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  • Id like to help her with her bonsai and to learn karate from her…

  • @T.n.: Wax on, wax off….

  • T.n: Me too, but she’s got me sanding the floor, painting the fence over at her place, and waxing her car. It sucks!

  • Is anyone else just creeped out by bonsai?

  • “Creeped out?????” They’re amazing to look at. There are quite a few there that are over 100 years old. One is over 200 years old!

  • The one on the left looks like one of those railroad model trees (granted, that would be a large model but whatevs)… So awesome.

  • I think Bonsai are both fascinating AND creepy.

  • It’s the whole torturous relentless snipping and forcing them into an unnatural form and existence aspect. Like foot-binding or tigers in the circus vs. burning bright in the forest of the night sort of thing. Plenty of trees are 100+ years old and still get to be real trees. I’m not starting a movement – just saying.

  • i never in a million years would have imagined people being creeped out by bonsai.

  • Ahoy !


    High maintenance Bonsai oftentime receive more care, attention, water and nutrition than they might otherwise in the forest.

    I knew a resourceful Bonsai artist that saved and gave new life to salvaged plant material from nurseries and construction sites that otherwise would have been trashed.

    He explained to me that this was common with members of his local chapter. The devotion of time and discipline required is extraordinary and admirable.

    The art and cultivation of Bonsai is horticulture pure and simple, living art, not a once done sculpture or painting on a wall, and a positive contribution to urban life where natural plant life is too often scarce or absent.

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • What Arboretum is this? Where? I love Bansai, do you know of a place where I could purchase nice Bansai?

  • Haha – I was at the bonsai area of the arboretum recently and spotted a HUGE black snake hiding in the corner which totally freaked me out. I finally got some park attendant to check it out and he started poking at it with a stick. Turns out there are a lot of snakes at the arboretum…brought in to eat the rats. Rat snakes? Can’t remember what he called them…just fyi…

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