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  • saf

    Nice shot.

    I find that Subway so sad. First, it’s in an old Little Tavern building. So that’s a loss. OK, not in the food way, just in the local establishment way. Second, it’s right across from A. Litteri, the very best sub shop in the city.

  • I think that Subway is in the Florida Market area- does anyone go there regularly? I love Litteri’s, the Mexican Fruit store, and the little Korean Restaurant that is in the complex. There are so many other businesses there, it gets a little daunting. PoP- have you done any postings or features on the Market?

  • I bet it does bang-up business with the Gallaudet kids, seeing as its basically right across the street from campus. Especially if it’s open 24 hours, as the sign says.

  • Litteri’s is the place all the Gallaudet kids go; if you’ve ever been there at lunch time, i think 1/4 of the campus is there ordering sandwiches. They may turn to Subway as a poor substitute if really desperate for a sandwich when Litteri’s is closed.

  • Isn’t that whole area supposed to be levelled soon for mixed-use condos and office space? What happend with that development?

    There are a few Little Tavern buildings still around: Lil Pub at Eastern Market, one in College Park, another in Wheaton. There’s aLittle Tavern at the north part of Old Town. It got turned into a Jerry’s Subs, which folded. The current owners run it as a Chinese carryout. Instead of buying a new sign, they just replaced the “J” in “Jerry’s” with an “M.”

    I miss Little Tavern. The first person to open a Krystal or White Castle in DC is set for life. They’ve got White Castles in Ohio, for god’s sake, and none here? WTF?

  • This subway is about the healthiest option at 3am. I have gone here many times after a night out.

  • The pic is awesome

  • Ahhhhh: “Club L.T.,” as my father used to call it! He and I would occasionally eat at the Little Tavern in College Park when I was young, as he did when he was younger. There is also an old LT building left on Route 1 in Laurel.

  • I was afraid I’d be showing my age posting about Little Tavern, but no, everyone seems to recognize this building as once being one.

  • I remember being inside the Little Tavern in Georgetown in the 1980s at around 3am. It was just me and two homeless guys, and the lady working the grill. One of the homeless guys had just set his styrofoam cup on fire, and the lady was yelling and shaking her spatula at him.

  • Mmm… Just had some bulletproof Subway for dinner and it was delightful as always.

  • Frozen Tropics has the link to the final study, which I guess is just an advisory document. Seems the “revitalization” project is on hold-ish, but if it goes forward, they’re supposed to consider what this study found.


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