more frequently it appears. I created one for all of the comments you received today on the wine bar. It would be interesting to do this for some of the other comment-heavy postings you’ve had.

Note that I did a “find and replace” to remove words such as today’s date, the time, am, and pm because those words appear in each posting and I didn’t want them to skew the results.”

Here’s the original post on Room 11 from yesterday. That word cloud is very cool, I hadn’t seen one of these before.

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  • Nice. Just thought I’d point out that the two words that sort of stood out when I stared at it were “Neener” and “urine”.

  • I’ve never seen a “word cloud” before – what fun! What stands out to me is.. Will anonymous people like wonderland – see neighborhood trend place.

  • my wife tells me that you can all create your own here:

  • i’ve seen these before, but where? some blog. cool idea if you’re doing research, which i’m not.

    WDC: didn’t see either “neener” or “urine.” need my magnifying glass.

    joeon11th: thanks!

  • I liked that “anonymous people” were the biggest words, symbolic of the mass of anonymous people that are most impacted, yet rarely heard from or listened to, by the development of the neighborhood.

  • Is a “word cloud” like a “brain cloud”? Tom Hanks had one in Joe Versus the Volcano.

  • I’m going to start saying “paprikash” several times in every comment so that paprikash gets in the word cloud.

    Paprikash paprikash.

  • The sad thing is I have only ever used these in a work setting for discussion boards about upcoming meetings. It was a childbirth related meeting, so I will just let you guess what some of the biggest words were. I was traumatized.

  • @Odentex, the correct spelling is Paprikás. I don’t expect to see the correct punctuation, but I might have a stroke if I have to see the Anglo bastardization over and over again in every one of your posts.

    Köszönöm szépen!

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