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I thought this was a pretty funny sight because there was only one beat up Cadillac in the lot. Your captions in the comments and winner announced Thursday due to the holiday Friday.

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  • The cadillacs sale was so good, there’s only one cadillac left. That’s my impression anyway. You see what I’m saying?

  • Cadillacs special

  • Crap, your blog apparently filtered out some of the stuff in my comment; there was an html-based pun in there.

  • Fearing no more dealerships within district lines, Fenty’s crackdown unintentionally triggered a blue light special on anything with a motor and wheels

  • Dan Miller’s second caption wins. Contest over.

  • Now that the Government owns GM one must fill out a Cadillac Redemption Voucher (Form “L3M0N”), stand in line at the Cadilliac Procurement and Placement Buearu, and then swear and affirm that you will “roll with style” before a Designated Brougham Unit will be remitted to your local Cadillac Disbursement Facility.

  • Capitol City Auto Sales: Because everything is plural when you’re cross-eyed.

  • Capital City Auto Sales: Everything Must Went

  • I think this is where the new Arby’s is supposed to go.

  • And by ‘special’, we don’t mean the “Gee, that child sure is bright and talented”-type special, we mean the “Gee, that child likes to eat its own dandruff”-type special.

  • “Better come quick, they’re going fast…”

  • I vote for JB.

  • Easy financing: we accept cash. Take this circa ’83 classic home today!

  • Renew Temporary Tags Here. Cash Only.

  • Timing is everything. A cadillac sale plus a pimp convention cleared the way for a new playground just in time for the summer break

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